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  1. I thought having a protected area would be a good idea and with the intro of the Outpost policy are problems.
    1) My present build locations are not in compliance (5000 blocks away from a Server Outpost and 3000 blocks from some other player's build). It sucks that I would have to abandon my present locations, time and effort to relocate and if I do not then my present locations have absolutely no protection. That is not the help I was looking for from these new policies.

    2) I tried to go to an area to establish an outpost but AGAIN, denied.
    Reason; to close to another player's build.
    WELLLLLLL, if you have done any traveling around the Wilderness you will find abandoned builds everywhere and besides how do you figure out where there is NO other player's builds within 3000 blocks, their is no way of telling for sure. Truly, I look around for builds before I made my request and did not see any near by BUT the GM found some because they have access to server info we dont.

    All in all I dont think this new Outpost scheme is going to work out for most of us because of its over extended restrictions. It would be better to grant Outpost status that allowed the builders to establish boundaries rather than restrict the location with hard to satisfy restrictions.Use a special boundry marker might work.

    I wanted protection for my builds and got something that wont work for the property I already have developed. This is not a step in the right direction.

    I am really tired of seeing players come to the wilderness and do extensive mining and harvesting of the resources in stead of going to the Waistland. They take and take but do not replace or build anything permanent, it leave the land bare, raped and a mess. I have tunnels riddling everywhere I go underground.Maybe some might try to construct a fancy healing algorithm that would seal these tunnels that have no added build structures and replenish resources gradually.
    Something should be done for this devastation.
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  2. I feel you man, I found a perfect place but it was apparently to close to players builds. So I went to the players build to see who owns it so I can get permission. When I got thier it look like it hasent been touched in 1000 years.
  3. I mean the rules are there to make sure you have enough space to do things and they do as well with little to no conflict. It isnt too hard to find a spot even if it may take time, the frontier is extremely large and with the nether you can go far out faster. I would recommend looking at the live map and going somewhere mainly black. Although this may take time it will be worth it for security of land and will remove the possibility of arguments.
    Edit- Also in regards to the 'protection' as of yet there is nothing that will stop someone from griefiing but you do have slightly more control over their actions in your area. Don't expect staff to ignore a griefing just because you don't have an outpost(at this point its kinda like a name with a few small perks, I assume later on there will be many more abilities, but we can only wait).
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  4. Also, but please keep in mind that this is hearsay (hear read?) on my part (I'd have to look up the original posts) but I got the impression that the anti grief protection would be generally applied and not directly linked to established outposts. But even so: at this point nothing is certain yet, so I wouldn't give up hope before the final plans on that haven't even been shared with us.

    It wouldn't be the first time where two outposts could co-exist, even though it was against the standard limits, simply because both owners agreed to it.

    Have you tried asking who the other player(s) was and contacted them about it? You can always ask if they would mind.

    Still... Your question does raise something else which has been puzzling me for quite some time: what happens when players go derelict?

    Hmm, I think I'm going to ask that somewhere else.
  5. Like you said "hearsay" but if i'm not mistaken deep in old threads I saw that the outposts in the Frontier were permanent. That being said if a player goes derelict, their town res may go away but never their Frontier outposts.
    However i do believe a clause should be established for those who are banned that their outposts and only if they reside there alone. Should be able to be torn down only after the banned players appeal has been denied.
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  6. Given that you started playing on EMC after the rules for establishing outposts were already made. I wonder why you didn't follow them before you started to build?

    On a more caring note. If you really want a place that's 3k away from any other build. Your going to need to travel into the black areas of the map.
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  7. Correct. And when a new player comes within the range of that build they will probably get denied even though the outpost in question might not be active anymore. And I wonder if there's something which we can do there.

    I have some plans, but I'll share those soonish, first I need to know if what I have in mind is actually doable.
  8. Well I don't know about you but if I took a 2 year break from EMC and came back to find my outpost torn down or something. Only because I was absent and it appeared abandoned for that long. I'd bloody well be upset.

    I think that's why EMC is now expanding the outposts up to 10 million blocks out. So that way people have the room to spread without fear of being denied for being so close to another outpost.
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  9. i think a policy does need to be set for people trying to restore the frontier to look nice. i have a spot on smp6 that i try to keep looking natural and every few months some kid will come out and pillar up and leave the tops of trees and make it look liek the reset zone.
    its very frustrating
  10. As mentioned by CallMeTower, the outpost policy is not new, it has been around since before I started nearly 2 years ago. I've been involved with claims (making them and now processing them) for most of my time on EMC.

    Your first builds were less than 500 from an EMC Outpost, barely outside the protected area. One look at the livemap (do /map in game and then click the link)and you would have seen builds everywhere nearby. I'm not sure how we can make players know this better before they start building without spamming them to read the threads about outposts.

    With regards to the new claim, a look at the livemap would show you some large builds 1000-2000 blocks away. I'm not sure how much space you need but we basically give you a 1500 block radius. That means you must be 3000 from anyone else and any new builds must be 3000 from you. I do believe all these builds are from one group of people and you can see how far they have spread out which is why the 3000 distance is used.

    Here's the map as I saw it when I went to do your claim. It shows a distance of 3000 either side and south from your location (where you see my head). The other builds are clearly visible even when zoomed out this far.

    The best thing is to go much further out now or wait for the new EMC outposts to be released. If you wait for those then you can be the first in the area and be the 5k distance from the EMC Outpost.

    If you go further out, look to go beyond 20000 for one or both of your coords and look for a large black area on the map. That should give you more chance of being far from anyone.

    A lot of people have gone well past 40000 to setup and know they will not be griefed and probably never even visited. These people use a nether rail to travel there and back. My own outposts are at 60k and 70k out. The 70k one has a 12k nether rail (had to go west a few k then south) that took a while to build (a few days) and the travel is 25 minutes each way but I know I'm safe from griefing.

    The best way to get a long way out is to grab 3-6 speed potions, 5-8 fire res potions for the lava you will hit and 4-6 eff V picks. Go into the nether and find a spot reasonably close to an EMC Outpost. Make a hidden entrance and dig up to 120-122 then take a speed potion and run like crazy digging a tunnel using the eff v diamond picks. I think the 12k rail used about 4-5 picks and 4-6 potions. Make sure you have your fire resist pots on the quickbar at the bottom. Take enough material for 2-3 portals, flint and steel, a stack of steak, 1-2 ender chests and the other usual setup supplies. Forget about the netherrack you dig out, it will fill your inv pretty quick but because you leave the chunk it is in, it will still be there next time you come past. On the way back through the tunnel make sure you have 10+ chests to put all the netherrack into.

    I hope this gives you and others some ideas on how to get out further where there is land for the takin! Please reply with any further questions.
  11. Thanks for the info but I have not done potions since I have been busy doing other stuff and I don't mind taking time to do things when it is necessary, going to and from is not one of those things.
    I have almost given up on making an Outpost but maybe I will try again.
  12. Also, I think a Nether Portal should be linked to the player that made by an ID number so the resulting Portal destinations will be lock to each other.
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