[Suggestion] Stop kicking people for repeatedly sending rupee payments

Discussion in 'The Suggestion Box' started by FadedMartian, Jan 18, 2023.

  1. Y'all,

    It makes no sense that one should get kicked for repeatedly sending rupee payments. its called charity and spreading the love.

    That's all.

  2. Well I believe it's still considered spam when you send rupees like 25 times in less then 10 seconds
  3. how ungrateful
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  4. Hmm that’s weird faded try sending me 25 big payments as a test. Maybe bigger payment kick faster? Idk send me some and we will see. But yea I think it’s just antispam
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  5. +1 in jungle green
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  6. -1
    It is meant to prevent spam. As former staff I can tell you the number of times I got 1r spammed after muting a player was a lot. I use to deal with players getting spammed that way as well.
  7. I'll add, yesterday I got kicked for spamming on this account just for repeatedly typing /getmail for voter rewards (after being inactive in-game on this account). I wonder why. Even if this suggestion is declined, could they not at least make it so people repeatedly typing commands (or even the same command) won't get kicked too?
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  8. We have a command to fix that issue. /mail get all
  9. you can just /ignore the person i think
  10. That also kicks you when used repeatedly, unless it was changed recently.
  11. I'm with Mr. Socks on this. During my 8 years on EMC, you'll be surprised about how some players will try to use the system in place to bother/troll others.
  12. Why would you need to use it repeatedly?
    ...also, where's your Verdana? And where's my Arial? Is this the font day of reckoning?
  13. Even though it says get mail all, it has a limit to how many it will deliver to you so that forces you to use it repeatedly. I have had to use the command 6+ times before after being gone for nearly a year. Got kicked for it too and thought it was funny.
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  14. Last time I tried, /mail get all didn't take stacking into account and as such didn't actually claim much mail at all.
    Please do let me know (you could do it through Discord) if you see non-Verdana in my posts; I'm currently regularly accessing EMC from Linux because of a school project, which doesn't have Verdana, so it's not apparent whether I'm using it or not.
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