SMP8 Public Wild Utilities

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SMP8 wants ???

XP Grinders 137 vote(s) 46.1%
Iron Farm 55 vote(s) 18.5%
Gold Farm 52 vote(s) 17.5%
Guardian Farm 38 vote(s) 12.8%
Other (leave in comments) 15 vote(s) 5.1%
  1. And this is why I hate AFK style public farms. That stinks Medico.
    MrsWishes, that is both a great idea and a bad idea all at the same time. It's great that a dropper or something of the like could solve that issue. It's bad in that someone could stay AFK for hours upon hours and hog the farm to themselves. It does give me ideas though.. hmmm. I'll think on it and do some experimenting. You may have the kernel of genius in there MrsWishes.

    In other news, work continues at NHG. We have cleaned up an enormous amount of the surrounding area and started adding enhancements. This is not a minor makeover. Gonna be a few more days folks.
    Huge thanks to everyone working on this with me. BenMA, WitherDoggie, Slvr, corruptedsmile, rdmaster, Gawadrolt, CallMeTower, MrGrayWolf, B0bbyTheBuild3r, Dufne (too many Dufnes), SachIsAnEgg, and SteveClasher.
    Nether Hunting Grounds (NHG) will be temporarily closed for a few days while we rip surrounding area down and work on some enhancements. Thank you for your patience and support all <3
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  2. I believe you're talking about DufneIsANub, also known as Rhythmically. :p
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  3. You could check out the public iron farm on smp5, I believe it allows the iron to go directly into players inventory. If there is no player in front of the kill area, the iron goes into a locked chest to benefit the builders of the public farm for maintenance. Also, maybe some signs with suggested maximum afk time could help players take turns. :)
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  4. I'll add to this: there's an AFK iron farm on smp3 where, if someone is AFK-ing at it, you can press a button next to them to toggle a water dispenser that pushes them out of the way so they can't hog the rest of the iron. There's also a sign there that specifically says not to press it unless you do /p <playername> and their status is "Away." The iron doesn't go to a chest unless you want it to; there's a switch that controls whether or not you want the iron to get funneled down through hoppers, or dropped straight into your inventory. I suggest checking it out for a good example of setting up the afk mechanism for FeII. c:

    [EDIT] It's in smp3's End, and there's a rail that leads to the public one.
  5. Like I said, I don't mind sharing the iron! I like to sit there because it keeps the golems spawning and I've noticed rates are better when it's not constantly getting loaded and unloaded. But the key word there is share....If the individuals that had stopped by and helped themselves had left some behind, it would be different, but given that I passed out probably fifteen minutes after parking myself there (i was wide awake one second and exhausted the next, you know how it goes), and 4+ hours later I woke up and there was only a stack of iron there it was just a little upsetting. There have been many times where I was using the farm and other people came along and I happily gave them half of what was being produced because it's such an efficient farm that I don't miss it in the long run but it seems some people don't feel the same way.
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  6. Thanks guys, that sounds like a cool solution :) We'll circle back to it once all the other work is finished and I maybe get to -gasp- take a break lol.

    Removal and slabbing at Nether Hunting Grounds is about 90% complete, and we've started on a bit of the renovations themselves. MrCDub, r5u9, and DubChef have joined the team working out there, thank you guys!

    Nether Hunting Grounds (NHG) is temporarily closed for a few days while we rip surrounding area down and work on some enhancements. Thank you for your patience and support all <3
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  7. okay, this is getting ridiculous--I tabbed out for FIVE MINUTES so I could bring some items over on my alt to repair something on the iron farm and in that time somebody logged in, took seven stacks of iron, and left. I missed who it was since I was navigating in another screen.

    Is it alright if I put up a sign saying that if somebody is standing at the farm, to double check before taking iron? That's literally 40 minutes of my time that somebody just took and it's really frustrating.

    Edit: I had all the iron still in there so that I could keep track of the rates for personal reference but clearly I can't continue to do this because a few individuals on this server have no respect for their neighbors.

    Edit x2: I did put signs in saying to share since I think the signs above are being missed, the one that had been on the bottom was missing anyways as well as one inside of the kill trap (and a glass block) was missing. I couldn't remember what the original sign said so I repeated the one saying to share and made one saying to double check before taking iron out of the chest if somebody else is there. I only think that's fair if you come to use it and find that somebody else has been keeping it loaded...
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  8. We'll have to figure out a better solution there Medico. This is everything I hate about AFK public farms. I'm very sorry to hear some people are being that greedy and impolite. We'll fix it. Let me just finish NHG and get it back open.

