[Suggestion] Should we add an Advertisement Chat Channel?

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Should we add an Advertise chat channel on EMC?

Yes 29 vote(s) 67.4%
No 14 vote(s) 32.6%
  1. Hey EMC

    Just a short suggestion regarding a new chat channel to be put on all 10 SMP's for all the auction links, event links and anything in general that involves SMP-swapping and filling the chat with a link.

    I'd suggest we use /c a or/and /c advertise for this sub-channel.

    Feel free to leave your opinion and please keep it positive in the discussions :cool:
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  2. Brilliant suggestion!
  3. To be clear, this is something different than Econ chat: This is where you would put things like skin comps, drop parties, and anything else relevant. +1 from me.
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  4. This has been suggested for eco chat and the idea is always great, but there's always going to people who misuse it. Those people causing problems by spamming chat trying to get muted would be extremely happy to use this. Even people that have been on EMC for a long time accidentally wrong chat things into eco chat after advertising.

    -1 for now, but if some changes to prevent people from abusing it were put in place, I could switch to a +1
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  5. I'd give it a +1. I'd like to put my own input too:

    There has been suggestions in the past for a server-wide broadcast channel. I've noticed moderators have the "B - Broadcast" channel to broadcast server-wide a certain message. I'd say make this channel that we're talking about do the same thing! However, in order to enforce the chat policy on ads, put a timer on it for 1 hour. It should be 1 hour by default and then maybe moderators could knock 45 minutes off of the timer if it was an event ad because I think Krysyy said that if it was an event ad, it's once every 15 minutes and not 1 hour. A filter should be added too if another player tries to broadcast the same thing or similar thing.

    I'm not 100% if it's 15 minutes in between event ads but I know it's 1 hour in between any other ad.
  6. +1 from me :) I always lags for 1 min everytime I log on to a new Smp
  7. Not gonna say anything. +1 though
  8. I'm not too sure.

    Right now we got @e (economy) for all this and when looking at the problems this is sometimes causing I can't help worry that a server-wide chat would only add to the spam.

    I would support such an idea if it would be possible for the server itself to regulate broadcasts. So not merely a rule that "you can only advertise once per 3 hours" but the server itself which blocks you from using the feature again if there's less than 3 hours between your last message.

    Even so, I can't help wonder if it wouldn't only add to more spamming.
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  9. That's why I put in my input for a timer between ads plus a filter to keep other players from posting the same thing or similar after a player advertised. I reviewed the chat policy and it's 3 hours any ad but 1 hour for a event ad.
  10. I support this if it comes with the option to ignore the advertisement chat channel.
  11. I'd betcha if this were to become a feature there would be a option to turn the channel off.
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  12. How to accomplish this, at least how I see this, using an example

    Hey, I want to tell everyone about my new event
    /b Come to SMP2 for a skin comp!
    Hmm, maybe I'll do it once more to make sure it gets across
    -You Must Wait 1 Hour Before Using Broadcast Again-
    Man, if only there was a way to hide these broadcasts
    /hide broadcast
    If only I could hide the broadcasts from specific smps
    /hide broadcast smp#
    Does being a supporter give me more benefits?
    Being a supporter won't shorten the cooldown, but supporters can write in color for their broadcasts. All other broadcasts will be in either yellow or orange.
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  13. I'll bring this up in detail with Aikar in one of our many meetings this week while he's in poking distance.

    However, a few primary notes off the top:
    -Supporters having access to color might have the same issues I see with res messages: severe trolling. We can look at something like yellow messages for non-supporters and blue messages for supporters, or something similar, but full customization will drown the server-side important things.
    -Auction links would still need to go in economy channel
    -Timer would be minimum of 3 hours, as that is standard at the moment
    -Hiding event broadcasts isn't something that we'd want to encourage, but we'd have to look at this more
    -This doesn't really stop players from using the normal chat channels and I wouldn't be comfortable enforcing that all 'come look at this' or 'come play firefloor on my res' advertisements should be separated from normal chat. There is a point when you take away from town chat too much and kill the natural flow of conversation and basic player interaction
  14. Well, this is a good idea but I would't do it:
    • Economy Chat is Technically Advertising
      • Shops, Businesses, Threads, ETC.
  15. Great Idea .If u type their it should be broadcast to all players on all the servers if they r on advertisement chat +1
  16. The big issue I always had with economy chat was having to go to every SMP to advertise something. It's good for local conversations, but terrible for things like auctions, sales, events, etc. I'd like a empire wide advert channel... but limiting it by saying "No auction links" defeats the purpose at least for me.

    If it's meant to be something empire wide (Auction links, events, etc), it should go there (and have a 3 hour limit per message). If it's meant to be SMP local, then it should go in the economy chat.

    So +1 if it's unrestricted as to advert type, -1 if it has restrictions on what you can/cannot advertise for.
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  17. if you could just turn it off there is no pint in using it cuz some people wont see your ad
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  18. If you don't turn it off you will constantly be annoyed by having advertisements in your chat. If you are going to buy something thats being advertised, chances are you would be looking and therefore have the channel on. It would be off for people like me who do not really care about the announcements such as the ones that presumably would be appearing.
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  19. +1, if theres a cool down and everything than i think it would be useful. I don't think you should be able to turn it off and i don't think there should be any colored advertisements tho