Suggestion: Established BASE Wilderness Teleport VOUCHER

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Would You Like To See an Established Base Teleport Voucher?

Yes 27 vote(s) 79.4%
No 7 vote(s) 20.6%
  1. I know wild teleports have been suggested before, but I have looked and haven't come across a balanced way to do it until now. My Suggestion is this: A voucher good for one town teleport sign at your ESTABLISHED Base. These would be player specific, and purchasable from the ranks page. Not only would this encourage people to get out into the wild, it would also encourage supporting the Empire. I would gladly pay real money to save hours of mine cart rides over the course of a month. It would also help stop the destruction of the area surrounding people's bases, as they would have much more time to beautify the area.
  2. 1 thousand times yes. Would pay tokens/rupees to have this.
  3. Yep, staff need to add this. Awesome idea
  4. Yes, I would be able to use this if I make an outpost.
  5. Or Aikar should just focus on Dragon Tombs and do it that way, which was the supposed way. Waiting nearly 3 years now.
  6. Staff's gonna be overworked with more manual vouchers xD
    It's a nice idea, but didnt Aikar mention that he wanted to hold off on established outpost teleportation until Dragon Tombs allowed the use of dragon eggs for outposts or-whatever-it-was-he-said?
  7. My idea would actually help fund the dragon tombs update. These would be priced similar to derelict protection vouchers, and should generate quite a bit of income. There should be a permanent limit of one teleport sign per player, and only work for that player.
  8. Great idea. +1
  9. This does seem balanced. My main concerns though will be the ease in which it can be implemented via code and, if necessary, administered by admins should vouchers have to be manually turned in.

    As an alternative for admin access, you could always create a crafting recipe via code wherein the voucher replaces one of the wood planks as part of the input and the output is two lored signs tied to your character exclusively.
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  10. How is letting people buy teleportation balanced?
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  11. It would be expensive to abuse it.
  12. It's a perk, same as buying rupees, res upgrades, derelict protection and supporter vouchers. It takes money to operate Emc. This would generate alot, and have very limited impact on the economy, and it just MIGHT give Aikar a bit more freedom to work on Dragon Tombs.
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  13. One of my main concerns, even with the voucher, was the possibility of newbies being able to use the system to raid an outpost and drain it dry. However, if you price it right (into the six figures for a voucher), then it will prove extremely difficult for relative newbies to abuse the system for the purposes of theft/griefing.

    Either they have to invest money to do it (definitite no no in the griefing world) or they have to burn up to a month voting on the site in order to gain enough rupees to carry out the raid. Few will want to do that.

    The low-six figures prices, which is what I advocate, is reachable for most on EMC but is out of reach for the people who want to cause chaos on the server.
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  15. It hasn't been that long since we were talking about EULA compliance and how it affected Supporter subscriptions. How many times have you seen a kid on EMC say they wish they could afford to pay for Supporter? Letting people pay real money for the right to teleport back and forth between Town and the Wild with inventories intact and with a sign no less, suggesting that you will be able to move it, is not "balanced" on a server with an economy unless it is something everyone has the ability to pay for using currency that can be earned within the game, like Rupees or Tokens.

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  16. What I'm suggesting is for Emc to sell them through the site for 50 to 100 dollars, and maybe not be available in game as a tradeable item. And they would only be placed in Established outposts, so if you were using one to grief another outpost, you would be grieving your neighbor at the risk of losing everything to a permban. And they would be player specific, meaning my teleport sign wouldn't work for anyone else. If these were 50 us dollars, that's enough rupees to discourage anyone using the system to grief.
  17. If your Inventory has to be empty for it to work then we have a deal.
  18. I'm not sure how the coding would work around that idea, but how about a 50 r per inventory slot, or token fee per use, so it doesn't get used to swarm the economy with prismarine, sea lanterns, ec?t Or a one time use per day allowance? It would be nice to get materials back and forth, but not at the risk of crashing the economy.
  19. I don't understand the concern.

    Surely it's not minecart travel time that keeps the EMC economy in such fine balance?
  20. I'm not apt with the idea of allowing people to carry an inventory. Enderchests are already in place where you can transport an SC of materials back at a time. Since we can likely use the TP signs to port directly into a safe area such as our on-base residence, then it's debatable if carrying anything at all - even armor and weapons - is even necessary.

    Part of the beauty is the slow means we have available to transport items back and forth. My take is that if materials should be carried, it should be done manually and not through means like this. If we speed it up any further we could crash the economy entirely :(
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