[Suggestion] Some New Miniboss Ideas

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  1. So, some other miniboss threads and an ingame conversation have inspired me to suggest my OWN miniboss ideas.

    All ideas in this thread are subject to change, especially things like names and colors. More may be added in the future. :)

    Zombie Pigmen are annoying as heck. However, I bet a zombie pigman miniboss (spawning only in Nether) would be even MORE annoying! Suidar would ride on the back of an incredibly fast, incredibly strong, incredibly angry pig (I believe you can make passive animals angry? if not, he can just go on foot) named Suidar's Steed and be able to summon pigmen Enraged Guardians to help lead him to victory. If you kill Suidar's Steed, Suidar will fight on foot.

    Now, this sounds a lot like any other miniboss, so what makes him special? Here's an IDEA that could be implemented, assuming it can be coded.
    You see, pigmen are hard to kill because they're already dead. Thus, every time an Enraged Guardian pigman dies, it has a 50% chances of splitting into an Enraged Guardian ZOMBIE as well as a pig. If I am correct in assuming that pigs can be made hostile with fancy coding things, these pigs would also be a bit aggressive.

    Upon spawning, Suidar would create a message in chat such as An earthy stench fills the air...

    So what does he drop? Well, he may rarely drop his leather boots (color could be a dark red, black, or gold) or golden sword.

    Suidar's Boots
    Fire Protection IV
    Unbreaking V
    Final (Cannot be modified or repaired)
    Soulbound (Will not drop on death)
    Some pigmen are faster than others...
    +20% Speed

    Suidar's Cutlass
    Unbreaking V
    Sharpness IV
    Final (Cannot be modified or repaired)
    Soulbound (Will not drop on death)
    No blade strikes swifter...
    +20% Attack Speed (1.9 only)

    In addition to these, he can drop pigmen heads and shiny flesh as well as the usual Vault/Stable Vouchers and Ticking Tock. Now, what if you kill his pig steed? The pig has a chance to drop this cooked pork item:

    Nether Pork
    Seasoned with the hottest spices!

    Nether Pork could give you Swiftness and Jump Boost for 20 seconds. The down side? It also lights you on fire. Perhaps a bit too much cayenne pepper, hmmm? Not sure whether Fire Resistance should be included in that effects package. After all, Zombie Virus has its own negative effects, right?

    Oh, she's big, she's mad, and she's really, really squishy. Why not have a slime miniboss? Pastu would, of course, be one hefty slime. I think size 7 would work well for size. Upon being "killed," Pastu splits into 2-4 (your choice--maybe it's either random or split amount starts at two and increases at higher difficulties?) identical copies of Pastu at size 4. These split into size 2, which split into size 1. When all size 1 (baby) slimes have died, the last one will drop the victory items and award tokens.

    As for other special abilities? She's so absorbent that swords do a bit less damage than usual on her. Shovels, on the other hand, are great for scooping out big chunks of slime, so they do a whole lot of extra damage, even more than a sword! She CAN spawn Enraged Guardian slimes that act as normal slimes: size 1-4, split as usual.

    Upon spawning, Pastu would create a message in chat such as Your foot catches on a clump of a green substance... This could be in a different color as well.

    Now, items! Obviously slimes don't wear armor, so we'll need some creativity here. First of all, she can drop the usual slime heads and Dragon Stone Fragments, just like every other miniboss. Now, for super rare items, how about this slime block item?

    Chunk of Pastu's Slime
    Protection III
    Final (Cannot be modified or repaired)
    Soulbound (Will not drop on death)
    Wearable (Right click to Equip)
    Perhaps some of her powers remain within...
    +Jump Boost (50% increase or maybe up to Jump II?)
    +2 Health

    Another option could be some sort of Vial of Slime green splash potion that makes things incredibly slow, as though they are caught in slime.

    I may add more in the future, but that's it for now! :) Please comment with your opinions/suggestions. If there's something that you think

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    Paired Marlix/Momentus and Ghast - finch_rocks_1
    Kumo the Spider - Mischievous_Wolf
    Water Bosses - ChamelonNYC
  2. Bump for those of you who love killing things! :D
  3. I actually LOVE both of these minibosses! It's genius!
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  4. HUGE FAN!!!
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  5. I like it. A very well-structured suggestion within reasonable parameters and could definitely benefit the community. +1 from me. :)
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  6. I read pastu as pantsu >.>
  7. Witch mini boss FTW (Need to work something out for that still though, this is more of a post so that I get reminded to actually do that :p) Also nether might need one or two more. What about a witherskeleton riding a blaze or a ghast?
    I like the ideas in the OP alot too :D
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  8. I'd love either of These Bosses implemented into EMC! Maybe as a Rare Drop Patsu coukd have a Baby Patsu Slime Spawn Egg? I know many people Want Baby Slimes, and This would be a cool way to implement it
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  9. Interesting idea... I don't know if Aikar would go for it as a rare drop, but a tame baby slime would be pretty cool. :p

    Gooling Egg
    Final (Cannot be modified or repaired)
    Soulbound (Will not drop on death)
    Spawns tame baby slime
    Perhaps her children are less aggressive...
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  10. <3 these ideas
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  11. I like, but the pigmen are mine!
  12. Great ideas! :)
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  13. I would like to see suidar in here so EMC can finally have a nether mini boss
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  14. Love the ideas
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  15. Bump! :) I'm glad this is getting a positive response so far.
  16. Both are extremely well thought out. :)
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  17. I still love it
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  18. Just wondering, about how long did it take you to think of these ideas?
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  19. Long
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  20. I started thinking about the pig one when I was chatting with Apocryphan a few days ago and we got into minibosses. He mentioned a "Boss Pig" pigman miniboss idea, and I just developed it further, adding things like the splitting to keep it unique and the items to keep it valuable. :p The slime I just thought of randomly while thinking about Sky's Multiplex idea and the idea of clones.
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