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  1. So today I have another suggestion, sparked by this post in another thread

    now as you all may know, you can both re-texture and repair Elytra, which got me thinking about this. What if we make the Elytra, common, but still slightly harder to acquire. I have several ideas, some being promos and some being mob drops, so I decided why not just jumble them together here. Now note, this does require custom textures on EMC, however they will be minor changes, and only for the Elytra with different damage values. The fact that it uses this technique, however, would mean the elytra would have to be unbreakable. Not that this is really that bad, they're super easy to repair, so it's not extremely OP if they have a rare enough drop rate. Now, let's get on with the list

    This one's an obvious one. It would be available on V-Day with /promo Valentine and it would be Red and Pink wings with the name "Cupid's Wings" and the lore "I wonder how you got them".

    Now this one's kind of a stretch, but it would be the same light brown color used on Horses, and it would be available from a rare mob that spawns around X-Mas time in the wild/waste. This mob would be one of Santa's horses, and have insanely high health. The drop rate, however, would be extremely low. The name would be "Reindeer Wings" and the lore is "They have to fly somehow"

    This one would be one of the more easily acquired, however it could have a super small drop rate. This would be a Blaze drop with the name "Blaze Wings" and the lore "Forged in the Depths of the Nether"

    Now, for the textures. There is already a nice Phoenix elytra texture that would go great for the Blaze Wings, however the others could be made through EMC Player contests, with special rewards going to the winning-design. Thanks for your time and give me your feedback!
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  2. Yea these wings will help alot I say +1
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  3. Custom texture required = it basically won't happen.
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  4. Wings can only be changed via cape or texturepack.

    I do like the Cupid's wings, it could come with the Valentine's bundle
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  5. This seems more fit as a suggestion to mojang than a thing EMC would add. It stretches the "french vanilla" concept and requires custom textures.
  6. I said it would be a texturepack....

    So perhaps you don't know, but this is 100% possible in Vanilla. In fact, I could get Elytra with custom textures that have particles spewing out of them for crying out loud.
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  7. Yeah, you guys pretty much covered what I was thinking. I don't think EMC can change anything regarding elytra textures, as they're tied up to Mojang's cape textures. If they could then we'd already have custom EMC capes by now.
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  8. You can easily change the texture with a texture pack. Why is nobody listening to me?!?!?!?!?!
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  9. If changing the texture of the elytras is possible, I would love to have some of these wings. They would look awesome in game. :)
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  10. You were presenting this idea like it was a suggestion for something EMC should have, that's all.
  11. That's what I'm doing. That's why it's in the EMC Suggestion box....
  12. Sorry, didn't read the whole post before commenting. But then your idea is making the elytras unbreakable but still with different damage values, so people can re texture them. Textures, as you said, would be part of a resource pack, and so would be totally client sided and EMC wouldn't have anything to do with them. In that case any themed elytra, with lore and stuff, wouldn't make sense.
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  13. You can have server resource packs
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  14. Aikar could tell us to download a Pack if it had a love texture so we could see it? ( idk )
  15. You can get server resource packs.
  16. Yea I read that before :)
  17. Nope. We don't want resource packs required. It's as simple as that.
    I know it's possible, but it has been stated enough times that we won't do it.
    I like your ideas for the lore though, pretty creative. :)
  18. That's my point. EMC wouldn't release items that only make sense if you use a specific resource pack, and certainly wouldn't require all players to use an EMC resource pack. What would be of all the people that use custom textures?