[Survey] Player Ages (Years)

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How old are you in real life years?

6 or younger 4 vote(s) 2.2%
7 to 9 3 vote(s) 1.6%
10 to 12 9 vote(s) 4.9%
13 to 17 107 vote(s) 57.8%
18 or older 62 vote(s) 33.5%
  1. Hello.
    The Minecraft community has players of all age groups from elementary to elderly. But from time to time, there are occurrences of assumptions of nearly all Minecraft players being about 12 or 13 years old and lacking respect and/or other positive behaviors.

    Luckily, Empire Minecraft doesn't have as much of these concerns as other sub-communities do.
    Although for this specific community is relatively nice to each other, I've been wondering if most of its niceness reflects a particular age group or not.
    For example: I have almost never heard someone ask for the definition of a word. Therefore, I have posted this thread as a survey that should provide answer(s) for me and possibly others.

    Although ones age may be a dangerous piece of personal information to release, a one to three-digit integer is highly unlikely to define an individual as opposed to a full name. Often maturity is judged by age, but it can differ between two people of the same age.
    If you think your maturity is above normal for your age, I'm fine to read what you have to say.

    *Impressions to me could lead to an invitation for you!

    Anyway, please vote above; more votes means greater accuracy in the data!
  2. Well... i'm actually 2 years old, but have a deep voice and can type complete sentences. :)

    Actually most people I talk to on the empire are either 13, 16, or 20
  3. I could tell at least 75% sure you were lying there.;)
    I'm sorry if this offended you.
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  4. \(030)/
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  5. Most people I see aren't very immature, but just completely clueless.
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  6. Way to word it nicely.
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  7. I can usually judge age on EMC by grammar. Many people under 12 cannot type grammatically correct sentences on a regular basis. Although nothing is really a sure fire indicator.
    I happen to be -3 years old. That's right. I'll be born in 2017.
  8. Sometimes I'm mature, if it is needed. Others, I'm just "normal", just depends on the situation...
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  9. Phhh
    "Don't ask for personal information"
  10. There isn't a specific age you choose for the poll, and it's not like he can see who voted for what age.
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  11. Oh wow Now I do feel old! I'd love to know if there's anyone near my age on here (I'm 35, shhhhh). I don't want anyone to be put off by my age tho! I love MC, will help anyone and I do have a laugh!
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  12. Oh my...! You're 10 years older than I am! owo;
    I... didn't expect that. xD

    That being said, I'm 100% sure anyone can do basic math at this point to figure out how old I am
    and, in short, I agree with this. I may be an adult but I'm still willing to help the younger people who are in need of assistance/how the site works. :D

    (I should be asleep... it's 5:40am here, lol; Clare gets to stay up though because her time right now is 1:40pm. Lucky. <w<)

    Reminds me of a user by the name of Luke__2007 we had on EMC a while ago... luckily, he got banned after griefing, stealing other people's things, abusing/spamming chat, disrespecting staff and other users, etc. Also being quite a young user, his grammar was the absolute worst I've seen from anyone online, anywhere. And I used to have a deviantART account, so I would know bad grammar when I see it. ._.; (On another note: his res became Derelict if anyone wants to claim it and make it more beautiful than the bad impression he made on smp8~)

    I rarely have long posts like this (I think this is my longest one on EMC to date, actually) so I apologize in advance for making anyone sit through this wall of text. :p
  13. ill be 21 on nov 2 . I love emc , but i do meet alot of younger ppl from 13-16 an few r 20 or older
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  14. 16, but people think I am 8 sometimes. Some people think I am 18 or older.
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  15. Chris I always thought you knew how old I was! It's very reassuring to know I'm not the only oldie! lol
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  16. I still feel 18, does that count? lol
  17. I would love for ZBSDKryten to just barge on in here :p
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  18. Most people that use the forums are older than people on emc as younger people tend to not use the forums :)
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  19. I really really hope whoever voted "6 or under" isn't actually 6 or under....

    Edit: How many people who are 6 or under do we have...?
    The vote seems to be steadily going up....
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