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  1. There is a planned "Anti-Griefing" update, there is a -> wiki page for it.

    I have some remarks and questions regarding it that I don't see covered in the wiki.
    1. Who can work on a distinct building depends on which building it is, not who are ones friends or (temporary) group members. People participate in building and maintaining several and sometimes many structures, so having an agreement to participate at one site does not automatically mean having an agreement to participate at all sites. How is that addressed in this update?
    2. When a group member places some blocks and later leaves the group (or changes friendship status), how will the remaining members be able to break that blocks and change the structure?
    3. When a group builds a structure, will the blocks "belong" to each member that placed them, so the ownership is a mess and changing becomes a nightmare?
    4. Griefing by stealing blocks is bad, but IMO, griefing by placing blocks is even more frustrating. IIUC, anyone can come, turn buildmode on and place dirt all over a structure, or perhaps even worse: in carefully chosen places - and others won't be able to remove it. How is that addressed?
    5. How about public structures?
      Example: someone repairs a public road with a full block because they don't have a slab at the time. How will others be able to remove it and place a slab?
    6. Will it be possible to turn off the protection - to place (non-common) blocks that are not protected?
    7. People could (will!) start using protected block walls to protect land / structures / farms / grinders. How will that be addressed?
      A: They can if they like, provided they build around their own structures. Simple walls wouldn't be dependable protection because they can be glitched through.
    8. With proper land claiming and appropriate permission system planned, does this Anti-griefing update make sense?
    9. Would it be better to have just a simplest land protection ("Land Claiming 0.1") until the full version is implemented and tested?
    Answers are WIP.
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  2. Some of this has been on my mind too.
  3. I'll ping Aikar to give a response, but it may be a bit and some answers won't be known until we can get into testing phase.

    A few of your questions are addressed in the wiki page itself though, so I advise giving that another look. The first time reading it through you may not catch everything.

    It is my understanding that most decorative blocks will be automatically protected. When enacting the build mode, it will protect all blocks. "By default, your protected blocks can be broken by your friends, people currently in a group with you and people you or your friends have vouched for. If you would like to restrict who is able to break your blocks further, you can do so in the anti-grief section of /settings."
    This is what we know so far, but we will tweak this as the update nears and we are able to run definitive tests.

    Individual issues between outpost members who leave, etc will still be treated by staff when/if necessary.
  4. I'm assuming this means all EMC players or just those on friends list? If it's all players, can things like doors, trap doors, etc. not be added to the protected list or atm it's only blocks that can be?
  5. Since that's a use feature, all players are able to access those. Build mode protects the blocks themselves from being broken.

    In order to limit this use access, that's where the landclaiming update comes in.
  6. Added 2 points (6. and 7.) to the list - I'll add answers when I get or find them.
  7. I see no problem with this if it is their build to protect. If not, that's where the staff can get involved.
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  8. I imagine huge walls up to y=255 and huge boxes...
    BTW, there is no need for locked chests any more...

    Perhaps it would be overall simpler and better to just have simplest land claiming before the full version is implemented: list (rectangle) of protected chunks, list of owners, list of members. Owners can add and remove members. Only owners and members can change blocks (break, place, water, lava). Senior staff can change the list of owners.
  9. The anti-griefing is a far better solution than having to have Senior staff run out and change owner lists all the time. We have a plan that will work when implemented. If people honestly want to build giant walls, then they can feel free. There are ways through giant blocks though, glitching etc that would make locked chests still preferred.
  10. Placing a protected block above and under the chest should work though?
  11. While highly inconvenient, it would be an option. I don't really care if we make locked chests obsolete though, they are just another option to protect belongings.
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  12. It is unlikely that owners would change that often, but it seems better to have owners be able to change the list of owners. If there is any problem they still can contact staff.