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Is this a good idea?

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  1. Back in 2014, I made the suggestion for a /mail get all command. I still think that the command would be useful now.

    I just logged onto my alt and had to claim 67 pieces of mail, by using the /mail get 1 command, 67 times. I think it would be useful to claim all 67 pieces at once. I'm about to do the same thing on my other alt :p

    As for cases where the inventory is already fairly full, the /mail get all command could either claim mail until the inventory is full or it could place it in a vault, or something along those lines.

    For some reason, my old thread was placed in the suggestion box archive, but you can read the old thoughts here if you're interested: https://empireminecraft.com/threads/suggestion-mail-get-all.44857/

    Discuss! :)
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  2. Would love this. Alts don't claim their own mail :D
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  3. Just went onto my other alt account with 69 mail to claim, managed to get kicked twice for spam while collecting it :rolleyes:
  4. I always thought this was a thing before. Then it went away.

    But +1. Spamming myself with getting my mail is annoying.
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  5. Yes please. I hate it when I let my mail build up and then I have to spam myself to get it all. +1
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  6. +1,000,000,000,000 ^-^
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  7. If you do /mail get all and your inventory is full, it should just give you as much as it can and then keep the rest that won't fit in your inbox until you make space and do it again.
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  8. Yeah, that's what I meant by what I said in the original post :) But it could also go to your vault/somewhere else through a personal setting perhaps... all sorts of ways that it could be done, but claiming as much as possible and keeping the rest in the mail is probably the best idea :p
  9. Return to sender? :p
  10. Lol I can see that being a great April Fools joke.

    EDIT - Thanks for the idea
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  11. This seems like a great idea. :) A few days ago I had to collect 35 mails on 4 accounts, and for that I just quickly made a loop macro for the /mail get 1 command. :p Worked pretty well, but something like this would be a bit better, and everyone could do it :p
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  12. You wouldn't believe how many times I got that very lovely "disconnect.spam" message while claiming 110 mails lol.
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  13. Oh yes I can only imagine the pain of that :p
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  14. +1
    It hurts my hand to press Control + V multiple times
  15. You could always just hit T then up arrow then enter :p
  16. I don't often get that much mail but I can definitely see this being useful for players that have lots of mail. It'd save everyone the trouble of hitting T -> Up Arrow -> Enter however many times after they type the command "/mail get 1" once. So +1 from me.
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  17. Maybe the excess mail (if your inventory is full) could be mailed back to you. ;p

    +1 for real though :)
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  18. this idea is great! though it would not really benefit me all that much, as i sign in every day and only ever get one thing at a time.. but for my alts, i do not sign in that much.. once every week or so? but the most i have ever gotten to claim was 6-9 things.
    maybe you just need to check in more often ;)
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  19. +1

    I'm definitely in support. Ever since GripCEO found out that voters armor never wears out he deemed it "cost efficient" and thus had to get it. As such it was up to me to keep voting for him. Now... it's not only a rumour but it's also true: GripCEO is lazy :D

    SO every once in a while when he does log on his mailbox is full :p

    This would definitely help!
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