Special Items, Promos, Potions, and Enchanted Books @ 18721

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  1. Special items and promos currently available at 18721:

    Liberty Sword
    Mineral Mincer
    Emergency Snow Clearing Device
    Pot of Gold
    Magical Eggcellent Wand
    Cupid's Bow
    Vault Voucher
    Stable Voucher
    Feast for a King
    Momentus's Helmet & Toothpick (buy:sell)
    Shiny Flesh
    Marlix's Helmet, Armor, Leggings, Boots & Bow (buy:sell)
    Shiny Arrow
    All Haunted Candy
    All Music Discs
    All Barding (iron, gold & diamond)
    Saddle (buy:sell)
    Name Tag (buy:sell)
    Golden Apple (buy:sell)
    Enchanted Golden Apple
    End Crystal
    Beacon (buy:sell)
    Pre 1.11 Infinimending god bow (UnbIII, PwrV, PunchII, Flame, Infinity, Mending)
    Pre 1.11 EMC Flame II god bow (UnbIII, PwrV, PunchII, FlameII, Infinity, Mending) Best player made bow...ever!

    We also offer all level 30/maxed treasure enchanted books and high end potions (extended/II)!

    Additionally, The Hoard (main floor) buys tons of non crafted items at great prices, most with the same b:s price* (all profit to sellers!). We have many items available to buy in bulk including iron and gold.

    The Hoard @ 18721

    *with the exception of ores/gems/ingots and higher priced blocks such as obsidian.

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  2. How much for beacons?
  3. Beacons are currently 13,500r, buying for 11,500r

    Edited 5/14/17
  4. Flame II God Bow How Much?
  5. No longer selling this item in the shop, but PM me if interested as I have six left in storage (8.5k each).

    Edited 12/10/15
  6. Nice place, good prices.
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  7. How do you get flame 2?
  8. its a mob drop from a enraged skele
  9. ah ok.
  10. would you buy vault vouchers?
  11. No thank you - only buying beacons, golden apples, and xp bottles on the upper floor. Lower floor (The Hoard) buys tons of items with most at same b:s price (all profit to seller!).

    Edited 12/10/15
  12. are you buying freedom blades?
  13. No, srry. Bump.
  14. Do you know if you'll ever stock promo horses?
  15. No plans on stocking promo horses, srry.
  16. Updated available items list in OP.

    Sell your common items on lower floor and buy special items and promos on upper floor.

    The Hoard @ 18721
  17. Hey..How much for Lucky Bows?
  18. No longer selling Lucky Bows.

    The Hoard @ 18721

    Edited 12/10/15
  19. How many fragments do you have around?
  20. Bump. Sell your common items on lower floor and buy special items and promos on upper floor.

    The Hoard @ 18721