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How do you like these Revisions?

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  1. Hello community! I have been working on a update to the Mod list due to the fact that it seems redundant to add mods by only messaging Chicken about them. I have 1 suggestion to fix redundancy to the incompatible list as well as 2 others for more clarification and additions to the approved list.

    I want to clear up the incompatibility list because adding every. single. mod is ridiculous and having a rule saying having, "If the mod isn't on this list, you can be banned" mentality is scary. With that said, I suggest having a clear outline by listing on mods that can generalize anyone's question on which is fine or not. First, there needs to be a clear description on the Incompatible list.

    As the description states,"These are Minecraft Mods submitted for approval, but their main features will either not work on Empire Minecraft or are not useful enough for us to support. This includes mods that are geared specifically towards Single Player or mods that require a server-side plugin which we will not be installing."

    I suggest removing the whole first sentence and replace with the line., "Incompatible mods are mods that add blocks, items, and or features which will not work on Empire Minecraft due to not being supported." The rest of the paragraph is fine and should be kept in. Then follow up with this list of mods that really generalizes mods in this category with a short description of what they do.

    Follow with,

    Example mods as such as
    (It's fine to have the link of these mods because short descriptions are sometimes not enough)

    Then finish on the bottom of the page, "Empire Minecraft is a vanilla server with custom plugins that do not ask for any special modification to your client. If your mod doesn't similarly follow in these categories, please check Approved Mods or Disallowed Mods. If you don't find your category, have more questions, or want to add a mod to the approved list, please message Chickeneer."

    This eliminates time on Chicken's side to review mods that are redundant that go under this list and work on other things like updating the server.

    End of First Suggestion.

    Second Suggestion is adding a very quick description of the mods listed, you will find that I do this for my 1st suggestion as well as my upcoming suggestion so there is no need to click on a curseforge link and do the reading yourself. If you need more of a description, you can click the hyper links to the mod webpage provided at your discretion. As well as adding respected links to either Forge or Fabric for a particular mod. This suggestion will not apply to the illegal mods because why incise players to a download link? But there should be a clear example of these mods with a description and reason of being illegal.


    The 3rd suggestion is adding more mods to the approved list and a clarification.

    Useful Tools
    Aesthetic Improvements

    Specialized Tools

    • MiniHUD - Fabric (Chunk Viewer mod) [Note: Link was broken]
    • Bad Wither No Cookie - Forge (Localizes Wither and Dragon sounds)
    • Controlling - Forge (Key-bind Search Bar mod)
    • ReAuth -Forge & Fabric (Fixes problem of restarting game when Session is invalid)
    Obviously there are mods that are very similar in functionality and there should be a clause within the rules that state, "Mods with similar functionality must not have abilities that are listed in illegal mods. Mods that don't follow the examples or aren't listed, please message Chickeneer for approval."

    Phew, that is more writing I like to do so, if you made it thank you! These are suggestions/additions that under my fair judgement are okay to be added in EMC. If you agree/disagree, please comment where I got something wrong or want to revise!

    (I know I messed up the poll I am sorry :eek:)
  2. I don't disagree with the thought of improving the incompatible mods list.

    BUT. I strongly oppose changing our mod rules to not require every mod in use be approved. I am sad that you think this is scary. But the scarier thing is to be banned for having a mod installed when the rules are ambiguous.

    It sounds tedious but it is actually for the players of EMC protection. This prevents any ambiguity in what is allowed and what is not allowed. There are not that many mods out there for the current Minecraft version... It takes so little time to send a message.

    As for your requested mods to the list. I will review them for approval soon. In the future please send me a message. The suggestion box is not the appropriate place for new mod requests.
  3. Let me rephrase being scared as a indication of a situation of being weary. I was staring at the mods lists making sure I wasn't stepping out of bounce on my suggestion, being a convenience to you having the incompatible mod list being general.
    I now understand and I will drop the first suggestion.
    Either way, are the suggestions for clarification valid? (Bottom of suggestion 1, Suggestion 2 and bottom of 3) Ofc with a little modification. Also are the mods that I picked out for incompatible in that list to be reviewed? Lastly, putting the to be reviewed mods here was a nice bundled packaged suggestions to be made :p. If you need me to, I can personally message you now and have them removed from this post
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  4. I thought you were talking about the staff page, I supposed that maybe you thought some moderators deserved to be demoted because of inactivity. :p
    I do not follow the modding community myself, but I agree with what chickeneer's said.
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  5. Dynamic Surroundings is not being added since the provided link shows the mod is outdated (not on 1.15+).

    I cannot remember exactly why we moved AutoSwitch to the Incompatible list. But fairly sure it was not working correctly, at all.. I have moved it back to approved with a note that it is not supported. But that applies to all mods. We are not the authors and as a result do not provide support when they don't work.

    I have added the other mods.

    I need to think more about the rest of your suggestions.
    I do not plan on adding links/descriptions to the incompatible mods list. For playing on EMC purposes - you should never want to have those installed as they are useless.
  6. The only sole reason to have a description is to explain what these mods do, I wouldn't say that putting a description on the incompatible list is totally necessary, however clarification is nice. Do you feel the same way on regards to the allowed mods?

    So I did a day of thinking while working today to make more sense of the clarifications so both of us are on the same page.

    Here is what I revised on the first clarification which should be in the disclaimer on approved mods instead of incompatible. With that said, the 3rd suggestion on the report on similar mods functionality and I revised accordingly for the approved mods disclaimer,

    "Empire Minecraft is a vanilla server with custom plugins that do not ask for any special modification to your client. Many mods share similar functionality, however doesn't mean it's approved. If your mod isn't on any of the specified lists, please message Chickeneer for approval. Additional question on mods can also be directed to Chickeneer." The second paragraph makes sense and should be kept in.

    Lastly the actual clarification in the rules on regards to approval, it says "Please message a staff member for approval" it should say,

    "Please message Chickeneer for approval"

    Please let me know if this is too much
  7. The comment you quoted was strictly responding to linking/descriptioning the incompatible mods. In general, this list doesn't need attention.
    My comment about needing to think was primarily regarding me thinking over how I think about the descriptions on the approved mods. I am still unsure. Need to think more.
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  8. Gotcha, but have you read on the other part of my post?
  9. I read it. It is in limbo.
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  10. Makes sense xD
  11. Speaking of the Dynamic Surroundings mod, I should install it and use it on EMC. I love the way it sounds on Single Player. :)

    Chickeneer, isn't there a part of the mod where you can hear ambient sounds around you that can be indicative of neighboring caves? I don't remember the mod in grave details but I could have sworn that there was a specific ambient sound that plays when you're near a large cave. --- Though, I could be mistaken.
  12. Dang it! I thought this was gonna be some juicy staff criticism
  13. I wouldn't know. To my knowledge there isn't a version for MC version 1.15+...
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  14. Thanks for the feedback Chickeneer, I used it on my 1.12 worlds, but I wasn't sure of the specifics as it's been a while since I've used it. :)