Congratulations EMC! 400k Members reached!

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  1. It's an important achievement EMC... 400k members!

    Sure, not all of them play, but that doesn't downplay the sheer achievement of how many players we have reached in some way. Every member who joins is someone who least knows who we are, and may one day return and give it another try.

    We were wanting to get this announcement out last weekend, but IRL caused a delay.
    But here we are... And it's time to celebrate!

    The Loot Party event returns! To join, simply type /event

    Just as we did on 300k, the Loot Party event has returned for 400k! Players, enter the event world and explore! Find a chest and you can claim it to receive rewards!

    Each chest claim will give you a random reward. Some chests are better possibilities than the others.... So instead of claiming every chest you find, you may want to consider waiting until you find the more hidden ones....

    Players can claim a max of 10 chests. Choose wisely!

    Players get to explore a slightly refreshed world from the 300k member version...
    For those who took part in the 300k one, the chests aren't as easy to find this time.. as before we had so many in plain sight. Look hard!

    Everyone receives a reward in this event, and it will run until the end of next weekend.

    Have fun everyone, and may the rewards be generous!
  2. Woo hoo! This is awesome! Congrats on 400k, EMC! :D
  3. Wooo gratz EMC!!!
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  4. Well done aikar. You managed to do the post. I'm very proud.
  5. Congrats EMC!
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  6. Awesome! Grats!
  7. Awesome! Congratulations EMC on 400k members! :D
  8. Nice Aikar. Congratz to EMC on reaching 400k members.
  9. Yay
    EDIT: An internal error ocurred while attempting to perform this command. (/event)
  10. You did it!
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  11. Gratz EMC!
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  12. Yay! EMC deserves it. Best MC server
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  13. Congrats EMC!
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  14. /event does not work
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  15. Awesome! EMC is so awesome thanks to you all!
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  16. 1,555 Days. 400k Players. Noice
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  17. 400k - amazing :)
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  18. Awesome >_<