[Suggestion] Different Types of Elytra

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  1. I was pointing out how EMC admins would never just give everyone something so they didn't have to find it themself
  2. Yes, but you were pointing it out in an unnecessarily mocking way.
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  3. He did overlook what I said before. Anyway I'm done with this thread
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  4. I know you're done, but I'm going to counter this just so that others can see how this is, in my opinion, wrong. Most promos are items that we didn't have to go out on our own and find it/make it ourselves. I mean yah, most aren't even possible to make, but that doesn't mean EMC didn't HAVE to go and make it into a promo, they could've made it a super complicated recipe (possibly the better idea instead of /promo in my opinion). But promos come with,
    A.) Higher-Lvl Enchantments
    B.) Fun Attributes/Uses
    C.) Colors
    D.) Particles!!!!!!
    If we look here, there's quite a bit of items that they just gave to us. I really don't understand what you're trying to say here.
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  5. What Sean said
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  6. Ok I know this is several months old but XMas is near and I really want to try and get the Reindeer Wings. Who else is down?
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  7. I mean changing the texture is up to the mc devs but, there could be some enchants.
  8. -1

    I can see no way of this being possible other than installing a server resource pack (Not happening) or buying everyone capes (also not happening).
  9. I'm hoping people will read this comuse it's been stated multiple times and I can NOT stress it enough. It would NOT BE A SERVER RESOURCE PACK. This would be a 100% optional player resource pack. The only thing EMC would be doing is giving us the capability of it happening by giving it a specific durability value so that it could be retextured if wanted. (Sorry if this was rude I've just said this a ton in this thread, you know I <3 you Shel)

    Now onto this one. I honestly am not convinced you read the idea, it seems a lot like you read a couple of sentences and then put -1 simply because, well you've made it very obvious, you don't like me. I'm asking for feedback on the actual idea of the elytra, not the side note of possible have an option player retexture of them. If you would like to actually give me some real feedback on the item, that would be great. But if you aren't giving me any real feedback please don't post on here.
  10. Here's everything I pulled off
  11. Me not liking you has nothing to do with this, but if you want "real" feedback, then sure, I'll give you some.

    This whole thing would just get way too complicated. I feel like server resource packs, even optional ones, for just one item would be completely unnecessary. Plus, it seems like you're completely ignoring the logistics of this whole thing. Even if a custom resource pack was to be added for this one item (which it won't), then you would need to have the elytra always be at a specific durability in order for the concept to be feasible. There would be many potential issues with this. What if it had mending? How would you prevent the durability from changing during flight? The only way I could see this being actually achievable is if the elytra was unbreakable, which is an entirely different and overpowered discussion.

    TL;DR: I gave this a -1 not because I dislike you, but because I dislike the idea.
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  12. So I did in fact mention the unbreakable idea and I also addressed why it would need a specific durability, all in the OP.

    I have been approved for an unban, approved to be on the forums, and I'm still plenty active on EMC, you talked with me for over an hour the other day. Krysyy knows I'm here, and my other account does happen to have a forum ban. I'll give you a tip Krysyy taught me after MANY occasions. Don't assume things. Things might look fishy from the outside, but if you actually try and look into it before rushing straight to Krysyy's inbox you'll save yourself and others a lot of time.

    Edit : An IP Ban is not a Permanent Ban???? An IP ban is a ban of someone's IP and a permanent ban is the ban of a single account.

    Edit 2 : I'm gonna go watch some TV, I'll respond in the tomorrow
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  13. Story time.

    Let's say, in some far off land, there's a world very similar to ours, with a minecraft server just like this one.

    Let's say, for instance, there's a mob that drops unbreakable, oh I don't know, shields, but it only has an 0.01% chance to drop it

    Some lucky person gets one.

    They go to mobarena, and at this point, the server is 1.11.

    They take no damage from anything.

    The shield doesn't break.

    They never lose again.

    Does that seem fair?

    Also, don't you dare hate on me because shields =/= elytra. It's just an example.

    Want any more "real" feedback?
  14. Custom texture required, so this won't happen. Aside from that, you can have only one texture for an Elytra, so you couldn't have different kinds.
  15. In 1.9, you can make resource packs that have different textures for items depending on their durability.
  16. Ok I will admit this has solid backing, and I'm thankful you've started focusing on the concept itself, not the texturing of it. However this being a suggestion I'm going to respectfully debate it. The thing with an unbreakable elytra is that isn't giving much of an unfair advantage. Elytra are easy to repair, costing only leather and a few enchantment levels, and in some case not even leather if you use mending. The elytra would of course still have a glide feature, it wouldn't be just flying anywhere infinitely, that would definitely be OP. The Elytra wouldn't have any boost to them, and they'd function just as normal, minus the durability. Now, like I said it's super easy to repair elytra, leather isn't expensive and it's easily farmable without leaving town, so it wouldn't be like having an un breakable diamond sword which would be saving diamonds, nor is it doing other damage/dealing damage/giving anyone an unfair adavantage during another In a battle

    Also thank you for this
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  17. -1

    After carefully re-reading this I don't think this would add much to the current gameplay. Anything which requires re-texturing has, in my opinion, no place on a server which tries to remain vanilla+. Also because it would result in unfair differences: players with the texture pack would suddenly get a whole different experience that players on a vanilla client and I don't think that is feasible.

    In the end all it would boil down to is an easier way to obtain an Elytra and I don't really see the need.

    I do agree that having extra promo's and other extra rewards would be fun to have, but I think it should only focus on vanilla items and not specifically retextured ones.
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  18. Eggseggsstupidscore has an idea

    No textures particals like cupid wing leave a heart trail when used with fireworks abd blaze leaves fire abd reindeer leaves uhh idk something but yah partical effcts iz cool
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  19. Voters sword = unbreakable diamond sword that saves diamonds