[Suggestion] Mail Return To Sender

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  1. Oi! Suggestion her'!

    I think that we should have a /mail return command. This is how it should work:

    1) Somebody sends you mail.

    2) You receive the mail.

    3) You either no longer need the mail and it shouldn't have been sent to begin with, or it was sent on accident in the first place and you want to return it.

    4) You type /mail return within 5 minutes of initially receiving it.

    5) A doublechest GUI appears. It's split in half. The top half is empty, the bottom half shows what your most recent received mail contained. You deposit the items you received (has to match the bottom, obviously), and hit the confirm button in the center. Poof. The mail is sent back to the sender, and nobody is charged since it was either a mistake or a misunderstanding to begin with.

    6) ???

    7) Profit
  2. That could be handy... +1
  3. Hm, sounds good! Have you ever had any instances where this would be useful, though? As I have not, but I only really get the Inkstain and voting rewards in the mail.
  4. the idea of claiming it first then returning the items isn't really doable. as its very hard to 'match up' a return.

    but if you don't claim it, we could in theory do like /mail return 4 to return mail #4.
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  5. I do like this as well but maybe we could do /mail return 4 then a chest interface shows up showing u wats in it and some sort of conferm button??
  6. How would you know what's inside? Maybe if you get mail but you aren't sure what it is, you can do /mail peek to see what it is and then return it if you don't want it?
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  7. that is reasonable
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