Steam Summer Sale 2016

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  1. PSA -]Isthereanydeal is a good website to use before you buy a game from the sale. You can lookup a game on Steam and see if it's recently been on sale for just as good of a deal or even better and make a more informed decision.

    What are you all planning to buy in the upcoming Steam Summer Sale?

    I'm personally looking for:
    - Project CARS
    - BeamNG.Drive (ended up returning)
    - Factorio (ended up returning)
    - Borderlands: The Pre-Sequal (decided against it)
    - Valve Complete Pack (way too expensive this time around)
  2. BeamNG.Drive is worth it, I bought it a long way back, good game. I like all the physics, but that's all it's really got - there's a lot of experimenting you can do with it though :D

    I might look at Project CARS as well. I'm also interested as to if Euro Truck Sim/GTA goes on offer and what prices they are going for, though I doubt I'll buy much/anything this time around as I'm saving money for driving lessons/car/insurance/xbox stuffs. Already pre-ordered Mafia III, though!
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  3. Ew Xbox :p

    Euro Truck Simulator 2 has been free before, so I wouldn't buy it unless it's below $5.

    As for GTA V, I've been enjoying that one, but uhh, not exactly, uhh, from Steam.. Arrrrrr, if you know what I'm saying. ;)
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  4. Well I like Forza! :p

    Euro Truck Sim 2 has been free on Steam? Hopefully it goes free again... :rolleyes:

    But don't you need a social club code and everything to play online GTA V? Surely your version is single player only? :p
  5. Yeah its singleplayer, so I might still consider getting it for multiplayer if it's cheap.

    ETS 2 wasn't free on Steam, but they gave away a load of Steam keys once before some years back. I highly doubt they're ever going to do it again. It was back when SCS was a very small company and they were trying to get exposure.
  6. I bought Borderlands The Pre-Sequel as soon as it was released because I love the series. I wasn't impressed with it though. I've played the first two multiple times, with different characters, and still have fun playing it, but I never even finished the Pre-Sequel.
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  7. Good to know!
  8. **Steam webservers currently suffering lol**
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  9. Im going to (finally) get skyrim hopefully
  10. I was looking through, saw some good deals, not sure if there's anything that really jumps out immediately, though. Games I noticed on offer that I liked the look of included Rome II Total War, GTA V and Euro Truck Sim. GTA is only down to £24 or so though, so not reduced enough to be worth it really...

    I'll have to keep looking :p But I can't right now as Steam is under heavy load apparently :rolleyes:
  11. steam clients were suffering so hard this morning XD
    oh man.. the crashes were real. poor steam. oh well, for my first day haul i snatched up the long dark.

    i've been watching it for a few months not really knowing if i wanted it or not.. but it so happens to be 66% off today so why the hell not right? lol
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  12. I'm hopefully going to get last expansion for Civilization V. Brave New World. I was going to get Limbo too but it was free so I got for nothing luckily.
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  13. Going to pickup BeamNG.Drive and Project Cars for sure, not sure about the rest.

    The sale is objectively worse than last year since they removed flash sales and there's no minigame that brings more savings. It's just plain not as good.
  14. I'm quite late to the whole Fallout series, but since Fallout 4 is 50% off during the sale, I'm thinking of getting it :)
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  15. The Factorio devs have said they won't put the game on any sale for a long time. Honestly though, it is easily worth the $20. I was a little hesitant to buy it but am so glad I did. The game is absolutely amazing and has hundreds of hours of content. I am at 30 hours and haven't even reached end game yet.

    I am looking forward to stardew valley going a little cheaper so I can grab that.
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  16. It just looks kind of bland for a $20 game. I'd expect a higher production quality for that price bracket it's aiming for. I guess I'll have to wait until maybe the winter sale to pick it up.

    I've been looking at Infinifactory for ~$12-13. It looks cool but I'm not sure how long I'll play it for and some reviews say it's more of a puzzle game than a sandbox/engineering game.
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  19. I feel like this needs to be in this thread...

    I plan to get (If I get sick monies) payday 2 GOTY, Firewatch, and Next Car Game: Wreckfest - Digital Deluxe.
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