[Suggestion] Empire Banking Accounts

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What do you think of this banking system?

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0 2 vote(s) 4.8%
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  1. Partially inspired by Krysyy's post and the suggestion her post was on. Thanks in advance. :)

    Banking would allow the player access to an account which money could be stored in and accessed by one player or many players. This allows players to store money for bids, prevent mass selling to a shop, draining a player of their rupees, and allows for easier collaboration between shop owners.

    If anything, don't think of this as a bank account. Think of it as a shared rupee account that one or multiple players have access to.

    An optional feature would be to place all of your funds in one account automatically, useful for shops that use alts to run shop signs. This would be done through /bank autodeposit [name], and a player would be required to confirm this command. Repeating the auto deposit command will turn the feature off.

    The banking system would be managed through the chat.

    • /bank - Lists all bank accounts the player has access to and the balance of the account.
    • /bank help - Lists all banking commands.
    • /bank list [page] - Lists all bank accounts the player has access to and the balance of the account.
    • /bank create [name] - Creates a bank account for the player.
    • /bank [name] - Opens a specified bank's menu. Shows balance, recent withdraws/deposits, and lists players with access to the bank.
    • /bank share [player] [name] - Gives a player access to a bank account.
    • /bank remove [player] [name] - Removes a player's access to a bank account.
    • /bank delete [name] - Deletes a bank permanently. Puts all funds in the owner's account automatically. This command is only usable by the owner of the bank.
    • /bank deposit [name] [amount] - Deposits a specified amount of money in a bank.
    • /bank withdraw [name] [amount] - Withdraws a specified amount of money from a bank.
    • /bank autodeposit [name] - Automatically puts all funds in a bank account. Requires confirmation.
    Bank Limits
    The amount of banks a player can create is limited on supporter level. A player can be invited to unlimited banks, but can only start a limited amount.
    • Free Members will be able to create two banks.
    • Iron Supporters will be able to create five banks.
    • Gold Supporters will be able to create ten banks.
    • Diamond Supporters will be able to create twenty banks.
    I still feel as though this suggestion needs more features. I'm not satisfied at all with it, but I really can't come up with anything else to say. If you have any feedback, please reply below.

    That being said, if you're going to post that banks are not allowed, please do not bother posting at all. If you're going to say something like that, this is clearly the only part of the thread you read, in which case I'd advise you to read the rest of it, or you don't understand it, and in that circumstance I suggest you ask for clarification. Thanks!

  2. I would love to see this implemented <3 +1
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  3. Awesome idea! One question though: as a free player, would I be able to participate in only 2 banks, or as many as I want?
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  4. I think this would be awesome. However, I see a few... flaws.

    Let's say PenguinDJ's alt opens a bank. PenguinDJ, his alt, fbuilders, and dektirok all are members of said bank. We are all depositing money into this bank. For some reason his alt get banned. All that money.. from fbuilder and dektirok is gone.
  5. +1 great idea, Dektirok as he said when listing the commands you could do /bank withdraw (amount) therefore could fbuilder sand you get your money that you put in, out of the bank? I might be mistaken or maybe just confused but I thought that's how it worked/would work
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  6. our monies....
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  7. I love it, I already made my own Bank Account system by always paying a share from my r to one of my alts....
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  8. Yeah maybe it'd just give you back whatever you had in it, or it only removed the banned player's share of the money.
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  9. Ideally you'd have 7 days or until the player gets purged to withdraw your money, but I don't know how'd that work with the moderation system we have.

    I'd hope that after a player gets banned the account goes to a random player with an open bank slot. If nobody has an open slot, then someone gets a free bank.

