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  1. /v +grip @ SMP2 => residence 3748

    GRIP - "Griefed? => Refund of Items Project", is a non-profit organization with the sole intend on helping griefed/scammed players by refunding a large dose required to fix the damage. Either items to repair damages and sometimes rupees to refund a scam. We've been active for years now (see the time stamp of this post) and are going as strong as ever.

    Our organization works through the support of the Empire MineCraft community, we rely on donations which people make to us and we're using those to help other players. However, at the time of reading our storage and rupee amounts (see below) are pretty well stocked so our main concern right now is spreading awareness and actually helping players.

    But we can always use all the help we can get!

    There are several ways how you can help us:


    If you see a player comment that they got scammed or griefed then it would really help if you could tell them about us. We're GRIP (as if you didn't know already) and there are 2 easy URL's which you can use to point people to us:
    Or you can also simply tell them to contact any of our members.

    Right now referring is the best way to help us out!

    Donations / Supporting

    At the time of writing we don't necessarily need donations!

    We always appreciate it when players donate to GRIP. Let's be honest here: without your we wouldn't exist and we could only do a fraction of the things we did so far!

    But... At the time of writing we have almost 4 million rupees and a jam packed storage. So right now we're not really looking for donations anymore. Right now your (morale) support is much more important than donations. Remember us, and tell others about us.

    Supporting GRIP

    It's really simple: do you spot someone talking about being griefed? Do you know someone who got scammed? Did your friend give out an admin flag to this nasty person and now all his diamonds are gone? In those cases you can help! Just point their attention to us, and maybe we can help sort a few things out.

    Please see the referring links above!

    Making an item donation

    Donations can be made on the donation box on residence 3748 located on SMP2. You can also use /v +grip on SMP2 to reach us. You can donate items here, but also feel free to check out our storage facility. Warning: we have a 3 DC threshold, so if you try to donate more then it might be easier to contact a member.

    Making a rupee donation

    Making a rupee donation is always appreciated, but right now we'd rather not get any!

    Rupee donations can be made as follows: /pay AyanamiKun <amount> grip donation.

    Please be sure to add 'grip donation' so that Aya can be sure what the money is for.

    You have been griefed => Making a claim

    Please send us a private message using this link and explain the situation. It's best to contact us in the forum so that we can discuss things in our own time (consider different timezones and such). Before you make a claim please be sure to read our rules.

    GRIP hierarchy

    Junior members
    • You are a member of GRIP and therefore will not be able to make any claims yourself.
    • You're involved with organizational decisions and will also have a say/vote in things.
    • You have partial access to the GRIP storage and can help players with griefing issues on your own.
      • Informing the team about your actions is always mandatory.
    Members- All of the above but with these differences:
    • It's suggested (!) to reserve a vault page fully dedicated to GRIP.
      • This is probably going to cost you 10k (/vault expand) or a vault voucher. This is a only a request because you may need to be able to haul items around.
    • You have full access to the storage (includes treasury which contains more expensive items), and can use this to help griefed players.
      • Informing the team about your actions is always mandatory.
    • You will have a say / vote in organization issues.
    Treasurer- All of the above but with these differences:
    • Can make or authorize purchases (or sales) on behalf of GRIP.
    • Is the only one authorized to accept rupee donations on behalf of GRIP.
    • Will have no vote in organization issues (at personal request).
    Founder- Same as members with this difference:
    • Can use a veto on decisions.
      • This will only be used if we're deadlocked in coming to an agreement on things, majority of vote always outweighs this!
    Last update: 27th of May, 2018.
  2. Last update: 2ne of April 2018

    Policy on getting your claim accepted.

