[Suggestion] Keeping track with Wasteland wipes

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  1. As the title suggest, we have been due for another reset about a month ago.

    The wiki states:
    Not exactly sure why this hasn't been followed but I think it's time to get back on track with the resets again where they are on the calendar. If my memory serves me right, they were on the calendar and they were conveniently removed.

    Now here is the other part of my suggestion. As we all know, updates do throw curveballs to these resets but by no means this should be held as a crutch to not reset wastelands on time. We have had many cases where it took almost a year to reset wastelands which is honestly unacceptable from the written 3 months. Last update took 6 months from release of 1.16 which means there could of been a wasteland reset before updating to 1.16.

    Hope you all agree and please don't be afraid to debate, I don't bite
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  2. The wastes will reset "Soon(TM)"

    In all seriousness though. Yes. If they don't want resets every 3 months then expand the timeframe between them. But stick to a schedule.
  3. The news last I heard, was that no resources are depleted enough (other than elytra and shulkers) to necessitate a waste reset. Are there any resources specifically that you need that would be solved with a reset?
  4. Not nessesarly, as stated being consistant of wasteland resets and keeping the player base informed better than current system.

    If your rumor holds up, then the wiki should be adjusted
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  5. That page has also not been updated since 2017... I can look into having it updated.
  6. Before you do, I'd think the community should have "for the record" statement before a change is necessary
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  7. Which is why I said "look into" rather than updating it myself - as I'm not sure what it would need to be updated to personally :)
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  8. sponges are non-existent in the wastes, as far as I can see.

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  9. I still beleive the 3 month resets should be justified for the end and those who bust ocean monuments
  10. and mansions. there are no mansions in the waste.
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  11. it should be reset monthly automatically.
  12. A month for the Waste would be too short. Even with beacons it takes me close to that time mining a big pit to bedrock.
  13. Okay, but wastelands are intended to be periodically reset for resource gathering. you digging a pit is not necessary for resource collecting, per se. More frequent waste resets would ensure resources were always available and not needing to even worry about resources running out.
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  14. True, but there has to be a happy balance between someone needing a reset to aquire limited resources and giving other players enough time to dig a pit or enclose an ocean monument and drain the water to mine every block.
  15. Which was more or less established with the 3 month resets
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  16. ight. i say we can all agree that it should stay at quarterly (every 3 months), but be done somehow automatically, and therefore we can expect and plan accordingly for the waste reset.
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  17. Speaking for myself, and those that like what I say:

    One month is too short to establish a proper waste base. Three months is enough time. Six months and it is starting to feel like the frontier.
  18. There is not enough communication.

    (Too young of a player to have seen it, but I like it) put the timing back on the calendar.
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  19. One month is too short and would flood the item market. 3 months is enough time but should be done on the calander cause right now they give us a week to 5 days notice . Just gives people plenty time to plan if they couldn't get online for some reason