So my residence and everything with it is gone....

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by RidgeBeam, Feb 29, 2016.

  1. I have not been as active as I once was... But I would log in often enough (I thought) in order to maintain my residence. I can't remember the exact date I logged in last, But I felt it was less than a month ago.

    Needless to say, my residence and all my items in chests are gone.

    Enter sad face here.
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  2. Sorry to hear this. What smp/ res number were you located at?
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  3. If you can't remember the last date, and your res is gone, then you simply didn't log in enough. That's the way it goes I'm afraid. Next time, either log in once every 30 days, or vote once every 5 days (or even every day if you can, it only takes 20 seconds!). Hope this helps you in the future.
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  4. Also, if it was a good res number, someone could have sat there and waited for the timer to expire, as it has in the past...

    Also do what FNDY said above, :)
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  5. you can also vote to give your self some extra days!
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  6. First of all: sorry to hear this. As the others already pointed out you've been caught by the derelict policy; if you're not online again in a period of 30 days (the standard idle timeout) then you risk losing your residences. Either because of a forceclaim (another player takes over the residence; only the location, not the items on it!) or it gets reset automatically.

    But that's all talk after the facts, much more important is to know what you can do right now and I think your chances are still pretty good.

    First: your voters gear (I did some homework and looked over your profile). Recently there has been a change in policy when it comes to getting a replacement of lost voters gear. Read all about it in this post. Note: I only base myself on what you can read there, but if you look at this quote:

    (I added more emphasis on the part which I deemed relevant)

    If you look at this then I think there's a good chance that you can send in a replacement request. You can always ask! To contact the senior staff and ask about this just use this link. Word of the wise: I can really understand if you're a little pissed off and/or sad right now, but yeah. Still try to be friendly when you address the staff. They're not out to get you personally; this derelict policy is something which we all have to deal with.

    Second: A new residence. You can claim a new residence if you'd like, simply use these 2 commands in a town (SMP server) of your choosing:
    • /v open - Finds an open (so available) residence which you can claim.
    • /claim - I think the name says enough; claims the residence for your own.
    With these commands you'll have a new fully protected place on the Empire again.

    Third: There is actually some good luck within your bad luck. Recently the Empire has reached 400,000 players and that is being celebrated through a scavenger event. Anyone can attend at any time they like, all you need to do is: /event. This runs until the end of next weekend (6th of March).

    Careful: there are chests all over the place, some easier to find than others. Although there are no guarantees you'll have the best chances of getting something good by trying to find those more difficult to find chests. Because of your predicament I will give one small hint (no spoilers!): some chests can't be seen but by carefully looking at the surroundings you can make a good educated guess that 'something' must be there. Just try to right click to see if you're right.

    I normally don't do this, and this only applies to you personally, but if you find me online then I am willing to point out 2 chests for you which have a higher chance of getting something more valuable. Warning: there are obviously no guarantees.

    Fourth: If you got nothing left at all you'll also need some new tools. I had some good luck with the scavenger hunt where diamonds are concerned, so if you want then I can set you up with some diamond tools so that you can start over a little easier.

    Hope you'll hang in there. You seem like a nice guy, you also didn't start a massive rant rampage here, and yah. This happened to a lot of others as well, but I really hope you won't give up on EMC.

    Another option, but maybe a little harder, could be to start a build in the Frontier. The building wouldn't be protected against griefing, but you can lock chests to keep your stuff safe (and those can't be griefed and/or stolen). Even if you go derelict then no one is going to reset anything you build in the Frontier.

    Other things to keep in mind:
    • /vault will retain during a derelict reset as well. Keep stuff there and you won't lose it.
    • Enderchests also survive a derelict period.
    • Those locked chests in the Frontier also retain.

    Hope this can still help you a bit.
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  7. First of all thank you for all the replies. I was located in SMP7, Not exactly sure my residence number... But I know i had an awesome neighbor: Antimattermatt1 - He has an awesome roller coaster ride!

    Second, ShelLuser - thank you very much for your detailed response. I had a 35 day voting streak and did loose out on some voters gear, plenty of diamonds, and a cool castle like residence I spend some time on... but obviously not enough.

    I was aware of the derelict policy - and thought I was maintaining at least one log in before my thirty days ran up. But in all honesty this wont stop me from re-building and still playing on EMC server!

    I love every bit of what EMC has to offer and plan to rebuild and play more. This post was never meant to be a rant or rage - Just wanted to put myself out their and see if there was any option of getting some of my loot back.

    Thanks again for all the replies!
  8. Well i think i found the one. Res 14457 right next to Antimattermatt. Looks like a noob snatched it up 3 days ago. If you want to try and get the same res back, looks like it'll go derilict in 6 days. Assuming he doesn't come back.
  9. Thanks CallMeTower - I saw that MewTwo or something along those lines moved in... I suppose I can try and wait it out. I'm uncertain yet if I am going to build a Res. I may spend my life in the WILD from now on =-)
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  10. Hey RidgeBeam, I'm sorry, but there really is no option to get it back. But, what I can suggest for the future is that you use your vault to carry your valuables just in case of the event that this happens again. Use /vault and you'll pay a fee of 10r I believe to get into your vault for 5 minutes. You can put in what ever you want and get it out on any server and this will not reset when you go derelict, so just use /vault when you want to get that stuff back out. It's not available in the wild yet if you plan to go out there.

    Which ever way you decide to go, I hope you can rebuild and enjoy the Empire as much as I know you did on SMP7 back in 2015! :)
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  11. Thanks FDNY - Yea vault would have been a good place to put all my MARLIX stuff... I know for sure I had a marlix bow, I think the leggings, Some of those special aarows... and a few other items that only drop from the boss' monsters. I never wanted to sale them, just wanted to hoard for awhile... gloating my efforts of the multiple destruction(s) of both boss'. And and my horse. :( - Good by George Washington. He was a white horse so it made sense.

    I did and do enjoy SMP7 - Will be back active soon enough!
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  13. This reaction makes me really happy! You seem great!
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  14. Why thank you 607 - Your comment makes me feel great.

    Just for a little silver lining, I logged in yesterday and noticed i was wearing my VOTERS BOOTS AND HELM! Woo! I had a horse in the stable as well.

    Thank you ShelLuser for your mail, I got what you sent me and am extremely thankful.

    And FDNY - I will certainly get going on the 400k member event. Would be nice to get some rare gear. None-the-less, I can always go BOSS hunting again and try and score. I do believe I earned all my vouchers, arrows, bow, leggings, and other items from before the BOSS mechanics changed. Perhaps it was easier to locate and destroy marlix and momentus then...?

    Oh, and it looks like i should be changing my TAG bellow... No more visting /v CastleRock =)
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  15. If you need assistance with building, friend, I'll gladly help and provide materials for you! you can find me on smp6 at 13031 or do /v +sky
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  16. Thats a BIG 10-4 Good Buddy. My thanks to you skyrimed. It's always nice to have a helpful resource. I will be setting off today to figure out my new life in EMC.
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  17. no problem homie! :D
  18. Give a shout out when you settle down and find a home. if you prefer to keep it low key that's cool as well, I would like to give a welcome back as well. I am at smp1 res 755 come visit and lets talk.
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  19. i mean if he only logs in once a month and his voting streak isnt protecting him then i doubt he has much voters gear lol
  20. Thank you very much for the offer. I am very tempted to wait and see if the "new person" who claimed my former /RES is going to build on the site... or go derelict in a week or so. Otherwise I have been searching around /SMP7 at OPEN spots...

    Will be in contact soon Acemox2K - thanks.