SMP8 Public Wild Utilities

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SMP8 wants ???

XP Grinders 137 vote(s) 46.1%
Iron Farm 55 vote(s) 18.5%
Gold Farm 52 vote(s) 17.5%
Guardian Farm 38 vote(s) 12.8%
Other (leave in comments) 15 vote(s) 5.1%
  1. I went out yesterday and didn't notice any issues with getting the pigmen onto the platform. I did notice however that with the changes to the combat system they pile up faster as it takes longer to kill them so some adjustments may need to be made to the timer for the flushing system. There were a couple of times where I was actively killing the pigmen and the dispenser got set off and I lost some big crowds that I'd already done some damage to.
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  2. It took me until I had to go to bed yesterday to get out of End wastelands, so FeII hasn't been adjusted yet either as far as I'm aware. As far as Pigmentus goes... either extend the timer (considering EMC can handle that) or cripple it further. This update is biting mob farms.
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  3. I think you could lock a beacon there to buff strength so that the attacks clear out the pigmen quicker. I think beacons can be locked, not entirely sure.
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  4. They can.
    You might want to make it only level one, if it is necessary though.
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  5. We should put a sign out there to warn against using Smite, then, or at least make sure you don't 1HKO pigmen.
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  6. Evaluating some ideas here, I think MrsWishes idea on a beacon is our best bet.

    Weakening Pigmentus further is something nobody wants (less gold, it's annoying to do), and wouldn't really make sense (see why I should only get on forums in the afternoon? :p ). Extending the timer only gives more time for pigmen to gather before they can be killed. Advising players to use Smite (assuming there's no beacon, mind you) isn't bad, but using a beacon out there could save the buying type players some rupees. I have tons of iron and a spare beacon, if needed. I'll also be working at FeII considering that isn't fixed yet, so I can gather more iron as I do that.
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  7. Bingo. That's precisely why I hadn't put a strength beacon there. If you one hit kill them, then there's no aggro and that whole farm goes laggy and awful. With the 1.9 update, I'll need to test to see when they turn into 1 hit kills and then I can put up my results here and on some signs so everyone knows. I have beacons and I can afford to armor and lock one for Pigmentus IF the tests I run show the beacon to be helpful and not harmful.

    Medicohotpants, that's a great idea with a longer timer. It will mean re-designing the redstone timer. Luckily, BobbyTheBuild3r and I recently did some work for a much longer timer for Hot Rods. Let me test all the public builds and try to find the best solutions for each of them and we'll get that implemented in the upcoming weeks.

    I'm also holding back a bit to see if Aikar arrives at any plans to tweak or change anything from how it is right now. I know nothing on that; I'm just making an assumption that with this many changes at once, that he may feel the need to make adjustments if anything adversely impacts the server, or is currently buggy. We saw that happen in the month following the 1.8 release. Doing all this work twice is bad enough. I've no desire to do it a third time LOL.

    Thanks everyone! <3
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  8. This idea was originally MissFable's, so I can't take credit for thinking it up, but I'm glad you like the suggestion. :)
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  9. Khixan - I took a trip out to check over farms (Northern ones, not sure how South is doing) but I can't really fix FeII without at least the designers out here.

    The golems can hit players, and even throw them into the air. I tested multiple times, and players need to be at least a block away from the golems, preferably a little more than that. Just close enough to hit the golems. You cannot be right against this block either - I still got hit when I was leaned right against the block out from the killing platform. I'll experiment more in creative to see methods of hitting them without them hitting you in the future...

    Another big issue - golems are dying before they even reach the chamber, meaning some of their drops are getting trapped or destroyed by lava. Only a few are surviving to reach the platform.
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  10. Thanks to the new aoe that swords have, aggroing pigmen shouldn't be an issue. As long as you have two or three there and you manage to hit them all in one go it should be good. You could also name one and keep it separate from the killing platform (encased in glass, but maybe somewhere that it'll be difficult for griefers to get to) to hold aggro.
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  11. Slvr, Toto did the interior. Snag Toto or me when we're about. I have to go be The Mom for a bit, but I'm hoping we get back early enough that I am able to get on tonight. If not, I'll be on for sure Friday night.
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  12. if people learned about the pvp it would be easier -_- their is a aoe attack that does dmg to mutiple mobs
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  13. also just a suggestion for when hotrods comes out make a warning against horses their is a bugged chunk it will kill u ask suffer she had to grab me out
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  14. I know about the aoe, so don't be rude. If you would read the thread further, you would see that I'd mentioned using it as a tool to hold aggro.

    The fact is, however, that the aoe does not do 100% dmg to all the mobs it does 100% to the mob hit directly, then a fraction to the rest. So you still have to hit quite a few of them to kill all of them, especially on difficulties 5+.

    And it's not's basic game mechanics.
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  15. Thank you whoever is keeping the Fe I dream alive for me. I wish I could award you a medal of some sort. I have been moving irl and learning a new job in a new field and so I'm pretty busy. But I went out to Wild N Monday and saw the farm actually still worked. Thank you all again. Hopefully anti-griefing will take over for you soon so you can do great things for more people :)


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  16. I can come and check out Fe(II) today.
    It might just be a case of lowering the floor by a half or one, and lowering the barrier as well. But, it is a slime chunk, so that might be risky.
    The deaths in the lava could have been caused by either fall damage, or increased lava damage. I'll do some research into things damage-related changed in 1.9.
    I'll go out and take a look in a minute.
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  17. I'll put my findings in here.
    I can guarantee that there no damage is being taken via fall damage, at least into water. I still have to check in the golems are hitting parts of the lower cells it falls through.
    I have made a lower kill area on one side, just to test. It doesn't work. I can't think of a different way of making it, but maybe the beacon strength II if it isn't?
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  18. Great to hear Toto :)

    It's not much trouble! It's had one major griefing recently as I can recall, but otherwise it's been pretty okay.
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  19. *rams head i made a general statement did i say your name specifically ? no i am intending this to other people such as some who complained to me about pigments grinder. (i would prefer to not break khixan's farms) it is 1.9 combat if u want to call it a game mechanic and i really hate it. if u want to make suggestions they are welcome but u should expect criticism
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  20. Hey all,
    I'm sure crazy_x_gamer did not mean to be rude to anyone. Do his written communication skills need some improvement? Yes, and if you want to help him with that gently and privately, I'm sure he'd appreciate it.
    Every person on this thread has proven themselves to be truly spectacular, and all of you have my many thanks for all the help you give. Let's be gentle and kind with each other as much as we can please :) I know I'm guilty of letting stress getting to me sometimes and being short with people, and I always regret it deeply, especially when they don't know me well.
    My husband and I look at each other regularly and say "I haven't killed you. Yet." It takes awhile to realize how much Rob and I are saying "I love you" with those words.
    Medico and Toto and Crazy all have valid points, and you all care deeply. I'll send you guys a convo later today :)
    Thanks all <3