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  1. I had an idea maybe a couple of weeks ago, and I just thought of it again and decided to float it out there and see if anyone likes it:

    I was thinking there could be specially-renamed pieces of paper that represent different amounts of rupees, with a coloured name (likely green, the colour of money), like promos or vault vouchers, so you couldn't make forgeries. You could at any time use a command like /r bill [amount] and it would take that amount of rupees out of your balance and give you a bill of that amount, and if you right-click with the bill in your hand, it consumes the bill and puts the corresponding amount into your balance (no ATM's needed! :D). In order to make this less crazy, it should only be possible to do this with amounts like 10k, 100k, 1mil, etc., and if you type in a weird amount like 73951 or something, it would just say "invalid amount" and do nothing. This would be like the difference between having money in the bank vs. having cash, in real life.

    Here are some pros that I think this idea would bring; things that can't really happen now:
    - You can create a sort of buffer for your money, like if you have a shop that buys a lot of stuff, but you don't want it to run you out of money, or down past a certain point, you can take out some cash to prevent it from being spent this way.
    - Savings! You can take out a bunch of cash, put it away for a rainy day, bury it in the backyard; whatever. You would be able to divide your money into piles, so some can go towards one thing, and some can go towards another thing, rather than just pulling from one big, unorganized pot.
    - This, I think, would be a good response to the whole rupee-leaderboard thing from a while back. The main issue with players being able to see how much money every other player has seemed to be that many people didn't want this information to be publicly available - they'd rather have the choice, at the very least. Well, stick these bills on item frames and you have yourself a nice display of your wealth! This would mean that you could flaunt your wealth if you wish, but only to people who look at your res, and of course you can already decide who can do that.
    - Just like cash in real life, it would be a more discrete form of money, that you can give to someone in a transaction you want to keep off-the-record. I don't really know if this is a good thing, in fact it has a pretty sinister sound to it, but I just think that freedom of privacy is always nice, as long as you're not doing anything against the rules. Of course, people would know that cash transactions aren't recorded on your rupee history, so they would be knowingly taking a risk doing them.

    Anyway, if anyone wishes they could literally have stacks of cash, well, they could with this!

    I'm sure there are going to be some serious problems that I haven't thought of, and I'm very interested in hearing them, so I could maybe come up with solutions to them, and I'd like to hear any thoughts and ideas about this, really. :)
  2. The first thought that comes to my mind, is if a player scammed other players, immediately put all their rupees onto this paper, gave rupee paper to a 'friend'... it would be "untraceable", and scams could not be properly resolved.

    Yes, a rupee buffer if you run a shop would be nice, however players usually watch their 'buy' chests closely, and often will fill excess slots with 'dirt' so players cannot drain their rupees.

    For savings and having your rupees in one lump sum, its just like in real life. Bank statement shows how much you have, and its up to me to sort out what goes where. Planning with an excel spreadsheet helps a load with this when need be.

    I don't personally like the idea of rupee leaderboards. This leads to begging, envy, etc. I would not like it if others saw my meager balance:eek:.

    "transaction you want to keep off-the-record" I can only think of one 'class' of people who would 'benefit' from this. I think that staff would become tied up investigating 'off the record' events when scams occur.

    What happens if a player turns the bulk of their rupees into this paper, stored it in a chest (or frames to display them) and logs in later only to find out that someone with 'flags' took em all? (Yes, we are responsible for giving out flags, however there have been loads of players who have 'stolen' from anothers res.)

    I do like the idea, however given the potential for benefit V.S. abuse, I would imagine that the cons outweigh the pros.

    Well, these are my two cents. Thoughts?
  3. Maybe instead of putting it on a piece of paper, you could just use the command /r deposit 1000. That could possibly get rid of the scam problem.
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  4. Sorry, I should probably clarify a bit more. It would get rid of players being able to steal it, scam you and give it to friends, and it could probably look something like this:
    Rupees: 163,489 (learn more)
    Savings: 100,000 (lean more)
    Tokens: 5,374 (learn more)

    (All numbers are just random examples)
  5. I have changed the rupee balance in your quote to more accurately reflect my own.

