[Suggestion] Different Types of Elytra

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  1. Nope, damage values too.
  2. Nope. You still need a texture pack for that, obviously. And that's what Foxy said. You can say all sorts of true things that sound clever, but in the end, the bottom line is that you need a resource pack. And some people like to refuse using resource packs, and we want them to have the same experience.
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  3. I say in 1.9.3 Mojang should add textures like the banners on shields
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  4. So say no to the resource pack.

    And like Biro said here, you still get the elytra, so what's the real problem here?
  5. Well, ask Krysyy, I can't give arguments behind staff statements. I'm just stating what staf did state.
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  6. It doesn't even have to be server. I'd be willing to pay people to make the textures if I can't find any, then I'd organize the texture pack if EMC would be willing to give dmg values to the elytra. Then it would be up to you, the player, to download the pack.
  7. Hm, seems like a nice work-around, clever :p
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  8. But do we want everyone to have an elytra? Its like giving out a 140% speed horse to everyone. They may not be limited but they are rare
  9. I don't think we need to keep them rare on EMC. It's a fun item, and should be rare in SP, but not in a server like EMC
  10. Kinda unfair for the people who'll go to the end an travel thousands of blocks to get one
    You're reasoning is also weak, eytra should be common because they are fun?
    But so is jumping on slime blocks and blowing stuff up? That doesn't come free
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  11. when you have an unlimited slime farm bouncing is free and you can blow stuff up using creepers both freee
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  12. They aren't giving us slime and creepers, you gotta build/find them not just type /promo OP and take it
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  13. the night gives us creepers
    the chunks we accidently find give us slimes
  14. Sorry player-formerly-know-as-Lux, gotta give this one to FB. I'd be really pissed if I went through all the trouble of exploring the end and getting one and then everyone got them for free on an event. Now, it doesn't mean that it won't happen, just that it'd piss a lot of people if it did.
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  15. you don't have to go searching for them if you get them for free.

    And Builder, you say my reasoning is weak, but is t really? You have to consider the all around point of EMC is to HAVE FUN. Yah, they don't give us TnT and Slime Blocks, but those items are 100% farmable. Elytra aren't.
  16. Then what's the whole point of the update???
    If you want to have fun with elytras then buy one from someone who actually worked to get it. We can't expect EMC to give us things just because they're fun and we want them, we've got to earn things for ourselves. This is an economy server.
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  17. Day #674 as EMC admin:
    2.0 was realized so i desided taht 2 save ppl the troble of search for new car in mc i decided 2
    /give @a minecraft:car {color:"dark_purple","bold":true)
    genios rite? now onto giving every1 a stak of diamon slabz
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  18. im changing back when i can
  19. the name change was my drunken 2am mind
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  20. oh yah, not like 1.9 adds anything other than the Elytra.

    This was rude, and completely irrelevant, and you know it was.
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