[selling] Staff Begone Hats - LIMITED QUANTITY

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  1. Tired of those pesky staff getting in your head and ruining your life with their crazy, manipulative brain washing powers? Well worry no more!

    For the small price of 1 billion rupees you can have this problem go away forever!
    (No guarantee or warranty if you have "user" difficulties.)

    See the amazing quality in this product? Made by overpaid factory workers in a place that remain unnamed, these hats are made of the worlds best Al2O3 (can only be obtained from the saturn's 4th moon), these hats will keep your brain and thoughts safe from the EVIL staff.

    "Oh my gosh Sam that is amazing! But where can I get this amazing product?"
    -you, 2016

    Ah great question! These can be purchased at /v 2016 on smp1 for the small price of 1 billion rupees!

    I see you are still a bit skeptical, no worries though, listen to some of our very happy customers!

    "Best game of the year, great graphics and very interactive gameplay."
    -IGN 10/10
    "Wouldn't recommend for small children, huge choking hazard and tends to have strong metallic taste for some reason."
    -Center for Disease Control 4/10
    "My steak took a long time to come out and when it did finally arrive it was cold and overcooked"
    -Lindsey, Manhattan, 5/7
  2. you don't need tin foil hats to see the TRUTH!!!
    Wake up, sheeple! He's using your money to buy overpriced minecarts!!!
  3. would recommend - great for repelling the supersonic staff waves that enter the mind
  4. "Can recommend, 10/10, was the best movie I've seen all year. A total game changer." Shaquille O'Neal, 2016
  5. I'm calling undercover staff!.... New plan to help brain washing powers to be more effective?
    When he will be done, his name will be back to green.
  6. Samsimx is a former staff member so I'm sure he knows what he's talking about. And look, what a surprise, Math already feels the heat and tries to debunk the truth which is clearly out there (lol!) :D

    And do I see right, we get a free beacon for 1r with every purchase? amazing! :)
  7. That name is something special. You've earned the Haro Award for February of 2016.
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  8. At first the truth was hidden from me, but now that I got my own tinfoil hat I suddenly got friends, no money and plenty of activity to look after. The truth is out there. Kifflom!

  9. Open your eyes people! Get one of these hats ASAP!!!!
    Here we can see one of the more veteran staff who is an expert at stealth and getting in our minds, being spotted out by the amazing technology of Tin Foil Hats™.
  10. It actually works! 10/10

  11. Wait, what is he wearing? Uh oh... :eek: Could it be that Chin has obtained access to one of the tin foil hats himself? Sam, how could you; now they'll reverse engineer it and send the clone armies after us!

    I bet it was the money right? Instead of 1 he offered you 2 rupees no doubt... Yeah, I can sympathize with that, I'd probably have made the same choice as you did. Fortunately for me I got 2 tin foil hats, and we all know: 3 is better than 1 :D
  12. Wow! I could not have anticipated how rewarding this purchase would be! With this Tin Foil Hat, I'm able to shield myself from all the evil meddling of those annoying admins that run the server.

    Aikar's illogical and hastily-implemented changes to the flawless and appropriate Vanilla mechanics no longer have any effect on me! Now I'm able to use all 14 of my alts to farm XP at a rate of 30 levels per minute, all while taking a dump in the other room - just as Notch himself obviously intended from day 1.

    Good thing I don't have to deal with any of this non-Vanilla stuff anymore! Oh, and by the way, I'm still waiting on land claiming, so if you could hurry up with that, Aikar, that'd be good.
  13. Ha ha, Chin, yeah, he never suspects that we've been taping the bugs to the inside of the hats for even more direct control over their brains... the silly little fools think that they're actually keeping us out when they're really just letting us closer in! This was a truly maniacal idea, and the poison was an excellent touch, Aikar. Erm, this is the right pm, correct? I feel like I'm typing this message in the wrong place for some reason. :confused:
  14. Even with all this brainwashing I am so happy that I bought a tin foil hat! Kept me safe and opinion free!
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  15. hi samsimx,

    my friend got tinfoil hat 4 him & me, but now he spends all day looking at his promo chest. what should i do? ^.^

    trololol ^.^
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  16. Had to buy a few to also protect my alts :p Thanks for the protection :D
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  17. This is fake! it's not tin, it's that stupid cheap aluminum foil junk. I want my money back!
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