Kumo the Spider (Miniboss Idea)

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  1. Kumo the spider isn't the friendliest of spiders. Here's is the info about her :p.
    She is ride a invisible spider with a small speed boost.
    When attacked 5 times in a row, she summons 4 cave spiders, named Kumo's Protectors.
    When She spawns it says, You see glowing red eyes, watching you from a distance...
    When She attacks you she gives you 5 seconds of poison and 10 seconds of hunger. She drops vault vouchers, stable vouchers, spider heads, string, spider eyes, and 2 special items...
    A stone sword:
    Kumo's Stinger
    Sharpness V
    Unbreaking V
    Gives 2.5 seconds of poison to the player
    player or mob you hit...
    Final (Cannot be modified or repaired)
    Soulbound (Will not drop on death)
    (Insert a quote about the sword here)

    The Last special item is
    Silky String
    When eaten it gives you 3 seconds of regen, 15 of Swiftness, 10 seconds of hunger
  2. I like this idea. Maybe adjust the effects the silky string gives you though. I think the poison would remove the health you gained from the regen.
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  3. Fixed :p
  4. Looks much better :)
  5. Drop 1: Spider eye, gives poison on attack.
    Lore: "It's the eye of the spider..."
    Drop 2: Ghast tear, unknown effect
    Lore: "...It's the thrill of the bite."
  6. xD
  7. +1
  8. Im lovin this haha
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  9. I think 5 seconds may be a bit too long but that would be my only complaint.
  10. Fixed!
  11. If every miniboss drop could have a piece of that song, that'll be great.
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  12. True
  13. Maybe make it invisible, since the eyes of the spiders appear when invisible.
  14. Bump because I'm bored!
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  15. +1, as usually I don't care whet a new miniboss does cause I won't fight it, but I do like the new Special Items :p .
  16. I think the sword is a bit too over powered. But like the idea.