Public farm holders => contact GRIP for FREE protection!

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  1. Hi gang!

    Original idea came from TheDarkModForever (I know it's not his official name, but for me he's just that!) who is also donating 200k to be used for public farm protection (see here)! Be sure to contact him as well!

    Anti griefing is here.

    This also comes with a new SS service:

    So this would cost you 10k per selection, which can be pretty heavy for newer players or those who are constantly buying / selling.

    GRIP will help protect 10 - 20 public farm (selections)

    I'm planning to donate / spend around 200,000r 500k to help protect public farms.

    Do you have a public farm, do you think you really should be protected but you can't afford 10k? Maybe your farm consists of 2 parts, you can cover 10k but not the other? Or maybe both!

    Solution: Contact GRIP.

    If you have a public farm then tell us about it. Either by replying to this thread or (because you're waiting for the protection to kick in): by PM'ing us.

    • The farm must be yours or you must be a co-owner. However, we will always require the name of the official owner (so the one who makes the protection request). They would receive the money.
    • Obviously only 1 donation per farm, but we are ready to make some exceptions if needed (when a farm is too big, like SMP8's public wild utilities).
    • We'll be visiting the farm to check if it really works and if it's being maintained. So if you have something 'somewhere' which is nearly impossible to reach and ends up being a complete wasteland on its own then yeah... that wouldn't qualify.
    • Don't have a farm but something else which you think really helps players out? Contact us anyway!
    • No guarantees: we reserve the right to deny a request (keep that in mind!) but we'll definitely try to be lenient here.
  2. Thank you for the offer of help Shell! :D
    I submitted the form, but since we are too close to spawn and therefore can't be an official established outpost for any of our builds, smp8 public wild utilities is at the back of the line. It's probably going to be awhile till they get to us. Add onto that, we aren't just 1 build at one location.

    Wild North
    • 3 Grinders
    • Pigmentus
    • Fe(II)
    • Sushi Drop
    • The yet un-named witch hut farm (coming soon - nearing completion on that build)
    Wild South
    • Slime Time
    • Squid Doom
    • NHG (Nether Hunting Grounds)
    • Hot Rods (accessed by portal under Sushi Drop for now)
    The End
    • Dragon Slaying Arena
    SS is just gonna love me when they hit my request for them all :rolleyes:
  3. And a bump :)
  4. nice thingy/service :)
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  5. I'll be paying around 300k towards donations as I have nothing better to do with my cash than hoard it all. :p <3
  6. That explains a thing or two :p Ok, more work for me :p
  7. I will also donate 200k for services needed. Please let me know who to send funds to.
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  8. Updated the OP to point players to your post as well :)
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  9. So far I know of 1 public farm for certain which has send in an application (gee, I wonder which? :D) and we'll definitely be in support of that one.

    Not much entries so far, but I guess that is also a bit to be expected with something so new.

    Anyway, a small bump. Right now we're also looking at the public gold farm on SMP2. My memory fails me here a bit but as soon as I recall who build that I'll be trying to contact them as well :)
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  10. Small bump.
  11. Wow, I've just seen this.

    I'm _cTJ_, I'm one of the heads of the SMP5 public farms. We have three farms that need to be covered, but they take up a lot of space. So yeah... got a lot of space to cover. Besides that, I'm sure SS will have a great time helping me cover the area... right? :rolleyes:
  12. The costs for the SS service is 10k per selection, with a maximum of 50k (per player, per area). There's not really a maximum of what SS will do, but 50k is the maximum they would charge you.

    So... three farms, I assume they're also a bit apart? Then the maximum which SS would charge you would probably be 150k. We can definitely help you out with that.

    You need to fill out this form to request protection. You could try telling Senior Staff that they can charge GripCEO, and also refer them to this thread (or this post) where I just gave explicit permission for this. But I'm not too sure if that would work; not only would it be easier on SS to simply charge the person who made the request, it would also rule out any possible abuse. Anyway, I'll ask Kryssyy to make sure.

    But one way or the other: we can cover this for you.
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  13. Time for a bump. I'm still trying to find the owner / builder of the gold farm on /wild n (smp2). If anyone knows...

    And of course: if you got a farm in the Wild which could use protection then don't hesitate to tell us about it!
  14. Ze bump, for ze cause :)
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