[Suggestion] Rupee rename, global chat and more

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  1. I'm gonna start this off with the fact that some of these suggestions will be unrealistic to do soon however I think that we should consider these in the future.

    I'll start off with a simple one, why don't we rename rupees? I've seen multiple new players who get confused over our currency and think this server is Indian. It would make much more sense if we just called it something like an 'Empire Dollar' and much less confusing.

    Now, some of you may have notice that our active players have dwindled over the past year or so. I feel like at the moment we are too split up across the smps with normally only 10 or so people on each smp at one time, not only does this mean we have much less talking nowadays but also when a new player joins the server it makes us seem much smaller than we actually are which may make the newbies a tad bit discouraged.

    The ideal solution? Uniting all the smps into one by stitching the towns together and moving all the frontier worlds to the same server. However I think we all know this isn't done easily and without problems. What about people's beloved spawn res? Who gets the main spawn res? How do we switch the res across smp without ruining tp signs/shop signs? Can we be bothered to go through all this work?

    The realistic solution? I think that we should have a global chat to talk between in addition to our community, local, res and group chats. Also we could show all the players on every smp on tab if that's possible? The downside to this would be that players may get confused on why they can hear other people who 'aren't on the same server as them' but I think it would be worth it as it would bring the community together and not make the smps look like a ghost town to any new players. This would be especially useful during inactive hours as sometimes you, or even a new player, can be on an smp alone.

    I would love to hear what other people think about these ideas so please comment your opinion :)
  2. +1 for renaming rupees to poopees
  3. I like the gobal chat idea
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  4. All three ideas are great, especially condensing the smps - it has been needed for a very long time.
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  5. I like the SMP one alot, But iffy on the Renaming rupee one though
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  6. opinions of someone who doesnt play

    ive never seen anyone who thinks the server is indian, ever. everything is written in english and im pretty sure it says on every server listing that its an american server, if someone comes to the conclusion that emc is indian im not quite sure how they manage to get up in the morning. renaming the currency doesnt need to happen imo.

    on how to deal with the small playerbase, yes merge the servers, but not into one server. realistically emc could get on just fine with like 3 + utopia, but the servers just arent going to be merged so yeah.

    i dont even know why emc doesnt have a global chat at this point, it just makes sense considering how few players there are now. global chat is completely possible and the downsides to having it are basically non-existent.
  7. We need a GLOBAL servers chat! Easy communication between all the servers! Connecting not just SMP2 but SMPinfinite! Also love the idea for the new name of the rupee to Empire Dollar.
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  8. In the days when I was much more active I've interacted a lot with plenty of new player and also never ever noticed anyone being confused over the currency. I mean.. it's just an in-game currency, so not too keen on the idea of renaming because of the renaming.

    I definitely think global chat is a good way to go, easily comparable to opening up the server chat ("community chat", used to be "town chat") for everyone. As long as it's optional and can be turned off though. Because although I definitely agree that there are lots of slow days, there are also times when there are quite a few players online and then I can easily imagine that global chat could become seriously messy and confusing.

    Maybe... just a wild idea I just had.

    Maybe they could make it so that global chat won't be a normal channel which you can make active, but you always need to use a command (@g <stuff here>) to post something in the global channel. Unless.... unless there are no players on your server except you: then you will be automatically placed into the global channel (as a substitute for the community channel) until more players join.

    This would allow players to chat across servers without too much risk of things becoming too messy (because only community chat and other local channels can be made kept active), while also "protecting" empty servers from appearing to be dead.
  9. I don't think uniting the SMPs is realistic. Too much could go wrong and as you said, the question of who got the spawn res' would be one that would be impossible to settle. +1 on the global chat and renaming the currency, but Empire Dollar is a bit clunky, perhaps some other name.

