[Suggestion] Alpha Leaves Conversion

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What should we do with Alpha Leaves?

Make them into promos! 20 vote(s) 80.0%
Let them revert to regular leaves. 3 vote(s) 12.0%
Something else... (please comment!) 2 vote(s) 8.0%
  1. Some background information: 2b2t History - The Tale of the Alpha Leaves - YouTube
    (TL;DW - Alpha leaves are a result of internal changes to the game's ID system, 1.13 removes numerical IDs, thus converting all Alpha Leaves to normal leaves.)

    I believe that these Alpha Leaves are special items that hold a part of Minecraft, and EMC's, history. Just having these on our server shows how long we've been around.

    Therefore, I suggest that when EMC converts to 1.13 we also convert these Alpha Leaves, not into normal items, but rather into promos. This way we can remember where they come from, and the history behind them. With 1.14 quickly approaching and it's ability to add custom model data (source) we could feasibly re-create Alpha Leaves' checkerboard texture and large size.

    I look forward to the community feedback on this idea!
  2. You mean leaves with Purple and Black textures?
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  3. Correct
  4. Right! I would keep them as Promos or Rare items, which has more value
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  5. Also you know what's 2b2t
    That Anarchy very old thing

    I know that FuzeIII declared war with them

  6. +0
    I dunno, though it would upset me to lose my missing texture blocks, I feel like this might not be the best solution
  7. -1 they're not that important.
  8. +1
    (Maybe only because I own a lot of them and bought them as rares...)

    But still, I think that, if it would be easy to code (to my understanding, it would be) It would be a really nice collector's item to keep and a nice way to say "hey, we've been here for a while" It would be fun to have them around.
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  9. +infinite

    I love these and really would not want to lose them. It's nice to have something memorable from the far past. :)

    Also, how about the old wooden slabs? What will happen to them?
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  10. Did a little bit of searching around. Looks like they will convert into Stone Slabs.
    Edit (12/08/2018): They will become Petrified Oak Slabs
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  11. I thought there was a new object called Petrified Wood that all the old wood slabs would turn into
    Right now they are stone slabs, but they're textured like wood
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  12. +1 I have recently had a shop set up for these slabs and the leaves, I don't want the people who bought items from me to lose out on that value as essentially they would have wasted their money.
  13. I don't see why not :) +4
  14. I like this Idea, but emc hasn’t really ever custom coded a block and add a texture but they proberly can do it! +5
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  15. +1

    I had no idea that these existed on this server, but seeing how this server was around in 2011, I agree that it's only fitting to preserve them. :)
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  16. I wasn't a fan of them even when they were discovered. +0 I don't think EMC has much reason to compensate for a mistake unless something game-breaking. Then again I could be wrong entirely on this matter.
  17. Hm, interesting. I wouldn't know, to be honest.
  18. What I don't understand is why some people are so strongly against this. What would you say if it was announced that all Can Openers (the recent promo) would be removed? I'm sure you wouldn't like that (if not, I'm curious for why :p) - precious special items going away suddenly, with nothing you can do about it! It's the same for these. Many people have these and treasure them just like other promos or special items, and would hate it to lose them. Transforming them (the leaves and wooden slabs) into something else, so they can, though slightly different, still be kept, is what would be a solution for this issue. :)
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  19. It's got something to do with the fact that these items are no longer obtainable, and people see them as collectors items now. The only way you could've gotten them was to be playing Minecraft at a point where they already existed, so even though there's many hundreds of them in existence they're still valuable