    This, I like. Even with dirt padding your chests it is possible to overspend. This creates a buffer for shopkeepers and people who are really terrible at budgeting. I even like your suggestion for a command. For short it could be /r d 100 and /r w 100 or something like that.

    Paper money sounds awesome, but unless it is somehow traceable, I'd have to agree the risk is way higher than the reward.
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  6. No all money is green, its also, purple, blue, geen, red, brown, pink, Just saying,
  7. +1
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  8. Sorry, I forgot some money was "geen" as well as some being green. :p
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  9. Interesting. I do agree with highlancer though. (When don't I? :rolleyes:)
    And if someone went derelict and didn't put their cash in their vault... :\
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  10. Hehe, I am sure we got our moments :D
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  11. Love the general idea of it :) could use some improvements
  12. At first when I read the title I though "oh no, not one of these let's defeat the purpose of having rupees" but I actually agree (this one doesn't defeat the point of having rupees). I like the idea, there are a few problems and potential loopholes what would have to be closed and fixed before it could be used, but I think it should be added.
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  13. this would actually be useful if i understand it right. say you have a shop and 400k, you bid 250k on an auction but someone decides to come and sell you 30 beacons now you dont have the money for that to be a valid bid and it wasnt your fault. with this you could bank that 250k and not worry about it
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  14. what happened to your moderator rank? and i agree with this!
  15. thats been gone for a while bruv lol
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  16. Would be great seeing how I over spend a lot :p but now that I have an alt I just send rupees to it in 50k's so its a nice even number :pp

    On the other hand laancerpants was right with the whole scamming-converting to item-giving item to friend thing. But on the other other hand whats stopping a scamming from buying something with the rupees he got then giving THAT to his friend? I am assuming of course that the /r bill 100k or whatever would show up in your rupee history so mods can see how many bills are out there and have some control over it. Also making the item soulbound and final would be a huge help for those in the /wild and to avoid people trying to rename it to make it seem like it has a larger value.

    I had an idea kinda like this a long time ago where each smp would have a different currency but have rupees accepted all across. This would be fun but also very complicated especially to new players that want to experience different smp's.
  17. I don't think it should be possible for anyone to create rupee bills willy-nilly, however, I do have an idea.

    If you're buying rupees through the site, the rupee value should be attached to a piece of paper, and you can right-click to redeem the rupees, and if you redeem the rupees during a sale period, you get a multiplier.

    So, if Aikar launches a summer sale where you get four times the rupees for the same price, and you redeem a rupee voucher during that period, you get 4 times as many rupees as you'd get normally.

    It'd mean that if you bought 100,000r, you could sell a 100k bill for more than 100k, because eventually, a sale could appear, and they'd be worth more.
  18. This fixes every issue brought up by highlancer,, I really like this idea.

    But if people are set on the idea of converting rupees to paper, as long it was logs were kept (assigning each bill an unique number, listing who created it a and who cashed it) it would solve the majority of the issues...
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  19. EULA. Or whatever mojang released essentially barring in game purchases. If that still applied this wouldn't work.
  20. Wow, this thread's getting some traction today, and I'm seeing some great ideas and points from all around!

    The thing is, I hadn't really thought of this as something to do your everyday transactions with, but rather a method for saving large amounts of money in different locations and for different purposes, as well as a sort of trophy for those rich people who actually want to flaunt their wealth to whomever they want. By making the bills only exist in high values like 100k, 500k, 1mil, etc., it would be able to do these two things, while at the same time not being usable for small everyday payments. This would result in people not getting used to paying with cash, so on the rare occasion they do, they would be more vigilant, and it would be harder to trick/scam them. In fact, I don't suggest it even be possible to pay with cash (I love the idea of it being Soulbound/non-droppable). It should simply be used for personal storage/division and display.

    I like this idea, and if my cash suggestion doesn't get implemented, I still want this to be a thing. However, it is lacking a bit of what the cash idea would bring, like having multiple savings pools instead of just one (unless you want a wall of text for all your savings accounts when you type /r), and the whole displaying aspect.

    I'd rather be able to turn rupees into bills; I don't want these to just become another promo item, as they would kinda be, the way you describe them. I want to implement a user-friendly rupee-management system, not some limited-time money-making thing. The idea was never to be able to sell bills like they're a commodity; especially not for above-written-value price.
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