[Suggestion] Different Types of Elytra

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-1 16 vote(s) 48.5%
  1. Maybe MajorWings or HazyWings or MajorHaze's Voter Wings!!!!!!
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  2. The only way to get different textured Elytra without a resource pack is to go to Minecon.
    EMC won't force resource packs.
  3. Yet again here I am pointing this out. I did not say to force it. I said to make it a player made option. So something that I will put together, all they have to do is put dmg values on it, not hard at all.

    Honestly this is a better idea than the one I originally stated! Thanks for it! It's nice to get some useful feedback instead of someone not reading saying we shouldn't have a server resource pack!
  4. :D
  5. Yah I made the separate thread for Cupid specifically and suggested on there
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