SMP8, you worry me.

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  1. dirt has gotten expensive ;)
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  2. I shall henceforth refrain from using the term "dirt cheap" whilst traversing smp8...
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  3. ... better yet, perhaps I shall open up a store on smp8 with dirt at 10,000r each, and advertise it in chat....

    "Dirt !! ... cheap...."
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  4. Look out I'm Dirty Dan :p

  5. I quite like these two. :D
    It's cool to see new old screenshots.
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  6. hey look mom i finally made it in life and got in the smp8 thread
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  7. We know, we know, Romeo. But smp8 is still the guardian of love because /town loves flirting with us. LOL.
    ~ Aoi_Kaigara
    P.S. Marriage Squid told me to relay the message.
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  8. :rofl: :lmao:
    Oh geez, who is kendra and what did h/she do??? And how long did the spam continue? That's so funny :rofl: :lmao:
  9. And what in the world did Truman wrong chat to set this off? :confused: ;)
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  10. I genuinely have no idea, I was afk, came back, and saw like 4 kendras in the chat
    Well, you can see for yourself where it went from there
  11. It's Kendras, all the way down.
  12. The beauty of global chat.