[Suggestion] Free block protection for those who have been with us 1095+ days

Discussion in 'Suggestion Box Archives' started by ShelLuser, Aug 27, 2016.

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  1. Hi gang!

    That's 3+ years in case you're wondering.

    I wrote out a whole essay, then my browser crashed and.. Here's take 2.

    If you vote for 300+ days you're rewarded with the ultimate voting tool (I love this!), if you're registered on the forum for 2 years you're "rewarded" even if you didn't do one single thing!

    Why not acknowledge our elderly players (meant in the utmost respect) and give them free protection for their builds? I think the elders who are still amongst us (ok, lets get this cleared out before it even started: I am not even CLOSE to their esteem) deserve this.

    I'm not saying: every player older than 3 years deserves this. Even with some Bavaria (sorry, prank!) I know better. No, this Anti-grief update is so dynamic, why not apply this goodie for one whole month?

    Why Shell?

    I have seen just too many equally aged players run off because of their own reasons. Then I see these true EMC veterans who are still with us. Not only did they retain the big rip, they're also active enough to comment on recent happenings.

    Sorry guys: I honestly think EMC owes them. For sticking with us (yes, I said it, I consider myself part of this awesomeness!) for all this time. If 300 day voters get goodies, if 2+ year forum dwellers (even without doing anything!!) get a "reward" then why not these honorable Emperials?

    I am so going to bump this if needed....

    Please note: all within reason. I am NOT saying: "give protection to all 3+ year players unasked!". No.. I am saying: "If a 3+ year player is found making a protection claim during the month of September and his claim is honored then do not charge him".

    Respect thy elders guys.. Yes: staff made EMC what it is today, but these people stood with you and supported you.
  2. i do like this +1
    and not only because i'm one of those guys but because i totally find it a good idea
    we should thank the people for supporting emc for so long

    btw what is this reward for 2 year forum thingy?
  3. You said it yourself. You can be on the forums for 2+ years and not do anything. You can leave on day one and come back on the 720th and still get that reward (trophy points?) I don't understand what you're saying here.

    Don't drink orange juice, kids.
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  4. but if someone doesn't do anything he wouldn't have a build that needs protection :p

    edit: but i do see your point, and you are totally right
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  5. Aw look at that, Shel is looking out for us 3 year+ians xD
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  6. I do see where you're coming from, but there is no way to currently tell the difference between those who have been active and those who haven't. You could have left for a year or two in between then just started an outpost when you got back. That doesn't exactly mean you should get free protection
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  7. yeps totally what i understood
    too bad it can't be checked
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  8. I love the suggestion.. only thing is where do you draw the line between free service and not. I remember a few weeks ago a player joined, last seen over 1200 days ago. They didn't even know they joined here that long ago either lol They would fall into this group. I've been here almost 2 years, logged in almost every day and I wouldn't fall into this group. (Just an example, I'm not looking for free protection lol)

    The ones that I think should get free protection are those that work on public builds. My outpost is where I make money, I should pay for it whether Im here 1, 2 or 5 years. (Just my opinion) But public builds are built for others and not profit. They are griefing almost daily and require work daily. These builds should be free. Again even that might be hard to draw the line between free and not but I think that line would be much clearer.

    Another great suggestion though Shell :)
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  9. I'll share a secret with you... The one thing which can sometimes get me worked up (not really though, but a small bit) is just that. "I've been here 1299 days, what, why is this compass pointing to the outpost?!!". I've "only" been here 600 or so days and I happen to know, you're welcome :D

    This is also why I hinted at "to those who actually claim". I'll be honest: I am (ab)using my contribitueness (is that even a word? :eek:).

    My idea: Aikar would mention this in the anti-grief thread, and then let the community do its thing. Only those players who would apply for this within the given time (I dunno, one month, 2 weeks.. one week?!) would quality here.

    But yes guys.. I honestly and sincerely think you deserve this. Just for context: I read into EMC's history, I saw most of the threads, I heard the background stories behind it, I heard talks about those posts we can no longer see (and for good reasons too!) and I read most of the rest. I am but a newbie but I taught myself a lot about EMC"s past. At least those details which seriously mattered.

    In all honesty.. I heard so much (and I am so grateful for that!) that I honestly don't know what I would have done would I have been given 'that choice' (lets not go into this, only mentioned for context).

    I sincerely think you deserve this. Especially you guys and girls who are still awesomely active.

    Random comment: If you honestly like something you want to hear about their good and bad history.
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  10. I as well love this idea. It also gives some people motivation to stay for longer. A prize as a thanks for sticking with us.
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  11. +1 i'm one of those people. fun fact: i remember when JustinGuy had control of emc, and i even have screenshots with him. that was such a fun time.
  12. Oh hello thread that could help me, shame I do not build in the wild anymore... Perhaps it would be a good time for a new outpost?
  13. Why wouldn't I like this Idea, I'm here for four years now :)
  14. I wish this would happen, I am waiting to see how much my smp6 outpost costs to see how much I need to sell before protecting my utopia outpost (both of which have been officially registered probably ~2-3 years, in fact I think shaunwhite was the SenStaff that processed them.. xD), so its still there when I am able to afford subs again.. o3o ..I mean I have only been here for ~1605 days.. <,<
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  15. Just wait 200 more days to implement this please :) :p
  16. Ah...
    so when I saw this thread, I thought it was about derelict protection. And I was preparing myself to word my disagreement once again.
    But as I see now, you're talking about the protection of builds in the frontier, which are protected against derelict anyway.
    Hm... I think that could be good, actually.
    In any case, I would not deserve it (any builds I have in the frontier have been griefed anyway), so I suppose that's a sign it's fair...?
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  17. I wouldn't mind more dereliction protection time, but I think 30 days from the last login point is enough as I cannot really afford to get a perm.. :oops:
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  18. And time for a small bump :)

    On second thought, nah, let's not and do something else instead :p

    Thanks for your comment, re-reading this I have to agree that it was confusing. So I asked a moderator to help me out, and now it's more obvious what I'm suggesting.
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  19. i don't see why you should favor some players over others based on when they decided to join :p
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  20. So you are saying that people whom have spent time and money into something shouldn't get more favorable treatment than someone whom has spent less time and effort into it? The fact that there are still people here from when I started is amazing after seeing "scandal" after "scandal" that has spent many player scampering. Shel knows the history that I lived in part through. Lets just say that the sun hasn't always shone brightly on Empire.. This screenshot I took a few years ago that about sums it up..
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