Staff VS The World

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  1. Tonight Staff VS The World

    7 PM Server time
    Smp 6

    Head drop is optional.
    Gear choice is personal.

    Come kill a Mod!

    Remember to take screen shot's of your kills.
  2. First! I will edit this post with spoilers of my spoils of war! :p (Now edited :))
    Note: This post will be updated every time one of these event is hosted!
    To Come Soon! :D6/22/15: (For those who cannot see the kills, it is the host! Plus Manchilde!)
    I currently have none (6/22/15)

    Reviews: This was a very fun event and I would like to thanks Dramanya for hosting. I'd also like to thank all of the staff that showed up to help put on this fun little pvp event. Also I hope everyone comes back and we can have this many people again! (6/22/15)
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  3. Cool stuff. =)
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  4. Time to get a Dramanya head to throw in lava show my friends.
  5. Wish I could make it! I think that this will be awesome!
  6. I've got class in 45 so I can't make it. Have boatloads of fun though! :)
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  7. Yay, it's time to kill some staff :D
  8. :eek: it's a blood thirsty bunch.
  9. I got manchild and dramanya's head :D
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  10. i got a dramanya
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  11. for you who got player heads, and dont want them.. send them to me i want to make a monument to this event :)
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  12. Duck on the run:

    Note Luckypat fishing in the bloodbath. ;)
  13. Dang! I will never be able to make it to this event :( that sucks. Good luck to the staff members....they gonna need it :p
  14. I only got 2 staff (look in chat :p)

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  15. Had a great time at this event. Got BigDavie a few times, this was the result.
  16. FTFY

    I think I may participate if I didn't already miss it. ARe the staff going into different arenas randomly? Are they set to one arena?

    EDIT: 2 hours late. I am not good at time anyways.
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  17. I almost busted out laughing in the middle of a class lecture when I saw that picture. It's absolutely hysterical!