[Suggestion] Allow PVP Flag!

Discussion in 'The Suggestion Box' started by EquableHook, Sep 10, 2020.

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  2. +1

    at this point, if we keep putting off custom EMC features due to normal Minecraft updates EMC is going to become less and less special, just saying... granted i know there's a small dev team, seems like something EMC is going to need to overcome
  3. Best we don't bog them down that much then, yeah? Congrats on acknowledging that though, I'll give you a like for that. ;)
  4. bog them down, like, with community suggestions? there's a suggestion box for a reason. while prioritization is necessary, to say that they can focus only one one update at a time is pretty incorrect
  5. Agreed
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  6. There's a reason that the tracker puts things like this way down - we're not prioritizing for them by suggesting things.
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  7. Its not the fact that the mechanic needs to be added. Its more a less that it is a written suggestion that I see should be added as a potential feature in the up and coming updates.
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  8. I say skip town pvp and once Empires comes along and then the town like features. (Suggest) Outpost Owners can have a pvp arena set up somwhere within their land. Clearly marked so no one just stumbles in and is killed by someone else.
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  9. Agreed. :)
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  10. Im going to bump this again.