    A claim for item refund will be honored but only under the following conditions:
    • You can provide some proof that you have been griefed.
      • At all time will we require some kind of proof. For example: a screenshot of the staff member who's investigating the griefed area, or you could ask the staff member who helped you if he can contact us and confirm the griefing.
    • Our services exclude the wastelands.
      • You build in the waste for things to go poof. Because the waste eventually resets anyway. So I (Shell) don't see the need for GRIP here. You need staff, not us.
    • Our services always exclude regular game play.
      • We will not refund merely because of bad luck. Getting back from a mining session and seeing your precious items end up in the lava is tough. But it has happened to all of us and most important: this is part of the regular game. It wouldn't be fair to interfere.
    • You have not used our service in the past 3 months on your own, personal, behalf.
      • Our goal is to help players getting back on track, but we cannot risk that players might use our services to sustain their often (or commonly) griefed builds. Also because there are ways to protect yourself.
      • The second reason for this rule should be obvious: our resources are limited.
      • Public community projects (iron farms, gold farms, XP farms, etc., etc.) do not follow this rule. GRIP will always try to help restore those projects best as we can.
    • You are not a member of GRIP or associated with us in any way.
      • Our members will waive their rights for any kind of item refunding in order to rule out possible conflict of interest.
    • Note that we won't refund excessively expensive items. This includes promotional items, and expensive blocks such as gold, diamond and emerald blocks.
      • We will try to refund expensive blocks such as beacons, enchantment tables and enderchests.
    General GRIP policies
    • When acting on behalf of GRIP our members are expected to follow EMC rules at all times and comply to whatever is ruled by EMC staff. When acting on behalf of GRIP no rule bending is allowed. Period.
      • No spamming, making sure to comply to advertising rules (one ad. per 3 hours per server), etc, etc. Even if some things wouldn't be too much of a problem (like repeating an advertisement after 30 minutes) it is still not allowed when you're acting on our behalf. We need to be better than best.
    • If you're corrected by EMC staff while acting on our behalf then this may have consequences.
      • Note: Anyone can make a mistake, each issue is different. But do keep it in mind.
    • If you go inactive ("derelict"), and this is noticed by GRIP, then you'll be removed from the organization.
      • This may sound harsh, I know, but how much help are you going to be if you're not online or when players can't contact you?
    • In situations which are not covered by these rules then ShelLuser shall have a final say in any dispute involving GRIP.
    * Some rules might be changed in the future.
  3. Current GRIP funds: 7,712,300rupees *

    Rupee donations
    (last updated on 15th May 2018)

    mjnoe70 - 3,480,000 (5th April 2018) :eek: (we hope ur coming back someday!)
    Slooshie - 580,000 (23rd june 2017) :eek: (we're sorry 2 see u leave! :()
    Anonymous - 100,000 (10th october 2016)
    fBuilderS - 2,990,000 (4th september 2016) :eek: omg!!
    Nickblockmaster - 50,000 (31st august 2016)
    RaiinNL - 15,000 (21st august 2016)
    Merek_shadower - 25,000 (6th august 2016)
    BlinkyBinky - 7500 (7th july 2016)
    Patr1cV - 23,291 (5th july 2016)
    We3_Nub - 20,000 (27th june 2016)
    Fishcat - 200,000 (23rd june 2016)
    SFFL44 - 36,807 (20th june 2016)
    Crazy_TJ - 10,000 (25th may 2016)
    Anonymous donation - 20,000 (23rd may 2016)
    IamTheNub - 11,490 (23rd april 2016)
    shavingfoam - 20,000 (16th april 2016)
    fBuilderS - 35,906 (3rd april 2016) - Grip donation from guill
    RaiinNL - 20,000 (19th march 2016)
    gladranger7 - 20,000 (16th march 2016)
    LBoss9001 - 25,000 (15th march 2016)
    Dr_Chocolate14 - 50,000 (14th march 2016)
    Patr1cV - 20,000 (1st march 2016)
    anonymous from kayman islands - 5,000 (26th february 2016)
    _Cave_Johnson - 11,860 (25th february 2016)
    fBuilderS - 25,000 (25th februari 2016)
    anonymous from kayman islands - 5,000 (24th february 2016)
    stonesky - 14,738 (7th february 2016)
    applejuice12 - 18,000 (22th december 2015)
    GRIPCEO - 9,000 (sign up bonuses; 13th december 2015)
    Master_Nick - 5,000 (10th november 2015)
    anonymous donation - 50,000 (6th november 2015)
    IAmShyguyNow - 30,000 (15th september 2015)
    IAmShyguyNow - 20,000 (12th september 2015)
    fengqianfeifei on behalf of Carthaga - 50,000 (5th september 2015)
    anonymous donation - 50,000 (2nd september 2015)
    LadBlo - 1,000,000rupees (26th august 2015) :eek:
    Galantisizer - 10,000rupees (26th august 2015)
    LBoss9001 - 5,250rupees (26th august 2015)
    parodymaster6 - 300rupees (25th august 2015)
    Shyguythegamer1 - 2,500rupees (25th august 2015)
    slash14459 - 16,000rupees (21st august 2015)
    tuqueque - 50,000rupees (20th august 2015)
    blinkybinky - 1,000rupees (17th august 2015)
    weeh666 - 50,000rupees (15th august 2015)
    ShelLuser - 100,000 rupees (15th august 2015)
    AyanamiKun - 200,000 rupees (15th august 2015)

