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Do you agree with this Suggetion?

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  1. Ok I am hoping this has not already been suggested and if it has I am sorry.

    My suggestion is in regards to the voting streak rewards. As of right now special item rewards pretty much stop at 300 day streak, with the exception of the stable and vault vouchers. What I think would be awesome would be to add in Diamond Armor versions of the Iron Voter Armor rewards. I think that if you can reach a streak of 400-500 you should certainly get more than diamonds, emeralds, rupees, tokens, and the vouchers that you get normally. This would encourage people to keep on voting and aim for those high streaks.

    If you have other ideas of things to add to the voter streak item rewards, other than normal items (ie ingots, ender pearls, and things like that), please post them here. Maybe if we can offer some sensible options we may get lucky and have them added into the list of items to receive for voter streaks.
  2. A small correction: the current voter armor set isn't iron but leather. That's also why you can dye this in other colors if you want.

    But as much as I like the idea of getting more voting goodies (I'm approx. 1/3'rd done, one hour away from my voting shovel, something I'm really looking forward to!) I'm not too sure about diamond armor. The problem is that it might become a bit too powerful. That is; if they're also applying those extra enchants (which IMO really add up to the armor set). Of course, one thing I'm now not taking into account is how long you'd be playing EMC before you'd even reach this. With that in mind, and the fact that gameplay on EMC isn't really a competition of some sort...

    As to other items... An ever lasting torch would be cool (but probably a source for major torch trouble or pollution). It would help to light up caves and such, and maybe it could be made so that the torches disappear again after an hour or two. Sounds like a really hard nut to crack programming wise but it would add up to the mining experience IMO.

    Or maybe....

    How about magical potions which would regenerate themselves? Comparable to the white phial in Skyrim: a bottle which, when emptied, would slowly fill itself up again. So: you drink a potion and after, say, 1 - 2 hours it changes from an empty bottle back into a usable potion.

    But even so; it doesn't have to be all that spectacular all the time. I'd even like the idea of adding some haunted candy from time to time. "Haunted voters candy"? For the extra scary & nerdy effects ;)

    (I still haven't figured out what haunted candy is all about, maybe I should stop getting myself distracted all the time and actually read the wiki on them ;) )
  3. Here are some ideas:
    • Voter's Dog/Cat - A specially named companion for life <3
    • Voter's Special Stone Slab - Completely bias suggestion
    Also, I do believe (if the EULA is enforced) that Aikar will make Max Res Vouchers available to be obtained with voting.
  4. Amybe after 500 streak have a permanent streak of dsily bonus of 50% more

    If you are free: 150r
    Iron: 600
    Gold 1050
    Diamond 1850

    This are guesses, i actually did not look at what each group receives in the supporter section
  5. Honestly: I like your suggestions a lot better... would be cool if they could make those pets walk around with you (so follow you outside your res.)!
  6. An Invulnerable dog would be too op for srvival, maybe make it only be able to go waround in town
  7. Who said he was invulnerable?
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  8. Tuqueque did.
  9. voter stuff are unbreakable(for ever), so a voter´s dog, in my opinion should follow the other characteristics of the other voter items
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  10. Voter's Wolf
    Voter's Steed
  11. Voter's diamond tools exist. Maybe voter's diamond armor is too much, but you can't go wrong with iron gear, right? Also +1,000,000 with the immortal horse and dog.
  12. Has anyone noticed that we are now getting potions in the voters bonus? Great idea whoever thought of it! Fire resistance would be a keeper :p
  13. What streak are you getting potions at?
  14. Well, I could imagine this being done in another way. For example: it can die but when it does it'll simply re-appear in your inventory as a spawn egg.

    So you'd still get an ever-lasting dog but without the "overpowering effect".
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  15. There shouldn't be potions at all from voting…considering I'm at 576 and never got potions…
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  16. Ya I am at 418 and have never gotten one.
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  17. Thought of something else; voters clock and voters compass perhaps. The compass might not be very useful but I usually keep a clock with me all the time, especially when I'm mining in my (still to build) private mining operation. Because it allows me to time my retreats to the surface to start preparing for a trip back to the outpost.
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  18. +1 on this. I'm always wondering whether it's safe to make a run to the surface when I'm mining.
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  19. vote 323 is where I've started getting them but some players are receiving them below 100
  20. If that is true then can a staff member let us know if there is any way for those of us that are well above those marks to be able to get those items as well?