    I once had a vague notion that Aikar was Indian back in my early days. I also struggle with getting out of bed.
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  10. I've thought about the condensing part before. I couldn't think of a good way to solve it, but I had one interesting idea that would never be implemented: Lay the worlds on top of eachother. So, three SMP1s get joined into one, but your position stays the same across similar worlds. So, if you travel out to 10k,10k on SMP1 frontier, you can go between that exact same point on the other two frontiers. Would be kind of tough for some people though who have a lot of different places in the wild. As far as reses go, maybe increase the spawn's size to increase the number of spawn reses.
  11. I would love the global chat idea because I mostly play on SMP6 and it can get rather lonely... :(

    I don't see much of a point to rename rupees (Personally I would want them to be spelled roopies, but that's just me) . It would just seem like a pointless change to me.

    As for the servers, I don't see any realistic way this could be done with the frontier as it is so large. The towns could be done if they did something with different spawn points like they do in the waste, but again it's pretty unrealistic at this point in EMC's history.
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  12. I'm down to rename rupees to diggory doo dollars
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    1) Global Chat.
    I love this idea. It's a nice extension of SMP wide Community Chat being available to all players.

    2) Renaming Rupees
    No one though Zelda was an Indian game.

    3) Converging SMPs
    3a) Who gets spawn?
    3b) The permanence of the Frontier
    This is doable. Residence numbers are unique, so interspersing three SMPs into one is possible (not easy, not without headaches for the dev team, but certainly possible).
    The question of who gets the spawn residence is easy: no one. Limit spawn chunks to the /town residence, even if this means increasing the residence size to all spawn chunks. Unpopular, but fair.
    The frontier... This is the real tricky one. The Frontier is never to be reset, and trying to merge them is fraught with so many challenges it's near impossible.


    So here is a counter proposal:


    1) One Town To Rule Them All
    Combine all SMP towns into one. This will leave Town and Utopia. No one gets spawn chunks. They are reserved exclusively for /town. The question I don't know the answer to is if there are the resources to have all nine SMPs merged into one.

    2) Nine Frontiers
    Self explanatory. Plus Utopia's, so that's ten.

    3) X Wastes.
    X may be 1, it may be 9, it may be ....? And there's Utopia's. Maybe.

    4) Global Chat
    Regardless if you are Town, Frontier, or Waste you have access to a global chat.
    It opens the question of a per Frontier and per Waste channel, but that's a detail we can skip at the moment.


  14. I don't think rupees are named so much after the Indian currency as they are the Legend of Zelda rupees.

    I don't have a ton to say on the other matters.
  15. Except some people paid millions for their spawn residences
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  16. That was their choice. Nobody forced them to choose to make that action, and it was never a guarantee by EMC that spawn wouldn't move.
  17. A possible problem that I don't think anyone has pointed out so far is the performance of the server. Currently, all SMPs run on several separate machines. Connecting all SMPs to one server could therefore lead to problems.
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  18. regarding a smp merge... There is not really a Way to Not have spawn residences unless /town brings you to a random spot, which would cause quite a bit of confusion with new players i think, You're probably thinking, He has a spawn res, hes just trying save his own, i mean sure it would be sad to lose, but it wouldn't be the end of the world,

    theirs really no perfect solution to this;

    If we Merge all towns into 1 and have /town at the center still, there will be a rush to claim the new spawn res's and players will complain about losing their old ones (no offense intended to anyone)

    if we merge all the towns into 1 and do away with /town, where do we put new players?

    If we put all towns onto 1 server but in different worlds (like how wild and waste are separate) this is likely to Strain the server quite a bit, and where do you go when you do /town? random?

    all 3 are also likely to take alot of work from the dev's which will delay 1.14

    The best way I can see is to Combine chat AND Tab list but have the tab list divided into a Area for Each SMP (yes this is possible)

    Just my thoughts :)
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  19. im pretty sure its like 3 smps per, one machine could run one server just fine.

    a server merge isnt going to happen, but the plausible way of doing it would be to move non-derelict residences into the towns of the new merged servers, and have wild bases copy pasted over. since the other servers wouldnt need to be deleted since they wouldnt be ran on the same machines, anything can be retrieved from them at any time if need be. the wasteland wouldnt need to be touched, nor would wild worlds need to be combined. if you care so much about keeping a spawn res over potentially helping emc get back on its feet then you are part of the problem.
  20. Just change rupees to dollars. So simple, so logical