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    The Holiday Promo is now over and a lot of people got to experience a month of Supporter thanks to the generosity of some friends and other Diamond Supporters. Now, I talked with Aikar and have decided to make Supporter Vouchers a regular purchasable item.

    We get asked a lot for ways to purchase memberships for other people to use for prizes, drop parties, or just simple gifts.

    The way to obtain the vouchers are to simply make a one time payment via the payment button for the voucher(s) you want and send a message to me with the transaction id, and which vouchers they are for.

    After confirming payment, I will put the vouchers into your /vault in the game and you can do what you wish with them. As these are paid for vouchers and not the 'promise to buy memberships', you're welcome to sell/auction them on the forums if you wish.

    Any questions, let me know.
  2. It has been added. Use this button on the upgrades page!

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  3. Awesome!
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  4. Cool. :) much safer way to do it.
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  5. Which part of this didn't you understand? I thought it was clear. :)

  6. yup
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  7. i believe that was mentioned in the above post, but yes they can be sold/auctioned off
  8. (not) first
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  9. So that was where all those inbox messages you got were about?
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  10. Couldn't you sell them in /shop cause I'm not allowed to use paypal or online trasactions T.T
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  11. These and the egg nogs, yes. And general admin stuff too I imagine.
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  12. It would take over 50k rupees... lol waaaaaayyy more
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  13. Aw it's over D: I was just about to buy some rupees :(
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  14. The shop is made for in-game usable items. These are for supporter memberships (which are used to support/grow EMC).
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  15. This is a great idea. 2 questions
    Can you anonymously send somebody a voucher
    What do they look like
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  16. But you would still have to use something like that, cause they always cost real money
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  17. I hope that ill get to buy one of these eventaully ;)
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  18. Yep, you can specify in the PM that you want the voucher or if you want to immediately make someone supporter.
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  19. I'd also like to see them in /shop somehow. Even at too high price. Even when its so expensive that I probably wont buy from /shop. E.g. 1 million r for diamond? 500k for gold? 250k for iron?

    EDIT: Or hey how about 4 mill for diamond, 1 mill for gold, 250k for iron?
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