[suggestion] High efficiency pickaxe for vote bonus 1000

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  1. In 1.17 Mojang added deep slate, which currently has no way to be instant mined. This is a problem for a lot of people, myself included, who want to clear out large areas underground or gather large amounts of deep slate. My suggestion to fix this issue is to add a new tier of voter’s pickaxe which can be obtained at a high level, perhaps 1000, maybe a little more or less. This may exist as its own item or as part of a new set of high tier voter’s gear. To keep this tool balanced its efficiency could be just high enough that it instant mines deep slate only when haste II is applied. What do you think?
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  2. This already exists, Mineral Mincer with Efficiency 8 plus a Haste 2 beacon instamines deepslate. Hence Merek went through over a DC of mineral mincers to mine out a huge outpost

    Since FDNY just gave away 2 dc's of mincers I'm sure you can probably buy/trade enough
  3. My suggestion is more sustainable though. Mineral mincers can easily run you 50k+ a piece and to mine out large areas that's just not very accessible to most people.
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  6. Obtaining a high vote streak to begin with has no shortcuts to it. Regardless of how high, that takes time and in turn takes players willing to take a few extra minutes every day to vote. The grind to build up a streak so high, and those who lose interest along the way, might help deter the overabundance of overpowered voter items.

    Players who have shown their dedication, voting daily to obtaining such high streaks, should be rewarded with normally unobtainable gear that allows them to be set apart from the rest of the bunch.

    You're thinking about the negative effects from the onset of oversaturation throughout the economy? But if this is the primary reason to avoid adding ideas like this to the voter's item pool, why not increase the streak to obtain it? If too many players are already there, they've shown their committed. Raise it up!

    In this case and within reason, I'm not really sure why balancing it's enchantments would be much concern. Balancing how hard it is to get, and seeing how many suddenly end up in player's hands is the real pickle.

    Obviously, there is quite a few players who still vote daily who have harnessed some hefty vote streaks whether they're active or not. Where do you draw the line between adding this, and it suddenly becoming available top voters that are active? How long do the effects take to bleed off, if they do?

    I would like to see more "functional" voters gear being added but I get it.

    It's a good idea! +1 So is... reducing promos by using them...!
  7. *laughs in my 1 SC of Mineral Mincers used solely for Azarinth excavation*

    I would like a permanent source of speedy pickaxes, but for someone [like me] who *doesn't* vote and would take literal years to get that high, would like something more accessible for everyone. But, you all do deserve something for the effort. Something cosmetic and unique, rather than functional.
  8. Achievement Unlock: After contributing 500k Tokens to your Empire you have acquired Empire’s Engineer Pickaxe

    E7 unbreakable (but cooldown / recharge mechanic
  9. This is also a great idea I’m all for giving tokens more uses\

    Edit: not really a fan of the recharge idea tho as the point of this thing is for digging out large areas. Maybe a trade off could be that items don't drop when mined with this pick?
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  10. Would you care to elaborate a little bit on why you think this is better? I’m trying to take in the whole focus, and the affects that it may have. Care to share your opinions?

    Depending on the condition of the cooldowns, that is a pretty cool idea.:+1: Would that be a multi-tiered system?
  11. I'm giving this a conditional +1 in jungle green. As long as it's a wooden or golden pickaxe with neither Silk Touch nor Fortune, I'm good with it. I just want any good pickaxe for deepslate to be terrible for ores and useless for obsidian (at least without losing the item) as a tradeoff. Even stone would be unacceptable for me because stone pickaxes can still mine copper, iron and lapis lazuli, whereas golden/wooden can only mine amethyst, coal, nether gold and quartz.
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  12. Sure, I'll explain my reasonings and some examples to back it up:

    NOTE: When I say "functional" I mean it in terms of practical usage within the main game of Minecraft. Mining, combat, PvP, etc.

