[Suggestion] New Mini Boss - Multiplix

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  1. This miniboss is a baby zombie named Multiplix. Here are is qualities:
    • Baby zombie, not on fire.
    • A twig for his sword (stick)
    • Instead of summoning minions, he multiplies himself.
      • Each of his clones take 1 hit to be killed
      • Attacking the real Multiplix makes his clones disappear.
      • Clones do the same damage Multiplix does
    He has the ability to drop the normal items, and some unique items:

    • Stick: Multiplix's Twig
      • Lore: "It's a sword, not a twig!" - Multiplix
    And of course, the stick has some enchantments on it and Multiplix is hard to defeat
  2. As with almost all of your suggestions, I love it!
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  3. Awesome the best miniboss that would be but of course he wont come to life prob. :'(
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  4. That's a pretty good idea... However, since we already have a zombie miniboss, maybe it would be cool if this were some other mob, like a silverfish. They would drop some other item, of course, but I think they MIGHT make more sense since they often call more minions anyway. 50/50 on the silverfish idea myself, though, so a baby zombie might work just fine. :)
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  5. OOO what about a water miniboss like a squid but bigger of course! called squidplex :p or something else
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  6. Not many mobs to choose from. :p
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  7. Maybe a guardian named 'Enraged Guardian' :p
  8. Ya but those would be REALLY dangerous
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  9. I would love this but have it be a chicken in the nether :p nether needs a miniboss and this would be perfect.
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  10. A giant Pig with enraged pigs :p
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  11. Villager miniboss and summons Enraged villagers! :D
  12. Love this, except it might be hard for the dev. :)
  13. Perhaps a Pigman?
  14. Giant Squid! It could be the size of momentus but in the water! :D
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  15. I am making a post right now! :D
  16. How? =P
  17. Finished post. "Colossal the Giant Squid" :D
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  18. Since these great ideas are multiplying over the last week, we don't want to let any of them slip through the cracks. If you have a miniboss/mob suggestion, please submit to:
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  19. I suggested my idea of the squid ( since it was originaly my idea on this thread )