[Survey] Are you active in the Frontier?

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Are you active in the Frontier?

Poll closed Jul 8, 2016.
I own an established outpost. 36 vote(s) 36.0%
I maintain my own building(s) (not established!) 17 vote(s) 17.0%
I'm part of an established outpost. 18 vote(s) 18.0%
Some friends and me maintain our own building(s) (not established!) 5 vote(s) 5.0%
I sometimes help build stuff, but I don't maintain anything. 2 vote(s) 2.0%
I'm just visiting the Frontier to find out why chickens cross the road :P 11 vote(s) 11.0%
Other (please leave a comment below!) 11 vote(s) 11.0%
  1. Hi gang,

    So it's time to do a little survey (poll). The reason I call this a survey and not a poll is because I intent to use the results for something else. Thing is: I recently came across a post about the establishment process and that reminded me of some of my own questions and ideas I had (but never shared so far).

    I was at first planning to post something and ask the staff about it, when I suddenly wondered if instead of turning to the staff it wouldn't be a better idea to turn to you, the rest of the community.

    But before I do that I need to know if my plan is actually feasible. As such; this survey.

    Are you active in the Frontier and if so: how?

    Poll will be run for 1 month.


    Where are my manners :confused: And of course thanks for answering it!
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  2. I actually own several established outposts. All within a nether ride of each other. They're all small but manageable for one.
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  3. I have 2 established outposts in my name. One I'm more active in and the other is more a home for the co-owner of the outpost tho it is still technically in my name. I am also an active member of a third outpost. And of course how could I forget my very first frontier outpost - farbranch! Sadly the last one is not active anymore, the builds are still there but most of the members moved on, myself included. However I remember my first trip to the place, a good friend kept going on and on about the place took me out and showed me the community center the bridges and roads skelly farm and of course the wall! The outpost owner was there a few times and within a week I joined and built my first frontier home and helped finish the aforementioned wall. It was a good era and it provided me a look at a different aspect of emc that I had previously ignored. Now over a year later and well reread the first couple of lines. Don't get me wrong town is nice with all the protection and perms available but for me the plots are too small even if they are 60 by 60. There's only so much you can do on one square of land. As someone who loves big builds the frontier really is my favourite place now. And I'm fairly certain that if it hadn't been for that one fatefull trip thnx to a persistent friend (I'm playfully glaring at you here gawadrolt) I prolly would have gotten bored in town along time ago and quit the empire regardless of all the awesome people I've met. So yeah in short I'm fairly active in the frontier and I love it. Yes there's always the risk of griefing but staff are awesome at handling it and there's always your gripco thing shel. The frontier is my home. Long live the frontier
  4. I have 2 outposts of my own, another that I was invited to when I started and another that I was welcome visit.

    Currently I have almost no activity at my outposts other then alts. After hearing about anti-griefing and the block protection, I have decided to not do anything until that has been released. I wouldn't want to break and replace all blocks so that they were all protected. I've also been waiting for the new spawns to be active. Something about having an outpost out at 10 million blocks away just sounds nice lol

    My current outpost is starting to bug me though. The new skeleton horse spawns are getting out of hand. They spawn everywhere, even inside my farm, and it's just becoming more trouble then it worth. It's funny though, when I found this place, I chose it because I thought that they would possible spawn there and I could egg them. Well we can't egg them and they spawn ... alot. Even in swamps.. not sure how or why.

    Anyways, as per this thread, I'm usually always in the wild. Been there since my first week on EMC. Just more freedom, lots more space and danger too :p I like the town as well, but it's too small for me.
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  5. I participate in and co-own several outposts / farms and rail tracks in the frontier.
    There is one thing missing there - shops.
    Enabling shops in the frontier would boost the outposts and open new possibilities.

    I don't know any (good) reason for disabling shops in the frontier.
    This is so from the start of EMC, when a significant part of the old staff was thinking about EMC more as "town with wilderness" and not "wilderness with a town".
    Aikar is originally a "wilderness type", so there was hope that the wilderness (frontier) will be promoted sooner ... and we still hope. :)
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  6. I currently do not own, nor actively participate in any wild outposts. I do, however, let my alts afk a lot in the wild, but at public places.

    But this will change soonish... When we get the extra wild outposts, I'll go out far, together with my friend, and we'll setup a nice wild outpost/farming area. :)
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  7. i own a number of outposts, and when grief protection comes out i will be making some of them very public.
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  8. I will have an outpost of my own soon, but I don't yet. Mostly, I go to the frontier to clean it up, and to fight the dragon. I am part of a few outposts, but I don't participate much. The Frontier is a great place, but not my favorite. I guess I do see quite a few chickens around when I'm out there, due to the way they work, but no road in sight. Perhaps that'll be my next project. A road for the chickens.
  9. I have a significantly large base in the wild of smp9 that is not an "established outpost". This is due to the fact that there is a build approx 1k blocks from mine. I have tried to leave a sign, chest with gifts & a written book to make contact to see if we could establish as one outpost, but I don't think they play any more. I have never made contact and I have no idea who's build it is. There is no obvious building activity for many months now. This bothers me because I fear I will not be able to get grief protection unless I can be an "established outpost".

    The reason I started my base where it is would be due to a very unique feature found there that I do not believe can be found anywhere else on EMC.
  10. Mind telling what it is?
  11. Sorry, top secret (unless I get grief protection). I will say it is a structure that formed somewhere it should not have.
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  12. I have 2 outposts ;)
  13. Though not technically an Established Outpost, I am rather high up in a certain Outpost on smp2
  14. I'm part of two established outposts and I did run one with some friends a while back, but it's just me there now - I'm going to (hopefully) get it established sometime after I finish my exams and bring some new people in. I'm kind of a wilderness nomad sometimes and will wander and build some things - usually makeshift shelters in the side of hills (I never get any useful stuff out it though, I just like to walk around the wild a bit :p).
  15. I'm part of a few outposts and unestablished spots but I don't build on em really :p I just sorta hop around and look at all the pretty builds.... I help with giving supplies and clearing out areas for people to build in (if they're too lazy to do it themselves :p ) I prefer the wastes just cuz I'm not a builder I'm a miner :p But I love going to friends outposts and unestablished lands and helping them with whatever they need help with :3
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  16. Active = Yes
    Part of the Tower_Inc Crew
  17. I live at Underhelm, constructing a Chorus farm there and maintaining that. But most of time in the Frontier is me going around exploring for umm, nothing. I went out on a 6 day expedition once were I kept traveling till I made it off the live map in the dark areas. I guess I just like to enjoy the journey I guess for no reason, I give cords to Temples to random people.
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  18. I have one established outpost that is for me only to mine and build farms.
  19. I was, before I got bored doing the 15min railway there. Plus the repairs...
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