[Suggestion] Removing Boss Mobs.

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  1. Now, before I get whole bunch of doubters on this, I want to say a few things on why boss mobs aren't the greatest thing for EMC.
    a) Vanilla Minecraft-In my opinion, adding boss mobs destroys the moral that EMC is meant to be Vanilla Minecraft. If I could take something else, I'd rather have a Hard difficulty for the servers instead.
    b) In-Game player relations- Now, I'll never say I haven't been an instigator in an argument before, but its virtually impossible to kill a Momentus (I dunno about Marlix), on your own, so on most occasions you need someone's help. What happens when you bring help: Almost always, you will die, in which case someone will pick up your god armor and bow and act like the armor got destroyed or the player who died can't find it, which is just cheap. Also, you probably won't be the one to kill the boss mob, and someone will either hog all of the drops from it or give it to the people who were "most skilled". I know I'll get critics on this, but what I listed above on B is exactly what happened to me the only time I ever saw and fought a Momentus, and I was the one who found it. And last but not least:
    c) EMC Economy- This sort of goes along with the theme from letter A. I like the whole concept of auctioning and selling EMC promos, but if the mega malls around the servers are selling these drops and/or the items are auctioned, its basically showing publicly that the players who play on the servers are ok with the servers becoming more non-vanilla as time passes.

    These are just my thoughts and opinions, I am pretty sure this thread hasn't been posted before.
  2. IcC has said that we are trying to get farther away from vanilla, and that we are aimed at a more adventurous theme IIRC.
    One should take friends and people they trust. If your friends are taking your loot, they aren't really that great of friends.
  3. - I'm sure this has been discussed before >.>
    - EMC is not Vanilla Minecraft, we have plugins, and plugins add non vanilla things to the game, without having to download mods. The only reason we say we are Vanilla, is to make sure people understand you don't need to download any mods for this server.
    - A giant can be killed by a single player, a lot of my friends have done so.
    - Again, EMC is FRENCH Vanilla... With moose tracks... The economy is fine, people specialize in the items and would be without a job if the bosses were removed.
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  5. When was that posted by ICC, I haven't read that before. I get it that EMC is unique due to the special plugins, but I've been confused on how unique mobs=vanilla.
  6. That is some great input you have there 10/10

    I think they should be left in, as EMC is French-Vanilla, and it adds a new level of challenge.
  7. We aren't vanilla. Click the vertical arrow by his name in the quote, it will take you to where he posted that.
  8. Ok, I understand fully now.
  9. a) as it has been said before EMC is French Vanilla with sprinkles meaning that we are still based on what vanilla Minecraft is (no mods) but EMC also takes its own spin on it. We don't advertise as being pure vanilla.
    b) When you went to kill the Momentus where they your friends that you knew well or random people you picked off the street? Random people are more likely to betray you than friends. It is possible to kill Momentus by yourself with patience and a bed. You could even do it with nothing but your fists if you tried long enough.
    c) Same with A. This is not pure Vanilla but will never leave the vanilla category. People auctioning and selling them aren't necessarily in favor of non vanilla but are instead trying to get money.

    Edit: took me a few minutes to type this and got ninjd by everyone.
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  10. the 1.6.2 hard mode is incredibly hard, specially if you stand somewhere for a while. if you work out any of the correct strategies to killing momentus he is considerably easier then that. :)
  11. They're staying.
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  12. Defeating a momentus with full god armour shouldnt be too hard, especially if there are multiple people fighting. Theres a special place in town reserved for people like you my friend :). Also dont pick a bunch of random goons off the side of the road to help you kill a momentus, find some friends who are somewhat combat ready.
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  14. NO!!:mad: I want one of them to spawn on me!
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  15. I'd just like to put emphasis on "Boss" in Boss Mobs. Boss mobs aren't supposed to be easy to fight, it takes hard work good armor and weapons, and potions. If you don't have these things then don't fight a boss mob. Also you said it was a pain dying, when you go into the wild you have to be prepared to die especially if you take on a boss mob. I died about 25 times when I tried to fight a momentus (you should have seen my death points on rei's minimap :p) and I still had fun. So no we will not be removing boss mobs anytime soon. :)
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  16. Insult? Also, for those of you who don't know, this was not some kind of anger post that I made two hours after I didn't get my way with something. This happened a good two months, and I've just sort been wondering on how future problems that were a similar situation to mine could be solved. Plus, I already said I understand everyone's reasoning on the topic, so lets leave it at that.
  17. I totally see where Firstjug is coming from. But at the same time, I don't.

    I'm going to start off by saying this...

    Enraged Mobs, Momentus, Marlix ect.... Are very easy to slaughter if you have the right equipment/enchantments. Personally, I killed 3 Momentus's in a row with little to no effort. In my opinion, Empire Minecraft is a unique type of server because they add a bunch of custom mobs and cool stuff that you cant aquire from Vanilla Minecraft.

    Don't get me wrong. I love Vanilla Minecraft to death, BUT the different mobs/items that Empire Minecraft has are very unique and cool. Playing with custom mobs, really opens my eyes to what possible future mobs mojang might add :D
  18. I wasnt going for an insult, my point was that if you cant handle the bosses, stay away from them lol
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  19. They are vanilla just aikar renamed them and OP them up. Marlix is a skeleton setting on a bat and the giant zombie is in game, download singleplayer commands and you can spawn him in, but aikar egged it and renamed it. And op the giant like minez did, btw this momentus is nothing from minez. On minez he spawns 5 zombie every hit you lay on it and shoots TNT at you every 5 hit you lay on it.

    ;) we are lucky
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