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Do you drink Tea?

Hot tea 26 vote(s) 38.2%
Iced tea 9 vote(s) 13.2%
both 17 vote(s) 25.0%
Only when I'm not drinking my shaken martini 0 vote(s) 0.0%
Coffee for life 5 vote(s) 7.4%
I love flavored water 7 vote(s) 10.3%
Emilio Estevez: The Mighty Duck dude 4 vote(s) 5.9%
  1. This thread is to address Tea.
    Tea happens to be one of my top three beverages.
    I want to know what type of tea you like and how you prepare it.
    Do you have a favorite brand or flavor?

    I have no tea shops near where I live. So I tend to drink Twinings packaged tea.

    I'm sure about 80% of you are going to just hate the way I make my tea.
    I steep my tea bags in hot water and add sugar and sometimes honey.
    That's the way uh huh uh huh I like it...
  2. If you're from Pakistan you be drinking chai all day
  3. I greatly enjoy tea, we happen to have many tea shops around our city. I also happen to make my own tea sometimes, my favorite happens to be Oriental Tea though.
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  4. I love tea <3 I usually am drinking iced tea but on occasions when I'm in a good mood I drink hot tea with gram crackers frosted with honey :p
  5. Hot tea <3
    Stash Earl Grey with milk and sugar.

    (looks lighter than it is)
  6. I'm British. We're the country that bought all of the world's tea during World War II and stockpiled it at home to keep the people's morale high. We're the country that got China addicted to opium, started a drug ring there, caused two wars with them, just to get more tea. Of course I love tea! 'Love' is an understatement since I actually have an addiction to caffeine that gives me physical pain if I go without too long, but never mind that.

    Only black tea though. Has to have milk - not so much I'm drinking milk with tea in it, but just like that perfect balance between pure black and milky. Preferably two sugars, depends on the size of the cup. Put a bourbon biscuit or two to dunk with that and it's perfekt. Or custard creams. Or any biscuit, really.

    I drink four or five cups a day. Usually have one when I wake up (often I run late though so sometimes I don't have it), one when I come home from college, one while I go sit to play Battlefield 4 or something, another one when I get bored (sometimes don't have this one either), and one before I go to bed so I don't wake up with a withdrawal headache.
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  7. it's funny when Americans call something chai tea because they're basically saying tea tea.

    I don't drink tea that much myself, but my family drinks a lot of black tea. Cold tea is a disgrace
  8. I usually don't just think "Let me have some tea.".
    I only drink it when I have friends over, or am at a friend's. In the Netherlands pretty much all tea you'll see people have is Pickwick branded, I think (Twinings is there too, but mostly at hotels and such). It's green tea, I suppose, but I wouldn't know what black tea is. I usually just take whatever flavour the person I'm with's taking, as you can easily use one bag for two cups. I've always liked berries, though.
    I don't want any milk or sugar added to my tea.
    I usually wait like half an hour before I start to drink, because I don't want to keep hurting myself with the hotness.
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  9. I like green tea hot and since I'm from the south, I also like iced sweet tea, which is black tea.
  10. Well um I only drink tea when its raining and when im sad...
    I guess thats me but I do like drinking Twinings Lady Gray :p
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  11. I really enjoy Harney and Sons tea, because of the unique flavors.

    One of my favorites is African Autumn, a mixture of cranberry, orange, and herbal rooibos.

    In the mornings I drink their all-nighter tea, since it's purpose is to boost you with caffeine.

    For a black tea, Amba Thieves is enjoyable.

    But, my all time favorite is the Vanilla Comoro.

    link to Harney and Sons: https://www.harney.com/
  12. This thread has revealed nothing except that most of you do not know how to correctly drink tea.
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  13. OK lads, buckle up cause I'mma give you a crash course in making a proper brew.
    (well, my tea, when i drink it)
    If you're wondering my qualifications on giving this course, I'm British
    (don't listen to me drink your tea how you want)

    First, get your hands on some proper tea bags. If you want to be all vintage and that.. Get yourself some loose tea leaves and a strainer.

    For those in England and conveniently close to one of the 10 distribution points of Rington's Tea, get yourself signed up and get some tea of a dude with a wicker basket full of tea. These bad boys are a solid choice:

    Once you got your hands on these classic, traditional, beautifully crafted tea bags (and perhaps some merch). It is now important that you notice these are two cup tea bags. And it is also vitally important that you ENTIRELY ignore that they are two cup tea bags.

    Ok, now you ready your mug:

    Now you boil your kettle and graciously place the tea bag into the cup.
    When the kettle has boiled, just after the kettle has boiled. Pour it over the teabag.
    This is the time where you can wait, to allow it to brew. Most people are pretty impatient so you probably won't.
    After you have allowed it to brew (or skipped the step) you now delicately take your teaspoon, lower it into the cup, get the tea bag on your spoon... and viciously jam it over and over again off the side of the mug. This allows all the life flavour left in your teabag, is transferred to your tea.
    Now you can remove the teabag and ready your milk.
    Don't add too much milk, just add enough. You need to make it quite dark but not really dark.
    To aid with this explanation, I will consult this legitimate H.M chart.

    I would strive somewhere in the ball park of Cuppa Cabana and Iron Brew. But the key is to not be too picky. ensure you stirr!

    Now you have reached the finalising stage, just reach for my favourite tea syr--

    No. No syrups, no sugars. Just go.

    Good luck on your Tea journeys. I apologise for my post length.

  14. I like this consept..
    I am, myselve, some kind of adapted to Tea, Since I always have some tea at the moment I'm bored of hoework, and that happens quite often... I do usually drink all kinds of "kruidenthee" (Google translate says harbal tea) but also sometimes normal lady gray, or just green tea, I do always drink my tea with about nothing in it, just tea. Something else fun to say is that I'm sometimes called "meneer looie pijp" or "mr lead pipe" in Englisch, because I'm drinking it about imedeatly...
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  15. Ah, never mind, apparently I do usually drink black tea. I don't know, because as I said, I'm just taking whatever whoever I'm with is taking. :p (given it is tea, of course)
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  16. On cell so will keep it short..

    I like orange tea, usual drink. But when u can find it I like black tea with maple syrup flavor. Tastes so good..
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  17. I love Green Tea, Black Tea, Oolong Tea ( I dont drink this a lot ), and Jasmine Tea
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  18. I just came back from the store and I had cold Jasmine Tea there and brought a package of 100 tea bags of Oolong Tea home.
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  19. Tea with honey <mouth waters bonemeal> with Blueberry scones Yum :p
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  20. I thought everybody made their tea like this
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