    The way Voter's Tools have worked in the past, and to my understanding still currently do work, under the rule [generally] of rewards of unique but not game breaking quality. The Voter's Armor and Voter's Tools [list here of Voter's Items] have the unique perk of being unbreakable yet not very good other than that. A simple pickaxe enchanted at level 30, which let's be fair it's very easy to get EXP within the current status of Minecraft and EMC as a whole, will immediately become better than the Voter's Pickaxe in every way other than the Unbreakable status. With Mending and the ease of EXP as shown before, for all intents and purposes that pickaxe is too "unbreakable." The Voter's Pickaxe is meant to be that ease and convenience of not farming that EXP or doing a "repair session" with the trade-off of lower base enchantments. Otherwise, why use any other pickaxe if you have a perfect one that is unbreakable?

    Now this brings me to the other rewards currently within the pool: Diamonds, Emeralds, and Vouchers are all ignorable. They are but a drop in the bucket of junk that doesn't really matter. I am going to be looking at the Empire Waffle and the Voters Pride Banners. These items serve no functional purpose and are purely cosmetic and bragging rights if you achieve them. This allows those who are dedicated enough to vote daily for many days, weeks, or even years on end to get a nice cosmetic and unique reward. However, I would very much be against giving an item that outshines current available items to the general public who do not participate in the voting. I would only be okay with it if another method was given to obtain said item; this could be Tokens, tied to Empires, or even just straight-up Rupees. This allows the Voting system to be solely meant for cosmetics based on how long you've been supporting EMC on these websites. (Now for a small personal bit, I never understood the point of wasting 5 minutes of my day to click through a bunch of captchas. Never once saw a point to those websites, I made my money elsewhere in the market.)

    Basically, I am very for functional items and tools if they are available to the public as a Promotional Item, Reward from an Event, or bought with Tokens/Rupees from an official vender. I do not want to see valuable items locked behind a wall that would take literal years to achieve for those of us who haven't been participating in the system up until now [or whenever it would be implemented, if]. In my opinion, it should be locked to cosmetic or non-functional items to show your dedication and perseverance. So more Banners, Custom Armor with particles, a Dragon head that Roars, whatever. As long as it isn't overshadowing what the normal player can achieve, I'm for it.
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  14. I agree with Cyberazaz. It seems unfair to me to have such a valuable item as a voter's reward. Imagine being a player who joined last month, and asking if there's a way to insta-mine deepslate. "Yes, just vote daily and wait 3 years!"...
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  15. Maybe instead of a voting item it could be like Tuq said a high cost token item, or maybe it could be permanently available from /shopworld like the Dirt Destroying Tick Tock.
  16. Let's remember this is multiplayer and we can trade/share items. If someone doesn't have rupees there are promos to sell and donations are plentiful (I think).

    edit: I'm not arguing to have a powerful item as a voting reward, just saying that a voting reward isn't necessarily rare or hard to obtain.
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  17. Hard to obtain? Doing anything for hundreds of days makes Voter's Items the literal hardest things to get. You can get almost anything else in the same time if you spent the same time working in-game making/selling stuff. Plus they're all unique with the Player's name, thus making it unique and "rare" in its own right.
  18. Huh. Maybe you're just doing it wrong. Are you sure you clicked every tile with the bicycle? :p

    This makes the most sense to me.
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  19. It can take more than a single double chest of efficiency v diamond/netherite pickaxes to mine out a large area typically required for farms, which is fine because those are renewable and repairable. Doing the same thing with mineral mincers, even with their increased durability, is not sustainable. I tried, and a mineral mincer can only mine out around a chunk or two from y=0 down to the new bedrock layer. That'd require more than a DC of mincers to mine out a standard farm perimeter. Even if you had the necessary millions of rupees to blow away, you'd eventually run out of mincers. So no, I could not buy or trade enough even if I had the rupees.
  20. Realistically, MC servers dont have the pull any more to promise cool features over the long term. Any quality of life items, should be perceived to be reachable to an average new player, especially if they are over the vanilla limits.

    Let’s assume EMC has a retention rate of 10% from new logins that last at least 2 weeks. Of those that stay, probably 30% reach the 6month mark and much less (over a year)

    Yes legacy players have these items and vote streak, but what EMC needs are not items available only to legacy players.

    (Yes there should be benefits to these legacy players, but don’t gate keep any potential high value features/items to the new players)