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Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by autumnrain26, Jun 14, 2012.

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  1. So I am getting annoyed repeating myself every couple of days of so when someone posts yet another thread voicing their complaints about a possible 1.3 world reset. As I have stated in every one of these post until now, Any currently unrendered chunk can potentially spawn any new item that gets added in any forthcoming update, and the only reasons that can really need a server reset is the addition of a new biome as it causes biome shift and rendering problems. The regional villages look exactly the same as any other village, the only difference is desert villages are made out of sandstone, and the jungle villages appear to be made from jungle wood. Emeralds can only be found in extreme mountain biomes.. So its not like you are going to be finding them anywhere else.. "What about cocoa pods???" Did you know that you can buy 64+ cocoa beans from the empire shop, and then make a wall of jungle logs and plant the cocoa beans along the wall of jungle logs? Yes, you can manually plant cocoa beans on jungle logs. And pyramids are bleh right now.. All it is a single antichamber under the pyramid with a pressure plate trap over a small layer of tnt. The "sarcophagi" in this chamber are standard loot chests with bone and possible emeralds added.. Again not worth the total effort.

    As such because people don't read the prior posts and I have to repeat myself repeatedly, I am now supporting the full reset of every world including the towns, just to implement Hardcore and Large Biomes on every server. Because if we complain about not having pyramids closer to spawn then why not make it where if you die, you can't come back.. :)
  2. I dont see why we need a wil reset, so what theirs pyramids and temples. we can craft the wool sandstone and tnt thats in it, and mine the minerals in the " secret " chest! And for the temples you can mine everything up that you get from the temples, the mossy cobble, cobblestone, and the minerals within it.
    And for the emeralds villagers trade you emeralds for specific items, so theirs no need for a wild reset, if Justin is gonna reset the wild, reset it WAY far out. Because if he just resets EVEYRTHING all of our bases will be ruined, like LLO. They worked VERY hard to make what they have made. And the Slime Team is just starting out to mine a 100 x 100 x 30. Sooo don't reset the wild, or reset it farther out.
  3. See, the problem is, there's 15 posts talking about the reset, and people either can't be bothered to join / read the current ones, or can't remember what was stated in the other posts.

    Frankly, I'm thinking it's accepted ignorance. If i want the wild to reset, I'm going to go around and spread my beliefs, whether or not you've made and excellent point. When it later comes to a vote, hopefully I've swayed enough people to get my way.
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  4. Even the towns? Where you have worked so hard and all that jazz?
  5. Personally, I don't know what to think about the reset.

    The pros are:
    1) The new features are implemented in totality (large biomes everywhere, etc)
    2) We stay up to date (advertising and all, being able to say a 1.3 server)

    The cons:
    3) People lose their buildings in the wild
    4) People lose their spawners and mines (ill explain why these are seperate)

    Feel free to try to sway me one way or another.

    Right now I feel like 1) isnt that important, but 2) is vastly so in order to bring in new members and maintain the server.

    The cons have a mixed range of emotions, 3) mainly the fact that the wild was NEVER safe, and NEVER meant to be safe, it's going to get reset. On top of that, if we don't reset at 1.3, then when do we? 1.4? How much bigger do all these structures get (and thus the losses) in the interim.
    4) I do feel bad for people who lose their spawners and mines, since that's part of the process of living in town, and spawners are tough to find, or even paid for.

    I'm not sure there's a good answer.
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  6. I support a wild reset. Everybody is complaining about their stuff getting reset. Yet everybody was also warned not to build nice things in the wild because it is the wild. I think EMC should stay updated to attract new people. I think a town reset is a horrible idea; the town should be a safe area to build in.
  7. Exactly
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  8. The town reset was a joke... She is stating a comparison that if we're going to reset to have pyramids closer, we might as well do everything else at the same time.
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  9. You have not heard or seen the LLO.
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  10. Note the "Large Biomes" is a new world type, and would have to be chosen to even be used... Which Justin may not even want to use...
    Do you really want to go in the wild and have even larger areas of nuclear wastelands because the desert is now 4x larger?

    I prefer the smaller ones, where you get some variety... they are pretty big as is.

    also, we would still be updated.. Itll still be 1.3, just 1.3 new features would be farther out.

    So, we dont lose advertising ability even if we dont reset.
  11. Sorry I did not read the whole post.
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  12. so are we going to vote for a reset?
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  13. lol that was a heated paragraph. you're awesome when sarcastically angry :p i like it. well said, well said.
  14. My xp grinder isnt very fancy, it gets the job done. i use dirt and cobble, so its not that nice. You dont get it. Its not about "nice things." Its about time and effort. Why dont you go out and try to build a large community like LLO and then support a wild reset. Also, list some good things that could come out of a wild reset.
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  15. So, stop.

    What he said.

    Your sarcasm and anger do not help your argument in the least.

    Any new player who logs on and realizes they must walk 10K from spawn to get to new content is going to feel like they have been lied to and find a different server. It would be true. You can not claim to be up to date if you do not allow content to be accessible. With as much "I'm leaving EMC" drama going on as there is, don't you think that it is vastly important to keep ahead of the curve and present new content?

    People complain about being bored, about a lack of content - then in the same breath say "waaa ... don't take my stuff"

    You can not have your cake and eat it too. (Sorry Rob)
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  16. Nothing.
  17. Thats the thing, this "new content" is nonexistent. The temples and pyramids with be harvested as soon as they are found. If they arent harvested, they will be griefed. New players will come and be happy, because there is NOTHING new that is worth a reset. I will personally support people going out and building the temples and pyramids rather than have a reset where people will get a chance to be lazy.
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  18. I'm sorry but noone is going to join EMC and say "I must go find a pyramid or i'm quitting!!!"
    That's taking it a bit to the extreme..
  19. Just because the content is not something you care about (more than you care about your wilderness builds) does not mean that is how everyone will feel.

    New players do not have builds in the wild - they will care more about being able to find new and exciting things. If a wild reset is not done it will be very obvious to those searching out new content.

    I assure you I am sympathetic to the loss of your builds. I have done a lot (hours upon hours) of work in the wild recently. I have done it because I enjoy it. It is fun. You can do so much more than you can in town. While it is hard to see it taken away - I look forward to the challenge of coming back and doing it all bigger and better. Learning from my mistakes and making something 10 times more awesome.
  20. Exactly. No one is going to really care about pyramids or temples after 4 hours after 1.3 comes out.
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