    Nether Hunting Grounds (NHG) is temporarily closed for a few days while we rip surrounding area down and work on enhancements. Thank you for your patience and support all <3
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  9. I don't mean to be whiny about it at all or sound like it, and I know there's nothing you can do about it--I'm mostly just venting haha. I genuinely want to share and I don't want to seem like I'm trying to hog it--There've been many times where other people have come to join me and I gave them portions of my drops without anything even being said because it seemed like the right thing to do! Heck, if the spawn rate was higher, I'd be spending my time filling up extra chests with ingots/blocks for people to help themselves to without having to wait for hours just for the heck of it! But the fact that it's taking me 4 hours to make a stack of iron blocks with a farm that gives you enough iron to make that in an hour because people keep walking up and sniping me is very frustrating. :(

    I would love to help figure out a way to make this more fair for everybody involved-- I'll brainstorm while you work on NHG and if I think of anything I'll let you know.
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  10. can u add me to the nhg convoy
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  11. It's filled to max at the moment Crazy. Let me see if anyone can hop off it that is not participating. Thank you!
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  12. Big progress made tonight out at NHG renovation thanks to Bobby, Doggie, Ben, DubChef, crazy, and many others. Thank you guys so much <3
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  13. We are close to re-opening NHG! Another day or two folks. Thank you all for your help and support and hard work :D
  14. Thank you Chernobyal, Will_McNab, SachIsAnEgg (Rhy), Kephras, DubChef, and MagicBananaKing for your help at NHG today!
    Huge thank you to MrCDub who stayed up ALL NIGHT working out there <3
    We are at the last few steps. NHG will be open again soon. Thank you everyone! I'll put the full thank you list on the final re-open post.
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  15. good work has been started on my project i got a lot of work done on the rail i should be done by this Thursday if u want to join or donate supplies just message me :D help is welcomed EXTREMELY there is also of digging to do in the nether and in the over world over 100 chunks 0-0 pls do not make me do this alone XD


    nether rail / boat rail started priority : high
    witch hut 1 and 2 not started priority: medium atm
    Slime and squid chunks not started priority: low
    ice farm and ocolot farms not started priority: Extremely high
    iron farm gold farm not started but easily can be priority: medium
    guardian farm not started priority: low

    i may make thin into a separate thread latter but atm it is still a public utility
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  16. Nether Hunting Grounds (NHG) re-opens to everyone at midnight tonight!

    Huge thanks to the following for coming out and working on renovating <3 This was a large project, and we had a ton of help. You guys rock <3
    • MrCDub
    • B0bbyTheBuild3r
    • WitherDoggie
    • BenMA
    • DubChef
    • Gawadrolt
    • corruptedsmile
    • AncientTower
    • MrGraywolf
    • corruptedsmile
    • rdmaster
    • Fishcat
    • Slvr
    • ChickenDice
    • Shush
    • crazy_x_gamer
    • BEK11
    • jhtk01
    • AverageWalrus
    • WayneKramer
    • r5u9
    • SachIsAnEgg
    If I have somehow forgotten your name, please let me know and I will edit to add it. We had so many awesome people helping out there that it's hard for me to keep track!
  17. Giving this a quick bump just to make sure people know NHG is open again thanks to all the hard work by the people above ^^
  18. So what's next for smp8 Public Wild Utilities? Well first off, a break for a week at least.
    I think we all could use some time off, and I have to figure out how to return Fe(II) to a safe non-AFK farm.

    After a break, here's what's up!
    1. Fe(II)
    • Minor griefing at horse stables needs to be fixed. This may already be done, but I haven't had a chance to check on it. A few gates, pressure plate and roof pieces are missing last I looked.
    • Figure out how to return Fe(II) to a safe non-AFK style farm like it was originally. Killing the golems with Looting 3 returns more iron faster in any case. I've heard some complaints on this idea already, so I will explore have the farm "toggle" between and AFK mode and an active kill mode if I can work that out.
    2. Three Grinders (zombie and cave spiders)
    • Walrus told me we're out of chest space again. I do not know when I'll get there with the other things on this list, but I'll get to it unless anyone wants to volunteer and take on this task. I can provide materials.
    3. This is a separate project being run by CorruptedSmile and RDmaster in the main Wild C End island.
    • Corrupted, RDmaster, MrCDub, and a very little help from me are trying to restore the original main Wild End island.
    • That original island was torn up badly with death drops/pits and all kinds of ugliness. Corrupted is restoring it to its original state.
    • RDmaster has done additional work out there including the "ring", trying to make things both nice and more easily used/accessed. Looks like ForeverMaster is doing the same.
    • Tony and I added 2 "spokes" to the upper ring for shooting down dragon health beacons. So far, the dragon hasn't torn them up, and I know I've used them a lot out there.
    • To prevent people from tossing locked chests willy nilly near the exit end portal, I think a locked chest area would be a good idea. Corrupted has a spot all picked out for one.
    4. I've been asked by a few people in the past about a public witch farm. ThaKloned has offered their expertise for a 1.9 witch hut build, and I think ShyGuy has a design and/or a location also. I'll start poking around and see what our options are.

    5. Redo the transportation system to all the public builds, and have that transport cut through the Nether. This one is a nice to have, and probably won't happen anytime soon. It's the lowest priority on this list of things TO DO.

    If you have a suggestion or an item to add to this list, just leave it on this thread please. Thank you!
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  19. Ya I love building them. Built 5 so far :p Whats 1 more!
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  20. Used the NHG for a bit over the last few days and I got 7 wither skellie skulls. It's a good build and it's not even completely slabbed around the outside. I'm still planning on slabbing out there as time permits.

    I used TNT to blast away some of the netherrack on the perimeter. I even left a stray TNT out hanging in the air as a momento (lol j/k, i just need to go grab it at some point)
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