|SUGGESTION| Escape Rope Special Mob Drop

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  1. Escape Rope

    An Escape Rope is an Very Rare Special Mob Drop attained by killing a Miniboss (see Dirt Destroying Ticking Tock). An Escape Rope will allow a player upon use to teleport from the Frontier or Wastelands to Town. Once used, it will disappear from the players inventory.

    Type: Custom Mob Drop
    Obtained by: Miniboss Drop
    Attributes: Final, Soulbound
  2. Here is a example I made =)
    escape rope.PNG
    Edit: Porphos also if you want me to make a custom example. Just reply with the name and what color (ex. &5&lEscape Rope) What attributes (ex. Soulbound and/or Final) and what you want the lore and what colors (ex.&2This rope teleports you to town.) =)
  3. Good idea but in regards to Defluxer and Porphos
    No soulbound. This should be rare.
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  4. Naw, I would keep it soul bound. Once you use the item, it disappears anyway.
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  5. I would like to also add that before you use the rope, you have to have a 7 second cooldown( 7 seconds of no mobs hitting you before you can use the item) so this cannot be abused. If it would have a cooldown, I could DEFIANTLY see this happening.
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  6. This is an incredibly powerful tool, it should not be soulbound.
  7. Can't be abused if it's very rare and can only be used once.

    The point is to basically save you from a very ugly death. Ei, aciddentally falling to lava with god armor and no way to get out. Has happened to me, I just panicd a lot then die a very certain death.
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  8. Why not? It's only usable once. Like the ring of life in runescape xD

    Except they are literally worthless and there's millions while here it would be a very very very rare drop.
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  9. That's kind of abusing it though..
    The main idea on why I would use this tool is when I am lost in the Frontier/Nether, and have no other way to get out to town fast with my good armour. (however, I can completely understand your reason on how this could be used.)
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  10. I would like an Endermen boss to drop it or something. It makes sense to me.
  11. One Day! :D
  12. This is an amazing idea. +1
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  13. This could very well be my favorite non-implemented (yet?) idea.
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  14. The funniest thing is that I was really thinking about not suggesting it because I thought it would get ranted.
  15. would be kind of useless when wild claiming comes out tho
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  16. How come?
  17. cause you can teleport from those areas to town
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  18. When you are burning in lava, it would be quicker to right click this rather than type /wildbase 1 or /town
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  19. I've been considering something like this to teleport to town - and may even already have ideas on where to implement it ;)

    The Escape Rope idea def looks cool to me! So hey might see it soon.... (as in part of the DT part 3 update)
  20. Soon. In real time or Aikar Time?
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