[Suggestion] Have armor stands spawn with arms

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  1. Would allow you to show off your cool swords and upcoming shields.
  2. I think this would be nice. :)
  3. I was literally thinking of this.
    This needs to be added, so my head collection can pose with awesome items. :D
  4. So you can put items in their hands without commands? If so, I think this would be a good addition.
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  5. Some people use armour stands as a way to make it look like people are standing there (Guards etc...) so this would allow for more realistic looking "people".

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  6. I like this idea.
  7. I was just thinking about this 2 days ago. What I was thinking back then was something like /armtoggle on/off to toggle the arms on and off.

    EDIT: I was thinking about this and I thought of a way it could be done... I don't know java or true coding so just what was in my head...

    Places armorstand "checks if /armtoggle = true, [/armtoggle does = true, saves rotation, position etc. Summons armor stand with arms(/summon armorstand ~ ~ ~ {ShowArms:1}) in same spot rotation and anything else] [/armtoggle = false, nothing different than normal happens]"

    That idea might cause some lag, but it "should" work
  8. I wouldn't rule out the option of any "Aikar magic" to take place every once in a while. Don't forget that EMC has actually fixed Minecraft bugs which are still there in the original game. And what to think about the compass update? That's also a feature which is unavailable in Minecraft yet exists on EMC :)

    Now, I'm not claiming that this is possible; merely saying that I've seen Aikar do "weird" things before ;)
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  9. Why not? Couldn't the armor stands be replaced by ones with arms once placed?
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  10. +90000000000000000
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  12. Actually, an armor stand is an entity, not a block. Plus you can summon armor stands with the /summon command to have arms, have parts rotate, etc.
  13. Would you pay tokens for this?

    Regardless +1

  14. Similar to what is stated about, it is in the game and you can spawn it in, I don't see where to problem is.
    No. It would just override normal armor stands.
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  15. I am certain this has already been denied several times before.
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  16. A quick search on "armor stand" doesn't show much.

    The only real staff feedback is this:

    and that was around 6 months ago, I believe.

    Never denied.
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  17. We've discussed it, with the way the data is stored and the process of SS having to currently type a command to add them, it's likely not easy. We'll revisit after 1.9 is out and stable.
  18. Going to bump this for future notice.
  19. Donno if i posted already but +1
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