[Suggestion] Rupee rename, global chat and more

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  1. Well said :)
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  2. Global chat is a very good idea. Would make advertising events and shops so much easier for non-staff.

    I agree with this entirely.
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  3. you clearly didnt read any of my posts at all, lets break this down for you. firstly, i said spread non-derelict/active player residences across three smps. imma go out on a limb here and say most residences on emc are probably derelict by this point because the player counts is just going down, so this really wouldnt be much of a concern. no one where did i mention putting every single residence onto one map, which would just be absurd. the servers would be just fine, if they could cope with player numbers back at emcs peak they can cope with emcs current playerbase, which is a fraction of that. alongside this im pretty sure the servers have been upgraded since emcs peak, although my facts may be incorrect here.

    your first paragraph is silly and has nothing to do with what i was saying. my point here was about how others were talking about what should happen to spawn res', and in my opinion arguing about whether or not people should keep a spawn res is completely irrelevant when it comes to fixing whats wrong with emc. what i was saying, which you didnt seem to catch, is that if you care more about keeping a hold of a spawn res then potentially letting emc be fixed through a server merge, then yes, you are contributing to the server dying out as the community cannot be joined together and helped to grow again. somehow you managed to read things that i did not write, but nowhere did i say that its the owning of spawn res' that lowers the player count or spreads the smps out (although there is potential for an argument there, but it has nothing to do with this point so can be ignored). secondly, i didnt say give up your res lol. the build itself isnt going to be just straight up deleted, which is what it seems like you are saying here. having a spawn res or not a spawn res doesnt really matter, your build is still gonna exist. also other people have suggested just making the town spawn bigger, which if you really care that much about keeping a spawn res perhaps this would be the correct argument against my point, not whatever you said.

    your second paragraph makes sense, however as someone else commented earlier this wouldnt happen overnight.
    a process like this would take months, giving people more than enough time to prepare their residences for a transfer, and some people wouldnt even have to move smps. this wouldnt be a "alright its moving day time to move", people would have to be given notice, and residences could be ready for the transfer. if you wouldnt be prepared to do your part to help emc back on to its feet then emc is going to die, sorry. im sure it wouldnt take you months to take down your things or months to put them back up.

    broken redstone can be fixed, signs can be replaced and so can item frames and heads. you say in your final paragraph that you want ideas that have less significant effects, yet you somehow want emc to stay alive? the server is going to die, and the sooner large changes happen the more the server can be prolonged. putting off large changes just because oh no someone has to replace their signs is quite frankly silly.

    if you want some positives to merging the servers, heres some.

    shops and attractions are less spread out, so more potential traffic to stores and increased trade and balancing of prices as the market becomes competitive again (at the moment some people only use one store and dont venture much outside of it, having other stores that are close to them could encourage them to spend more money elsewhere and have people actually compete over customers.) (some of you were saying you wanted to fix the economy, this is a good start) + market chat might actually get a use again lol.
    the community is closer together, which encourages more interaction (more events, potential increase in the use of the discord which is basically dead now for voice chat) and a higher chance that newer players are going to stay because one, the community seems much bigger than the few stragglers on all 10 servers, and two, they will have more helpful people to interact with (the moderators will be less spread out, and the helpful community members that arent mods will also be less spread out, its a win-win).
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  4. Personally i don't care about renaming rupees. when i first joined like 5 years and a half years ago i had no idea what rupees where but quickly caught on to the idea that it was a currency. i personally never thought the server was Indian as the tutorial was english and everything else was english. Global chat is a pretty good but i think if people want the option they can switch the chat to only their smp. along with that make economy chat visible in the wild. which goes onto my third point merging smps is impossible to fathem. as someone who lives only in the wild and comes to town if i need something or to bring someone out to my outpost i never visit town. merging the wild i feel wouldn't work and if it did it would need to be split up by confusing tp signs and etc. and what about all those hidden nether rails. it'd be a bit hard to merge nethers and what about end?
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  5. This pretty much what I would be worried about as well.

    If they were to 'copy' things over, what would be the limits? I have roughly checked out most of the surrounding area of my wild base in a rough 3k x 3k area. Not all of it is built upon but it's still areas I would like to explore/build upon one day. Would seem weird (or impossible?) to move that much and toss it down in the middle of new area.
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  6. Empires will solve the issue of nether rails anyhow (if this is still a thing) by allowing players to TP from town to their wild bases.

    As far as merging nethers and end - it would be the same process - players fill out a form asking for a build to be moved, then SS moves them. Doubt there are many that people truly care about these days honestly.
  7. Farms that depend on being around nether fortresses will be ruined. I spent 11 months building my wither skeleton farm. Now, I wouldn't care if it guaranteed EMC would be saved, but realistically, will it doing that much, for so much upset among people like me who've spent years building massive farms that have to be in specific areas?
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  8. This would only be for established outposts though (the tp thing). The rest would still need the rails.
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  9. +1 on global chat.:D
    The rest doesn't bother me, too much. What ever helps the server I'm for it
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  10. This was a thread which I couldn't pass up and not peeping on...

    Global chat would be helpful if someone is asking for a help for a moderator or general advise in chat. Many of you may chime in on a new player in need. +1 on that good sir.

    I've stated in other threads where minecraft active users going down as of 2013 and still is going down. Back in 2011, it was necessary to handle those influxes of players joining. Down scaling to a few servers isn't a bad idea. In reality, we have 45 active members spread on 10 servers and in peak we get 100 on weekends. One server can handle that many players and someone mentioned that "servers can't handle that". They can, if you look over at the specs of what EMC runs on, they are more than capable of running 120 over constantly. Aikar can bring news what is capable or not...

    Going back to when I joined we only had one server, so to me it would just be like the old days where a lot of players interacted with one another and we didn't have a large spread of players on smps.

    The only way I think combining servers is to have sections like wastelands. (Ie. /smp1 N,S,E,W)
    Smp9 may be a issue due to the fact we have 9 "non-supportive" smps. So have three smps, dividing current servers in thirds. The only logical solution for combining would to make it as a triangle. Have event plots in the middle and have current smp spawns in the middle of the blocks of the corners.

    As for the frontiers, they would have to stay the same. 1-9 frontier.

    So I support minimizing EMC +1, the empire may not be as big as it once was... But it will continue.

    Renaming the game currency would be a +0 for me. That change compared to the suggestion to combine smps weighs more. Either way, if there is a name that fits this new forged empire that we're trying to create... Then I am up for it as long as the community agrees.
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  11. The easiest way would be the merge each smp into separate "worlds". Then when i go to /smp1 it'll automatically make /waste n go to smp1's waste and /smp2 typing /waste n would take you to smp2's waste. Basically the smp commands would remember which "world" you're on. This would be helpful for a lot of reasons.
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