    Will add to OP.
    You could participate in as many banks as you wanted. The limit is on the amount of created banks.
    Unintended rupees sink? :p
    Exactly. :)
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  10. There'd be no way to track WHO put the money in... I disagree with returning money entirely. Being able to withdraw money would, in my opinion, be the best option.
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  11. I like the idea penguin, but wouldnt it open a whole new can of worms on the griefing front? I know that it would work great for those of us who are well established and have a trustworthy circle of friends. Can you give any ideas on how staff could put in safety features to protect newer players from getting scammed? I see that as a fatal flaw for this idea.
    Say I am the evil scammer who goes around from server to server conning noobs into making 2 k deposits. What is to stop me from draining that account and placing all those rupees into my r balance? After all, those players willingly put those r into the bank, so technically me spending it all would not be considered griefing. I think staff would be forced into some really intense conflicts unnecessarily.
    I like the idea of shared r balances. It would make coowning shops much easier. Its a great idea that could improve certain aspects of the economy side of emc, but im not sure how you could put protections in place to prevent easy scamming.
    So +1 and -1, if that makes any sense at all:)
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  12. I have +1 concern.

    What would the interest rate be if I opened a non-deductible tax-free savings account with a opening rate of 2.9% for the first 2 years and 1.87% for the following 3 years. Can I still get a free toaster?
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  13. Just for the record: personally I would prefer an option where we can exchange between rupees and some kind of in-game currency. I'm full aware that there are some major risks attached (the risk of people storing their money on their residence and see the residence go derelict) but even so... The idea behind it should be obvious: an option to reserve some of that cash and optionally (through use of access signs) share it with others.

    Just so we're clear ;)

    But +1.

    The underlying idea is the same, and if in-game gets denied (Corq also has a suggestion still open about cash) then this is the best alternative.

    If you're running a shop you want to be able to set up a money pot so that your fellow players can use that fixed set amount of money so that they can do things on their own without having to take risks. There is a huge difference between "just buy the items and I'll refund you later" and "just buy the items and take the money from there".

    There's more... One of the major complaints / annoyances Aya has when it comes to GRIP is not being able to do (larger) impulse purchases (or other stuff) without having to make sure that the money is actually hers. And before anyone starts: I'm well aware that officially the money is all hers and if she decides to spend it on who knows what then no one has any grounds to complain. Not my point. This is also why I've been very reluctant and careful with choosing GRIP members and why only 1 person handles all the finances.

    I can even come up with arguments why this could help regular players too...

    I'm (trying to) saving up for a support voucher purchase in-game. It's just for fun, esp. because I have 3 or so in-stock waiting to be used, but even so... It's all virtual money. Having some kind of savings account would be a tremendous help because then you can really reserve some of your money for other purposes. So even if you wouldn't get the option to share the account with others then it would still be some serious help.

    Sure; I suppose you could try to use diamond blocks or other valuable items for this, but that's really not the best of ideas because prices can change and sometimes they can (and will!) drop.

    It seems only natural to me that you can somehow save some money while playing on an economy environment.

    And of course: the option to share a fixed amount of cash with others would be extremely useful.

    So yeah.. +1 in case I wasn't clear enough :p
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  14. it would be very help full if there was a command that let what ever amount you make go into bank... /bank autodeposit 15% ect
  15. That'd be something I would legitimately use. Especially for things where you want to donate 20% of your earnings to something.
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  16. No more draining of rupees? That's probably the best feature . because i sympathize for the newbies who have their prices to high and sell prices to high meaning players take advantage of this. I would love to see this. Also would love this because i go on mass spending sprees so this means i can give my self a budget :]
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  17. I have a question : do you get 2 banks + main one? or, you get a total of 2, meaning you get your main and 1 extra?
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  18. Bank Limits
    The amount of banks a player can create is limited on supporter level. A player can be invited to unlimited banks, but can only start a limited amount.

    • Free Members will be able to create two banks.
    • Iron Supporters will be able to create five banks.
    • Gold Supporters will be able to create ten banks.
    • Diamond Supporters will be able to create twenty banks.
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  19. I'm -1 if ThaKloned doesn't get his toaster still (oh and lol)
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  20. I Think that adding this would be better because 1. I would forget to add in said percentage of my money into the bank when I make money and 2. I cant math so don't say "Do you even math bro?" :) Should Totally Add this in the OP.
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