[suggestion] High efficiency pickaxe for vote bonus 1000

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  1. Thank you, sir, for your reply. I can get so caught up in my head, it's good to have others to share their view so I can set the whole picture, instead of one-sided from my own opinion. I agree with you after taking another look. It does sound rather ridiculous for anyone to start and wait an absurdly length of time for a single feature. And more so the negative implications voter's items can have by being unbreakable once they are out.

    Balancing the give and take tradeoff... It's never easy, is it? I was always involved in the market for years. I stopped most of my involvement in the market when the M4nic incident occurred... that took a chunk out of me. Now with less time and a less than fancy connection, voting helps keep my friends' stuff from being reset as well as my own. So, for me, it really is like a lifeline.

    I like how Tuq summed it up very nicely though - How right you are. I agree with you both.
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  2. It's always cool to see someone on a forum change stance after discussion and deliberation... especially if it's in favour of my own view, of course. ;)

    But maybe a purchasable item, like the Dirt Destroying Ticking Tock, could be nice! I don't think it should be unbreakable, but it could last longer than the promo pick-axes available, perhaps.
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  4. I haven’t read all the suggestions but maybe a haste 4 potion with a cooldown so you can use as many pickaxes as you’d like with either silk or fortune. Maybe something like an emc peppermint but haste instead of speed.
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  6. Possibly the limitation to not make it OP would be: it only works while in your Empire territory. ( I know that what I’m suggesting is behind at least 1 major update.

    Ideally the player base would get more variety with consistent flow regarding tools surpassing vanilla for enhanced gameplay. No need to be voter / forever tools, but something that fulfills the large builder player base needs in EMC in an attainable way.

    (and what I suggested above could just be one of them…)
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  7. Personally, I'm indifferent on this idea. I see both sides though.
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  8. Instead of just a pickaxe, why not have a high efficiency set of netherite tools? could make 1000 seem more rewarding other than just a banner, maybe a second thank you voucher? a lot can be done with VB 1000.
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