Misc Changes 2/22/14

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  1. Misc changes for 2/22/14

    • Items sent to you by the system that are dropped onto the ground due to inventory being full are now protected and can only be picked up by you.
      This does not affect items you drop or blocks broken. Only for things such as Mail or PvP Arena death.
    • Item Despawn Time has been increased from the Vanilla 5 minutes to 15 minutes, relax a bit about getting those items back!
    • View Distance in town has been reduced back to 4 (Previously was 5), this is to maintain optimum performance on the Empire, sorry :(
    • View Distance in the wild has been reduced to 6 (Was 7). This is still inline with monster spawn ranges, but could slightly affect it, but again, to maintain performance.
    • Purchasing items from [slot] chests will now pull from other slots before the target slot, even for slot 1. So if you have a [slot 2] chest, and 1,2,3 are all filled with same item, it will use the order: 1,3,2
    • Groups now have a /group pvp toggle to toggle damaging each other in the PvP Arenas
    • Name alerts/highlights now are case insensitive and work even for lower case.
    • Fixed bug with /p server display
    • /r pay now notifies you even when you are not on the same server as the sender!
    • Removed some redundant /res set message
  2. Sweet update with the PVP groups!
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  3. erm... maybe add a command to turn shop messages off? Those of us that have/will have a big mall are definitely subject to shop spam.
  4. yay i knew that was a good suggestion when i saw it!
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  5. I do not like the dropped item update. If I was giving an item to someone when my inventory was full, the only way would be to mail it.
  6. Yay new things! I'm especially excited about the items not despawning so quickly! I was hoping for something like this after I heard in 1.8 items could be modified to increase pickup/despawn delays.
    And the group pvp is good too :)
  7. Yay shorter item despawn! Making the highlighting name easier will be nice too. :)
  8. You misunderstood it, this doesn't apply to ALL dropped items, just ones that the system is trying to give to you like receiving mail.
  9. Shop messages are not part of the global notify, just /r pay
  10. Oh, thanks :)
  11. This is a great update for people who die and have to search to find their items, thank you.

    It makes me request a small feature/Sr Staff service that will help reduce lag...

    I know several people who need to discard large amounts of items fast, for example dirt, seeds, rotten flesh, arrows, etc.
    Often you are far out in the wild and it is only practical to transport more valuable items back to town.
    Sure, you can throw the items in lava or fire, but only so many can burn at once and this is slow when you have several double chests to discard.
    I have seen 3 other common ways of mass item disposal, but they all cause lag....
    1. Ctrl+Q drop stacks on the ground (but now they stay around for 15 min causing lag)
    2. Redstone droppers firing fast onto ground or lava or fire, fed by hoppers and chests (these fast redstone devices cause lag)
    3. Breaking double chests filled with the items, and just let them despawn on the ground (but now they stay around for 15 min causing lag)

    Other servers have [DISCARD] or [DELETE] type of signs that allow you to put the item, and quantity, and just right click to discard the items, fast, lag free.

    Another option may be to add a cheap Sr Staff service to add a sell sign for EmpireMinecraft to sell for FREE.

    To be clear, I am not asking to reduce the 15 min time, that is a nice update, I just think the [DISCARD] sign or similar will be faster, easier, and save server lag.

    I do not like suggestions that delay Wild Land Claiming & Dragon Tombs, but perhaps this can be a Sr Staff Service or perhaps it is already in the sign code ?

    Aikar, Please let us know, thanks.

    EDIT: I moved this to Suggestion Box..
  12. Okay. Thanks!
  13. yay, pvp groups will make killing the aikar ultima boss MUCH easier.
  14. uhh, just wondering, could this just be effective in the wild and nether, cuz i, and id assume a number of other people, have a clock thats based off of the despawn time. basically, in town, this feature would result in my sugar cane farm working 3x slower...

    anyways, i dont think it wud be that big a deal to make this feature only for the wild and nether cuz, i mean, its pretty difficult to drop something in town and lose it for more than 5 minutes XP
  15. :(

    Great updates though,
    Does this now mean that when chunks aren't active (or a player isn't in it) items will still despawn, or is it the same as before?
  16. so this update is the reason we cant view whole buildings anymore...
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  17. Thanks for the info and update Aikar
  18. There's a Hopper-based variation I've been using that has advantages over a despawn timer. If you are interested in using one, remind me the next time you see me in-game if you want to see one or want help setting one up.
  19. It is possible to make it not apply to town - but there are cases where players could benefit from it, like tearing down things (high up), and not having to drop down to pick up dropped items so much.
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