State of Bukkit: Dead? Now: Sponge Powered

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  1. 9/5/14 Status Update: The Minecraft Development community has come together to work on a new project to replace Bukkit, as Bukkit is very close to being considered dead now.

    Previous status update about projects being DMCA'd (forcefully shutdown)
    9/5/14 Status Update: On September 3rd, 2014, CraftBukkit downloads were shut down due to a DMCA claim, and then on September 5th, the GitHub (source code) repositories of CraftBukkit and Spigot were shut down.

    Essentially, Wesley Wolfe, a primary developer of Bukkit, is upset with Mojang about them refusing to let Bukkit shutdown and the "discovery" that Mojang owns Bukkit, and has declared War on Minecraft as a whole.

    He has currently shut down numerous projects, including CraftBukkit, Spigot, MCPC+ aka Cauldron and potentially more forks.


    The drama level has hit critical levels as now lawyers are involved and Mojang is in a really tough situation.

    The future is unknown at this time, and we may not have a real 1.8 update.

    Original post that started the Drama over the State of Bukkit:
    Hey everyone, I wanted to get a post out about this ASAP as there is a lot of bad information going around on the internet about Bukkit right now.

    History and what is Bukkit
    Bukkit is the primary server software everyone uses to run Minecraft Servers and have plugins.

    Many years ago Dinnerbone started the Bukkit project, and a few others initially helped him with it, one being EvilSeph.

    EvilSeph become the project lead, and about 2 years ago, the Bukkit Team: Dinnerbone, EvilSeph and Grum were all hired by Mojang as official Employees to work on Minecraft.

    Essentially, in other words Mojang bought Bukkit. That's what you may be seeing around the net "Minecraft is dead, Mojang owns Bukkit".

    It is true, Mojang does own Bukkit, but has for years now! This is not new. Mojang is not ruining Bukkit.

    What happened today
    So fast forward to today. EvilSeph, made the decision to post that he is closing the Bukkit project for future development due to "legal concerns and 1.8 being too hard for them to update it".

    A looming question I have is were the other developers on Bukkit given the option for them to take over as project lead and continue the project? Who knows, but EvilSeph posted that Bukkit was done for.

    Very shortly after, Mojang officially posted that EvilSeph did not have the right to shut the project down because he was not the owner of it. They then announced that they will instead work on updating Bukkit to 1.8 starting today if he is unwilling to.

    So Dinnerbone, the one who started Bukkit, will be working on Bukkit to update it to 1.8. This means there will be no sacrifice to quality, and I only expect it to be of better quality than previous updates.

    What does this mean for EMC?
    Nothing but good. We all know that Bukkit itself was likely to be dropped shortly after the Plugin API, or else become an extension to the official Plugin API.

    What no-one expected was it would be shut down before the official API was even released...

    So Mojang has SAVED Bukkit.

    Additionally, this has major benefits for Bukkit.

    1) EvilSeph was not a good leader: The Bukkit project has been held back for quite a while, and set forth many bad policies that limited contributors and politics that frustrated people to not even bother with the project, and he did nothing to help resolve them. He was not a friendly person, and not liked by many.
    2) Mojang is handling the update: This is going to be the biggest update in Bukkit History, so it extremely beneficial that Mojang is doing it instead of the Bukkit Team as they know exactly what they changed, and can ensure less bugs and a faster update than before. - That is my only concern! EMC will likely be updated to 1.8 faster than I was hoping for :p
    3) Establishes a legality in Spigot and Empire Minecraft: Before, anyone using CraftBukkit was always legally questionable if you had the right to use the software since it was based off decompiled source code and was never 'approved'. By Mojang acknowledging they own Bukkit, they are validating the GPL and LGPL licenses the projects use, in other words they are acknowledging CraftBukkit as "LEGAL" LGPL Software. Then the LGPL allows people to modify that software legally. So that removes all questionability on everything we do in terms of Development!

    So, everything is "Business as Usual" here, with the added info that 1.8 Bukkit will come faster than expected!

    Happy mining everyone!
  2. Wow you beat me to the thread. =P
  3. An interesting detail too, EvilSeph was fired from Mojang a few months ago, and now has essentially been fired on Bukkit too. His rank was removed and the Source Code folders were seized from him and are now under Mojang control.
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  4. Update EMC to EMC...I sense something went wrong here...
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  5. ... Err, I'll fix that.
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  6. Thanks for making this a little more clear for people, when reading twitter I got quite confused :)
  7. Well, all's well that ends well.
  8. yay good. yay bukkit didnt die. partay
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  9. I sense spigot being bought out by mojang next :3

    I'm just wondering, though, if EvilSeph was just jealous because if you type an animal's name out as dinnerbone or grum, something magical happens... but his name did not :3
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  10. I am very excited to hear this. I hope that this opens up a gateway for future purchases. Like eklektoi said, it is possible that mojang could buy spigot. I hope that that happens.

    In the past it seems like Mojang really disliked servers, and wanted to keep their focus towards people using SP worlds and realms. This really does open a gateway to more collaboration between mojang and servers. With all the wrong Mojang has done in the past with EULA and things like that, I am very happy that they are finally doing something right.

    Well, evil is in his name. Do not except him to be friendly if his name does not make animals upside down.
  11. That's actually something I forgot to add that I intended.

    If Mojang REALLY wanted to say screw servers and push people onto Realms.... They would of let him shut it down and let the project die.

    While Spigot would of picked it up, it still would of dealt a massive blow to the eco system and many more would of flocked to realms.
  12. I sincerely hope that EMC can refrain from switching to Bukkit 1.8 too fast once it's out; not only is the new version bound to have a good number of bugs because of all the major changes, but also will it take a while for the plugins to work again.

    I wonder if now that Mojang owns Bukkit we will have to pay for our private Bukkit servers?
  13. I sense a much less time than it was to go to 1.3 xD
  14. Why do you keep typing "would of"? It confuses me :confused:
  15. would of is words, enough said xD
  16. He means it should say "Would have" not "Would of". If Aikar is like I am, he types how he speaks. I admit to doing the same thing lol.
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  17. yeah, I am aware, but often times I like answering logical questions with my "stupid logic" and not my "not so stupid logic" lol
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  18. Im so glad to have seen this post! I read some of tweets last night made by Jeb_ and Dinnerbone. Yeah its going to be updated for 1.8 they said very shortly!
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  19. WAIT! that means 1.8 comes out soon!?!
  20. Well, tomorrow is the first pre-release, so yeah... :)