Super Smash Brothers, Unite! ( Character Suggestions, Stage Ideas, ect.)

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by ParodyMaster6, Sep 1, 2014.

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  1. Hello Empire! I'm starting a new thread, and this one is all about Super Smash Bros! As a diehard Nintendo fan, I am hyped for the new Smash coming out for WiiU/3DS. Post character or game suggestions here!
    My body is ready for all of your ideas! XD
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  2. My top 3 Most Wanted characters:
    3. Eevee (Pokémon) With all its Eeveelutions, it would be very varied.
    2. Toad (Mario) Because I feel like it.
    <1.> Steve (Minecraft) Imagine- Steve, hitting Link with a pickaxe.
    ( Oh yeah, and Creeper would make a cool Assist Trophy. )
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  3. Exactly.
  4. In the current super smash bros, I really like pikachu. His lightning strike is kind of op and leads to some fun matches. 2 of my friends actually tried to make an anti-pikachu map that had a roof. I got on top and still won :p

  5. Just looked up the game out of curiosity, and apparently Wii Fit Trainer is going to be a playable character. Okay then. :confused:
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  6. Pikachu's always been a favorite of mine, too. I actually played as Ness all the time when I first got Brawl, but now it's usually Sonic. A lots of people say he is a really bad character, but I think he's great. He's so fast and unpredictable that I can usually manage to get one of my friends off the map in about thirty seconds.
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  7. She looks interesting, to say the least. I kind of like how all her moves are based off yoga poses.
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  8. Always go with the power house, Ike.
  9. I'm really hyped for PAC-Man. Been waiting for him for a long, long, LONG time.
  10. Still sticking with Samus.
  11. Really? I think he is a terrible idea.

    And what do you think about the leak?

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  12. I'd post a whole list of the characters that WILL be in the game, but I can't find the list.
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  13. Duck Hunt dog? Seems legit.

    Then again, Shulk was just confirmed a couple days ago, so maybe... Just maybe...


    ... Yeah, I still don't like the Duck Hunt dog. He's better off as a new assist trophy.
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  14. I really hope duck hunt dog isn't going to be in, but if he is, I'll treat him like DK and Pac-Man and just not play as him.
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  17. I need my Lucas ;-;
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  18. Dj__Krazy, I preferred Lucas over Ness in Brawl just because of his up smash was so powerful, but Ness had better special moves. Anyway, if no Earthbound characters got in, Smash Bros. just wouldn't be Smash Bros. anymore.
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  19. Totally agree here. Playing as Ness always brought back fond memories of when I was about six. I used to play Earthbound on my older cousin's SNES, and it makes Ness so special to me.
    (Even if his recovery move is a piece of poop. I can never gets the PK thunder to hit myself, and even if I do, it's always in the wrong direction.)
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