    * needs 2 be paid to gripceo.
    * money is more than donations b/c gripceo also gets vote & sign-in bonuses!

    Money spend on items

    34,000rupees for 2 Netherstars (we make 'm into beacons).
    416rupees: 32 leather (for books).
    224rupees: 64 rails (needed extra stack to have good amount, were gonna raid waste too!)
    120rupees: 8 powered rails.
    480rupees: 1.5 stack of chests.
    144rupees: 12 chicken spawn eggs.
    1780rupees: 400 iron ingots.
    1944rupees: 1 stack of iron blocks (576 ingots).
    2280rupees: 600 iron ingots (66 blocks & 6 ingots).
    8,000 for 5 stacks of iron blocks.
    32,000r for 2 beacons.
    15,700r for 130 speed horse.
    1920r + 9600r + 2950r (14,470r) for clay items.
    31,000r: 8 god pickaxes. 4 had fortune (4150r) & 4 had silk touch (3600r).
    11,050: 5 spawn eggs.

    Money spend on helping
    (when we cant refund items we sometimes give rupees for ppl to buy stuff)

    50k: bought Elytra 4 player who got scammed (2nd september 2016)
    9479r: bought diamonds (19th july 2016)
    300r: sending 6 stacks of items to player (12th july 2016)
    5000rupees: refund & public service donation (7th february 2016)
    1500rupees: general repairs & slime blocks on SMP5 (6th september 2015)

    Money spend on events ^.^

    750k "Holiday donations 2017"
    250k "Santa's secret helper 2017" by Raaynn
    500k "18200 museum" by fdny21.
    500k "16500 museum" by hashhog/theapostrophe.
    100k "secret santa" event. b/c shell says: "don't underestimate the effort that went into this".
    10k "smp6 santa grotto event". b/c aya says: he gives stuff away 2 random ppl.
    20k "chespin's smp3 santa event". b/c aya & shell say: more events = more effort. (we did 10k 4 each player involved).

    Other Stuff

    Sold items

    15k - Elytra

    GRIP has an excess of items (check out /v +grip on SMP2, check back of residence) so sometimes we might sell an item if there's a good reason for it.

    Special items

    Promo donation: 1 Lucky Bow ("Thank you for 7 days of top 10 on TopG! Keep up voting!") :eek:
    Dragonstone fragment
    Vault voucher donation: 1 vault voucher (thx _cTJ_!!)

    we dunno good what 2 do with this, so i decided to officially mention this donation here. THX so much!!

    Anti grief

    GRIP will donate money 2 give public farms protection:

    ppl also donated 4 this:

    NetherSpecter protection donation - 300,000r

    GRIPCEO: used 10k 4 extra vault page, Shell donated 3 vouchers 2 get 5 pages (free access).

