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  1. i think there should be a command that you can use in-game called /supporter. that command will tell you all of the current supporter on EMC at that time. So anyone like that idea?
  2. I'm not sure I understand... If you mean that you'd like to know who are supporters then there is already a command which you can use: /who. That will show you everyone on your server and group them together into staff, supporters and regular players.
  3. I believe /List also works too? Please correct me if I'm wrong.
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  4. but i mean it wont just show you who is on your server ,who is on every server
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  5. My question is... why? How would this help? What purpose does it serve?

    Can you please give a practical use for this, because to be honest I can't find one.
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  6. If im right Skeleton381 wants to see all the supporters on EMC, including those that are on other servers of EMC.
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  7. I'd say it would help finding supporters that are on other servers on EMC. Possibly Skeleton381 simply has a supporter friend that he cant find, p.s. anyone else could have a problem like that. or some other reason.
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  8. You could add them as a friend on EMC? Then you'll know when they log onto the empire. Another option is to /p the players name... I really don't see any need for this command on EMC. :)
  9. /p [friend]
    /f online

    I don't see any situation in which this command would be practical or helpful, sorry.
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  10. What if a mod is threatening to permaban you unless you tell the mod how many supporters are currently on the empire in under 10 seconds?
  11. You need to activate all of your auto farms at once to make the server tps go down as low as possible. Then, /who [server] ten times and count the names. It may take you more than 10 seconds, but the server clock will be running slower, so the staff will never know. :p
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  12. k...
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  13. It's the only way to be sure (though I'm not sure of what) :D
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  14. Like Shel said, I think /who or /list works fine. :) -1
  15. The staff would be in trouble :p
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  16. my reason is for when i try to sell things i first ask staff then i ask supporters then i ask regular players. i want to quickly find supporters. i got this idea from the /staff command.
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  17. i do that because generly staff have the most money then supporters then regulars.
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  18. why don't you just use /v +mall ?

    or memorize famous malls...
  19. I come here to escape things like marketing calls and commercials. I've never bought anything when anyone has approached me like this because I do not want to encourage it.
  20. and supporter chat(a chat to access supporters easily) is just for supporters, so the command would be against that also...

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