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  1. I searched up "empireminecraft /mail get all" into google and turned up with nothing and there is nothing about this under already suggested ideas so it looks like I may be clear for this one.

    My idea is for a "/mail get all" command. Now, using "/mail get all" works in-game, however it only gets you once piece of mail (as if doing /mail get 1). My idea is that "/mail get all" should get you all of your mail that you have, it may seem a very simple idea, in fact it is, but it would be quite benefiting if it were to work in the Empire. :)

    This mainly would work for alts, as sometimes I do not go on them for prolonged amounts of time, and end up with a lot of mail from voting and so on. I am sure many others would benefit from this if it was possible.

    There is not much more to it - tell me what you think and brainstorm your ideas!

    Fendy :)
  2. YES! I just spent a good 20 minutes gathering my voting rewards off my alt yesterday xD
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  3. What if, for example, you have 22 pages of mail and you don't have the inventory space for it to be collected?
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  4. *spams krysyy*

    Make that 23 pages.
  5. Could /mail get all grab mail until your inventory is full?
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  6. It may be possible to code in something like what Nether said where it caps at the point in which where your inventory is full:
  7. Yes! No more kicking for collecting mail too quickly!
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  8. I have considered suggesting this often. T, Up Arrow, Enter, T, Up Arrow, Enter, T, Up Arrow, Enter, T, Up Arrow, Enter, T, Up Arrow, Enter, ... Gets old quickly if you do not get your mail whenever a message is available.

    I think Aikar already mentioned in a thread that he checks to see if you have space in your Inventory for items. As long as this runs through the same check it seems like it would work. Maybe a message saying that there was mail that could not be processed for lack of space would help. It would probably complicate things, but we could maybe have the option of specifying a Vault page which, of course, would also have to be checked for available space.
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  9. +10^10^100
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  10. +10^7/10^7
    Very useful, I spent quite a while collecting mail X_X
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  11. I think a solution to that already exists. If I'm correct, getting mail with a full inventory would have the mail dropped and the items would be locked, so nobody else would be able to pick it up.
  12. Another solution would being able to make a chest with a sign above it [Mail] or something that the mail will go into not sure but its an idea
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  14. That's still 1. :p

    But yes I definitely agree. I'm not sure if getting all the mail is necessarily the best idea in case of inventory overflow and because each mail has a unique title you might miss something important and the average person doesn't know how to check their chat logs. But certainly an ability to get multiple mail at once would be awesome.
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  15. oops wrote googolplex wrong. :confused: thx for noticing :)
  16. Speaking of Mail, can we get /mail open??
  17. I thought you intentionally had written +1 in a complex way to be funny.
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  18. Just like karatekick, because I don't think he made a mistake too.
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