    Residence move

    In April 2017 Shell decided 2 move GRIP storage from SMP5 to SMP2, but also transferred ownership of res. to his alt b/c the alt handles all GRIP stuff (also keeps money safe). Transfer costs both ppl 25k, but is GRIP policy not 2 use GRIP money 4 personal stuff. B/c Shell's new res was also gonna be used 4 events I agreed 2 donate as well. Here's proof:

    Shell renamed his alt from 'GripCEO' to 'TheOtherShell' later.
  4. Overview of GRIP members (last update: 23th May, 2018)

    Members (in alphabetic order): NDubb24, PatchesMasterBlk, ShelLuser, The_Mancub.

    Members run the organization and can help you with getting (some) items refunded.

    Treasurer: AyanamiKun.

    Manages rupee donations and maintains the donations/expenses log in this thread.

    You can send us a PM using this link.
  5. Interesting...
  6. We are not going to post every change within our organization here (future changes are going to be grouped so that we don't risk bumping too excessively) but I am disregarding all of that right now because there is nothing so difficult as starting something up. You know who you can trust at times when you're down...

    GRIP likes to publicly welcome ChamelonNYC into their staff ranks.

    Meaning? No, it's not just a title... Trust me on that.

    News update:

    We're also taking pride in being able to help Sushi drop with providing stuff to fix some of their griefing problems.

    In fact: sushi drop (not the smp8 madness, I swear! ;)) even got us to re-evaluate some of our policies (more stuff which we're not bumping here).

    Wait a sec? Isn't Caden from smp8? Uh oh! :p

    GRIP: We're ready to believe you!
    (darn, wrong movie :D).
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  7. Bit of rupees coming in from the EMC Brothers soon.

    Current Amount Put Aside for GRIP: 15,000

    Projected Amount: 100,000
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  8. What a beautiful idea. Love it. I'd love to join I just don't think i'd be responsible enough :p
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  9. Helped me a ton :p Thanks alot! :D
  10. -watches thread-

    [EDIT] I would LOVE to be a part of this, I know I am trying to conserve money, but when it comes to griefing, I have to spend money on being a hero for another person who was griefed. I have been griefed multiple times, and I have repaired them multiple upon multiple times.
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  11. If you guys need any help making money spending money and or managing money i would love to work with the treasurer
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  12. Well, you also gave a very good example why I think this scheme can work.

    The obsidian you donated was used to create some beacons (we had the stars, not the obby) and enderchests. And those can now be used to help out others. So I think its safe to say that this idea can work: players helping players!

    SO, I'm very happy to hear we could help, but I'd also like to say you helped as well :)
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  13. I need this....
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  14. Update:

    We welcome our new supporters Kytula and Zikko as well as our new two members deathconn and NieminenM.

    We've also changed our policy on making a claim. Individuals can make a claim if they haven't been griefed within 3 months. The policy is still being evaluated but this is the current situation.

    The major exception to this rule are community projects. Public farms, mobgrinders, etc, etc. We will always try to help these out with refunding items if we can. Of course we do reserve the right to deny considering the circumstances (a public farm right next to a spawn area is a really nice gesture, but might not be the best of ideas griefing-wise) but in general we'll always try to help!

    (Edit): Apologies to Kytula: I totally overlooked her application while I had plans to include it here :oops:
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  15. Made a 2.5K donation to grip and sending application NOW!
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  16. No worries ^__^ I've been distracted myself >_< But thanks for the welcome! <3
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  17. I will be supporting GRIP.
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  18. Donated a nice, small amount of rupees. :) I hope that helps. If 20r can get some cobble... Phew!
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  19. Very nice and thanks for this service.
    Will discuss with the People of Carthaga and then probably wire a decent amount, since griefing many times affects outposts or frontier/wastelands citizens.
  20. This is amazing, so glad people are stepping up to help others who have been griefed. Griefing will continue to be a problem for many.

    What types of materials are you looking for? Maybe you could post a reply with common needed materials??